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Best Labradoodle Rescue in Florida

Best Labradoodle Rescue in Florida

First, you should know the dog’s history and treatment to understand what it needs. Now, let us proceed to the best Labradoodle rescue n Florida.

Adopting any animal, not just a Labradoodle dog, involves so much more than showing up to an interview and paying an adoption fee.

Some people have enormous hearts that allow them to adopt senior dogs or dogs with special needs, and those require even more care and attention. And the only place that can teach you how to do that is a rescue facility, which primarily exists for these dogs.

At a Glance:

  1. Poodle and Pooch Rescue – Best Overall
  2. IDog Rescue – Rescue With Most Foster Homes
  3. Big Dog Ranch Rescue – Largest Rescue
  4. Good Karma Pet Rescue – Best All-Animal Rescue

The 4 Best Labradoodle Rescues in Florida

Now, let’s get into the details of each of these dog rescue facilities.

1. Poodle and Pooch Rescue – Best Overall

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Starting off with the Poodle and Pooch Rescue, this rescue facility is dedicated to unwanted dogs, senior dogs, dogs with chronic diseases and special needs, and victims of animal control. 

Furthermore, they offer continuous residency for some instances when they know other families aren’t likely to take care of them properly. They might also do so when they suspect that dogs might be returned to them or, worse, left on the streets.

Besides, this organization is 100% foster-based. Although they don’t have their building to house rescued dogs, they’ve managed to save over 5,200 lives since their opening back in 2008.

Plus, they don’t stop at just Labradoodles; they collaborate with other rescue organizations, such as the Gray Muzzle, to help save other breeds as well. Additionally, the minute dogs enter their veterinary buildings, they’re tested for all kinds of diseases to start them on the needed medication.

Moreover, they have specialized houses for special needs dogs. This organization is 100% volunteer-operated, which is inspiring, but it can occasionally lead to some shortages.


  • Specialize in “unwanted” dogs
  • Collaborate with other organizations
  • 100% foster-based
  • Continuous residency and medical care
  • Over 5200 lives saved
  • Special foster families 


  • Possible shortages

Final Verdict

The Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a fantastic facility. If you’re in the area and have your heart bent on finding an unwanted dog and making a home for them, don’t hesitate to fill out their application.

2. IDog Rescue – Rescue With Most Foster Homes

IDog Rescue

IDog Rescue has been open since 2006, and it’s spread out throughout the USA. They have foster homes in almost every part of the state, providing easy access to any rescue dog in need.

The thing about it is that they’re very strict about who they give out their dogs to, but they aren’t strict about which dogs they accept. In other words, they have no problem taking dogs with behavior issues, heartworm disease, no matter the stage, and even owner-surrendered dogs.

Still, don’t be discouraged by this, as they want people to adopt. Nevertheless, they don’t tolerate dogs being neglected or hurt with electric fences or shock training collars. That’s why you’ll need veterinary references for adoption.

Moreover, you have the option to take your time and choose whichever dog you want from their website, as they provide ample information about each one of their fluffy little ones. As for expenses, you needn’t worry about veterinary costs if you’re fostering because they’ll cover them.

Otherwise, adoption fees are rather large; they start at $100 and can go all the way up to $750. Also, they don’t ship dogs because that can put unnecessary strain on the little furry ones. So, instead, you’ll have to go and meet the dog and the volunteers to go through with the adoption process.


  • Spread throughout the USA
  • Accept all dogs
  • No electric fences or shock-training collars
  • No dog-shipping to eliminate unnecessary stress for the dog
  • Cover all veterinary expenses during the foster period


  • $100-$750 adoption fee

Final Verdict

If you’re interested in Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, the IDog Rescue is a great place to find your new fluffy friend. And the facility covers fostering expenses.

3. Big Dog Ranch Rescue – Largest Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a formidable space that stands on a 33-acre property with 45,000+ dogs rescued. The place is fantastic. It welcomes all breeds of dogs and immediately assesses any diseases they might have, and it takes care of sterilization and microchipping to reduce the possibility of problems.

Additionally, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue is proudly a no-kill ranch. So, if any dogs aren’t adopted, they’ll stay on the ranch happily forever. Plus, they do have a 24/7 open call, which means they’re working around the clock.

And this leads to them needing constant evolution, which is what they do. Just last year, they opened two new quarantine buildings dedicated to housing puppies for their safety.

Also, if you wish to donate, you don’t have to pay money; you can get something for your buck, as they have a shop open for everyone. The Big Dog Ranch Rescue also believes in giving back to the community, so they have a veterans program where they train veterans to deal with abused and neglected dogs.

As for the adoption process, it requires background checks and other paperwork to go through with. And when you do adopt a dog from them, it’ll be sent home with a food sample and a monthly supply of heartworm treatment to set you up.

The Big Dog Ranch Rescue also offers worldwide shipping. With all that being said, it’s only natural that they’re kind of expensive when it comes to adoption fees.


  • Goldens, Bulldogs, Labradoodles, and all breeds are welcomed
  • No-kill ranch
  • Veteran program to handle abused dogs
  • 24/7 open call
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Relatively expensive

Final Verdict

If you’re a veteran/civilian wanting to help the dogs of your community by volunteering, fostering, or even adopting, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the best place to go. And it’s got such a wide selection of dog breeds.

4. Good Karma Pet Rescue – Best All-Animal Rescue

Good Karma Pet Rescue

The Good Karma Pet Rescue caters to all animals. We’re talking dogs, bunnies, cats, and even guinea pigs. Here, all animals are treated equally, and they’re given the opportunity to have a happy, comfortable life.

Primarily, Good Karma Pet Rescue were foster-dependent, but lately, they’ve been allowed to use a new building by the government. Such a gift is bound to expand their horizons and help the Good Karma Pet Rescue boost their services quite a few notches.

Although the building is small, it’ll be able to host a significant number of animals. It also has its shop to fundraise for the facility as much as possible.


  • Foster-supported
  • Rescue dogs, bunnies, cats, and guinea pigs 
  • Available shop for fundraising
  • New building available


  • Small building

Final Verdict

For those interested in going beyond Labradoodles and dogs in general, the Good Karma Pet Rescue will give you the chance to see a multitude of animals and maybe save one or two.

How to Pick the Best Labradoodle Rescue in Florida

Now, let’s cover the features that you should look for in animal shelters before you commit.

Reputation and Registration

It’s only logical that you must make sure that the shelter you’re going to is registered as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, you must see these papers hung right at the entrance and dutifully check the numbers on them.

Another thing you should ask about is the reputation of the place. Try to find someone who has adopted or fostered from this shelter. Ask them about their experience, the long-term commitment, and how the shelter deals with that.

Available Information

It would be best if you had all of the information needed before you set foot inside of the facility; that’s what websites and telephone calls are for.

All of the shelters we’ve spoken about have the available pets on their website with their stories, medical history, availability, age, and all of the information needed. Plus, if you wish to ask about something, you can call. The shelter can’t be ambiguous with information.

Needed Paperwork

If a shelter is being way too easy with the needed paperwork for volunteering, fostering, or adoption, they’re simply trying to get rid of the animals they have, which is way too dangerous and must be reported immediately.

In order to trust anyone with a life, this shelter must care enough to require background checks, veterinary references, and adoption fees.

Final Thoughts

In the end, working in or with an animal rescue is probably the noblest thing that you can do. And that’s especially true if you’ve chosen the best Labradoodle rescue in Florida for you.

That could be the Poodle and Pooch rescue, as they’re 100% foster-based and dedicate their resources to the dogs that some rescues might reject.

Otherwise, it might be the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, which houses many breeds, has a massive property for it, and has a strict no-kill policy. Whichever rescue you land on, we’re sure that you’ll find immense happiness in the act.

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