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Best Goldendoodle Rescue Maryland – Full List

Best Goldendoodle Rescue Maryland – Full List

Here, we plan to focus on one area: the best Goldendoodle Rescue in Maryland.

So, if this sounds like something you want to do, we have a list of all the places in Maryland you might want to contact.

A Goldendoodle is a wonderful breed of dog. Their temperament and general nature remain outstanding, and it’s no wonder that so many people wish to bring them into their families.

But you don’t always have to go out there and purchase a puppy. Instead, we think you should also consider adopting a rescue Goldendoodle.

Now, why would you want to do that? We think you have several reasons.

First, buying a puppy remains expensive. The puppy price has increased recently and will only continue to become even more expensive.

Not everyone can afford to spend huge sums of money to purchase a puppy, but you shouldn’t miss out.

Also, you must contend with all those trips to the vet to get them their shots. Add in the need to do a lot of training, and perhaps you aren’t even sure how to train them in the first place.

Adopting a rescue Goldendoodle can help circumnavigate all those issues. Instead, you get a dog that may already have had a significant amount of training, and it’s had all those injections.

Also, you give a dog another chance at life, and that remains a rewarding thing to do.

However, you have to contend with another problem, and that’s where to go to adopt a rescue Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle puppy standing

But a quick note. Often, you will find that this list contains rescue agencies that help dogs in general.

However, they do encounter Doodle dogs throughout the year, which is why you will find them in our list.

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Located in Waldorf, Last Chance Animal Rescue focuses on rescuing cats and dogs at risk in kill shelters.

In 20 years, they have saved the lives of over 10,000 animals, and that’s very impressive.

They partner with several shelters and have links across the entire United States. That does mean they will often become aware of a Goldendoodle that has entered the rescue chain.

Also, they spend time ensuring that the individuals they deal with fit perfectly with their dogs.

That may mean you could find a Goldendoodle, but if they believe you do not match with the dog, then sadly, you won’t get to take them home.

However, that does show the care they have for their dogs. Also, each dog undergoes extensive health checks, taking a weight off your mind.

Overall, this animal rescue could offer you an extensive help in finding the perfect Goldendoodle.

Location: Waldorf, MD

Website: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Email: Via Website

The Goldendoodle

MAS Rescue

Founded in 2005, MAS Rescue does tend to want to rescue any animal in need, but they will willingly help you to find that perfect rescue Goldendoodle.

However, they may not always be able to track one down, so you may need patience.

Also, this rescue organization is not the biggest in the State. Yet, they have the best interests of the animals they encounter at heart, and that’s why we think you should still contact them.

After all, they will certainly assist you and let you know if a Goldendoodle becomes available.

Any dog that comes through their organization spends time having all sorts of checks carried out to ensure they get all the medical help they need.

This costs money, so you will need to pay an adoption fee, but that’s not a problem.

After all, the adoption fee helps the organization care for more animals, which is fantastic. 

So, if you live in Maryland, we suggest contacting MAS Rescue to see how they can help you locate a rescue Goldendoodle. 

Location: Baltimore, MD

Website: MAS Rescue

Email: Via Website

Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter

Located in Baltimore, BARCS was founded in 2005, and since then, they have gone on to help countless dogs and cats find new homes.

Thanks to their size and contacts, we think they could prove a vital link for any individual looking to adopt a Goldendoodle. 

This organization knows everything that there is to know about rescue dogs in the Maryland area. Also, people view them as the leader in animal services in and around the Baltimore region. 

That does mean this organization is one you need to contact. In addition, any dog that comes through their organization undergoes extensive health checks, but that’s good for both the dog and you.

In addition, they spend a lot of time working with the dogs to ensure they have the correct training.

That makes it easier for them to become the perfect family dog when you come along.

But they take time to ensure a perfect match between you and the dog. They want to know everything about you, but at the end of the day, it does mean they feel safe in providing you with one of their dogs.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Website: BARCS

Email: Via Website


Rude Ranch Animal Rescue

Located in Harwood, Rude Ranch Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing as many animals as possible across Maryland.

With so many connections within rescue organizations and shelters, this place will know whenever a Goldendoodle becomes available.

However, they do not always have some breed of Doodle dog available at any given time.

In saying that, we believe you should still go through the adoption process to ensure your home is ready to receive your new family member when a Goldendoodle does appear.

Each dog they bring through their rescue organization does spend a lot of time getting various checks with any medical needs then taken care of.

Also, they make sure their dogs undergo training and socialization. That makes it easier for them to blend into their new surroundings.

You will need to pay an adoption fee. However, the fee exists to cover the costs they incur, so it helps the organization continue to exist and help more dogs in the future.

Location: Harwood

Website: Rude Ranch Animal Rescue


Double Dog Dare Rescue

Located in Westminster, Double Dog Dare Rescue doesn’t focus on helping just one breed of dog. Instead, they will help any dog in a poor situation. 

They focus on working directly with animal shelters and helping them with the adoption process.

They aim to ensure that as many dogs as possible end up in brand-new homes and homes where they can stay for life.

They foster, care for, transport, and do anything else to help improve the lives of the dogs they encounter.

It’s also important for them to ensure each dog receives the correct health care for any conditions while checking they have had all their vaccinations.

Their team will work hard with the dogs on their behavior and training. It means you should find bringing your new dog home significantly easier, and they will fit right in.

Overall, this rescue organization will work with you to locate a rescue Goldendoodle if they do not currently have one through their system.

We think that’s an excellent way of improving your chances of taking your new Goldendoodle home.

Why Adopt?

We think adoption is a wonderful thing to do. These dogs have often found themselves in a poor situation through no fault.

So, you have the chance to provide them with a new life, and we can guarantee it’s a chance they will take.

The organizations listed above work very hard with the dogs they encounter. They want to link the perfect dog with the perfect owner.

After all, they never want to see the dog returning through the rescue system again.

It may take some time to work through the rescue process. 

What the Organizations Look For 

Prepare for the organizations to ask about your home and ensure you have the legal right to have a dog there. They may ask for evidence of this before your application can proceed.

In addition, they may interview or come for a home visit. Also, many will insist you get to their organization to meet the dog in person.

All of this comes to allow them to check you have the ability, and the capability, to care for a dog. After that, you must pay the adoption fee, and you will get to take your dog home.

If you live in Maryland, contact the organizations listed above to see how they can help. Your rescue Goldendoodle could be sitting there waiting for you.

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