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Top Goldendoodles Grooming Tools

Top Goldendoodles Grooming Tools

This article will discuss the best grooming tools for Goldendoodles that are so easy; anyone can do it!

When getting your first Goldendoodle, you may be overwhelmed with grooming. After all, grooming a Goldendoodle can be a big task you must get used to regularly doing.

But you don’t have to be a professional groomer to keep up with daily tasks.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Pet Neat brush is an excellent brush for all coat types. The slicker brushes are great for reducing shedding, detangling, and smoothing the coat.

This brush is a must-have for all Goldendoodles with short to medium-length hair. It will keep their hair soft and luxurious feeling by pulling the oils from their skin through their hair to keep it moisturized.

And the fact that this brush is a self-cleaning brush gives it a few bonus points! Just use the brush like any regular brush using long strokes from head to tail.

Since this brush has wire pins, be sure to keep the brush moving and not brush the same spot too many times.

Show Tech Transgroom Tuffer Than Tangles Slicker Brush

Everyone in the Doodle world has heard of the famous $60 Chris Christenson slicker brush. Well, this Show Tech brush is the greatest dupe ever for just a fraction of the cost!

This slicker brush has longer pins that are great for Goldendoodles with longer coats. The pins can go deep into the fur to work out mats closer to the skin.

Side by side, there is almost no difference between this brush and its expensive counterpart. It even has a curved ergonomic brush head to make brushing your Goldendoodle a breeze.

This slicker is great for daily use to prevent tangles and mats while smoothing their coats.

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

No matter if your Goldendoodle has long or short hair, this soft pin brush is excellent for daily use. Using this brush regularly will prevent any mats from forming.

It has soft, flexible pins made from plastic that are gentler on the skin and hair than wire pins. These brushes are great for coats of all types and can not be overused like with other brushes.

This soft pin brush is different from other types because it has more dense pins than other brands.

The higher density makes brushing and getting all the tangles easier, whereas other brushes can let smaller knots quickly pass through.

Andis Pet Steel Comb

This steel comb makes it of our best grooming tools for Goldendoodles because it is great to have around in case of little mats.

Mats can be tricky to get out and very painful to your dog. This comb has a wide-tooth end and a fine-tooth end.

You would want to use the wide-tooth part to first break the mats up from the ends to the root. Next, you will use the fine-tooth part, in the same way, to altogether remove the mat most gently.

This comb is great for small mats, but you will want a larger tool for bigger mats.

Two Sided Undercoat Rake

For large mats, you will need a unique tool for the job. This two-sided rake is excellent because each side has a different amount of teeth on it.

Each tooth has a slightly sharp edge that will help break up mats easier by hand and never hurt your dog.

Just like with the comb, you would use the wide-tooth side of the rake first, from the tips to the root, to break up larger mats. Then, go over the same section with the fine-tooth rake to make them disappear.

This rake also pulls double duty for those with a straight-coat Goldendoodle because it dramatically reduces the shedding of their undercoat.

You could use this rake daily to reduce shedding without worrying about hurting your dog with its sharp edges.

Note: if the mat is too large or close to the skin, it’s better to take them to a professional groomer. Too much tugging at mats will damage your Goldendoodle’s skin, and it can be excruciating if you are not gentle.

Chi for Dog Detangling Spray

I know, I know. This article is titled “Best Grooming TOOLS For Goldendoodles,” but hear me out.

Goldendoodles will learn to sit still eventually to get their hair brushed when you are consistent and take the time to get used to it.

But there will be times when your new Goldendoodle puppy will not sit still to have a mat removed. Who wouldn’t want to run and play instead of being groomed?

It is not recommended for Goldendoodles to use this often, just after baths or for the occasional mat or knot. Frequent use may leave too much product in their coats and will result in their hair becoming oily.

Dog Grooming Scissors Set by Elfirly

When you own a dog like a Goldendoodle, you should always be prepared for anything wrong.

That means cases like when your dog’s long hair has something so entangled in it, that it needs to be cut out.

Or, when a mat is getting bad, you must trim it back. For that, a great pair of shears is just what you need. These sharp shears have a slightly rounded safety tip so you won’t nick your dog.

These Dog Grooming Scissors Set are also great for occasional touch-ups in between grooming at the salon.

You could use them to trim eyebrows or hair that might be bothering them in other sensitive areas.

Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer

This Dryer is the Cadillac of all pet hair dryers. Anyone with a Doodle should own a high-velocity dryer, and for the price, you can’t beat this one.

Goldendoodles have incredibly thick coats that take forever to air dry. If not dried all the way, it could lead to yeast infections on the skin and hair loss.

Standard hair dryers can’t get into the coats like ones made for pets. This bad boy will cut your drying time in half and leave your dog fluffy and soft.

***For a bonus, use a microfiber towel like this to reduce drying time. The microfiber is excellent for Goldendoodles’ delicate hair and absorbs more than a regular towel.

They are also useful for drying without damaging and frizzing curly hair types that tend to be more fragile. ***

Dog Clippers

Of course, ever Best Grooming Tools For Goldendoodles list should include clippers. These Professional Clippers are great for a beginner dog groomer.

They are cordless clippers with an LED display showing the remaining battery life and speed.

This brand is fantastic because the clipper has three adjustable speeds depending on the thickness of the hair. It has a fast-charging time and everything you need to get started.

These Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clippers are easy to use if you follow the instructions and take good care of your clipper blades.

They are a great tool to save extra money on taking your dog to a professional every 8-12 weeks. Though, they should never replace taking them to a professional completely.

These clippers are also great to have in case of severe mats or touch-ups between salon visits.

Before using any clipper on a dog, it is best to do your research and take extra precautions when doing it for the first time.

Clippers are sharp and can get very hot. You could hurt your dog if not used properly.

I-pure Dog Nail Grinder

Of course, no spa day is complete without a pedicure. This I-Pure nail grinder kit comes with everything you need to trim and grind your Goldendoodles nails down to keep them looking and feeling great.

This I-pure kit comes with traditional nail clippers to trim longer nails and a two-speed diamond bit grinder.

This diamond bit is excellent because they last longer and work faster than regular sand bits. With its USB charging port, this grinder really can’t get any better.

In Conclusion

And that completes our Best Grooming Tools For Goldendoodles. All of these tools are great to have for all Goldendoodles, no matter their coat type or length.

They will keep your Goldendoodle looking and feeling great and at a much cheaper cost than a professional groom. Now all you need is a cute grooming box to store it all in!

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