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Best Goldendoodle Rescue In Indiana – Full List

Best Goldendoodle Rescue In Indiana – Full List

Looking to own a Goldendoodle for the very first time? We’ll help you find the best Goldendoodle rescue in Indiana from which to adopt your future pet.

Goldendoodles are a massively popular breed these days. 

High demand for the dog means an equally high purchase price. 

This phenomenon may be off-putting for many like you who desire to raise the breed.

It’s what makes adoption such a feasible option for many admirers of the breed. 

By adopting a Goldendoodle, you not only spend a considerably low amount to own the breed. 

You also get the chance to give an otherwise destitute dog a second chance at life!

Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group

Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group (HBAWG) is a group of volunteers dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned and abused dogs.

As a non-profit organization, it’s highly impressive they’ve been able to find homes for over 7,200 dogs!

You can locate them in Mishawaka, Indiana where they operate despite not having a physical building.

Currently, they have quite an appreciable number of Goldendoodles available for adoption.

You might, therefore, want to act quickly to secure one. In addition, they have a variety of Poodle mixes also available.

To kick start the adoption process, simply shoot them an email specifying the exact dog you want to adopt.

HBAWG requires you to have the means of bringing the dog home with you within the shortest possible time as the adoption process moves very fast.

After sending them a mail, you should expect a response containing the login details to the application page.

Your application should be sorted out within 2 days. 

Once approved, you’ll be invited to an adoption event. The event is usually held once a week in a pet-friendly building at Mishawaka.

Here, you get the chance to interact with the Goldendoodle you’ve chosen. 

Note, however, that you should be in the position to take the dog home that very day!

After signing the relevant paperwork and completing a photo shoot, you should be able to take your new pet home.

Goldendoodle relaxing in the grass

While HBAWG doesn’t charge any adoption fees, you will be required to donate some amount for adopting from them.

Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group Details

Heaven After Hell Rescue

The name ‘Heaven After Hell’ perfectly encapsulates everything that this rescue seeks to achieve.

While the majority of the animals they rescue are dogs, they’re also happy to find new homes for cats.

Your chances of adopting a Goldendoodle depend on the breed’s availability at the time of adoption.

If there are none, you might want to alert Heaven After Hell to place you on their waiting list for a Goldendoodle.

That way, your chances of adopting one increase once the breed becomes available.

Heaven After Hell focuses chiefly on rescuing animals from high-kill shelters.

The organization is therefore mostly busy and committed to quickly finding new homes for the rejected animals.

That way, more room is made available for new ones to come in.

However, Heaven After Hell won’t match their animals with just about anyone.

The process of matching animals with their potential owners is quite a stringent one.

The aim, after all, is to provide the dog with a second shot at the happy life they never enjoyed for most parts of their lives!

Woman carrying Goldendoodle in her arms.

Thus, the search is for responsible owners who have the means and desire to strike up a loving relationship with the dog.

All you need to do is to complete an adoption application form online. 

Once approved, they’ll contact you and follow up with the necessary checks and confirmatory visits to your place of residence.

A meet and greet will subsequently be scheduled so you meet your dog.

In preparation to re-home the dogs, Heaven After Hell caters to their dogs’ vaccination, deworming, and other necessary health needs before adoption.

Where necessary, the animals are also trained and socialized.

Due to the aforementioned, you may pay anywhere between $30 and $300 as adoption fees.

Heaven After Hell Rescue Details

Frenzy Animal Rescue

New Palestine, Indiana is where Frenzy Animal Rescue does its work of nurturing abandoned animals for their forever homes.

For more than 20 years, they’ve been able to find homes for 1000s of dogs.

They’re also committed to fighting the indiscriminate increase in the population of dogs and cats.

So, any dog you adopt from them is usually spayed or neutered at the time of adoption.

The availability of Goldendoodles at your time of application will determine if you’re able to adopt one.

If there’s no Goldendoodle available when you apply, a call to reserve one for you in case one is rescued will suffice.

Frenzy Animal Rescue spends considerable amounts to get their dogs into fine form before putting them up for adoption.

So, vaccinations, deworming, and health tests by professional vets are usually up-to-date at the time of adoption. 

Frenzy Animal Rescue continues to maintain a keen interest in the lives of the dogs they give out. So, they only choose potential owners who are committed to enriching the quality of the dog’s life throughout the rest of its existence.

What’s more, they maintain themselves as co-owners of the dog with you.

So, you cannot give away or sell the dog under any circumstances. You’re only allowed to return the dog to Frenzy Animal Rescue if you no longer wish to accommodate it.

To adopt a Goldendoodle from Frenzy Animal Rescue, complete an adoption application on their website.

They’ll follow up with the necessary processes which include home visits before and even after adoption.

You’ll pay anywhere between $50 and $400 as an adoption fee.

Frenzy Animal Rescue Details


IndyHumane is one of the oldest animal rescue organizations in Indianapolis.

For more than a century, they’ve been housing homeless animals while preparing them for their permanent homes.

During that period, they’ve thoroughly evolved from a society that took care of abandoned dogs, cats, and farm animals like horses and donkeys to a full-blown rescue institution dedicated to finding new homes for dogs and cats.

Also worthy of mention is their state-of-the-art IndyHumane Downtown Clinic which oversees the health and medical needs of the rescued animals.

Goldendoodle in sunlight

Whether or not you’ll be able to adopt a Goldendoodle from IndyHumane depends on if they have the breed available for adoption.

Unfortunately, they don’t keep a waiting list. So, your best bet will be to simply wait and hope their ‘adoptable dogs’ list is updated to include the Goldendoodle breed.

Keep in mind that the application process isn’t the same for all dogs. While you may be required to complete an online application for some dogs, for others, you may have to be physically present at the organization to start and complete the process.

Once a match has been made and approved, a meet and greet will be scheduled so you and your family get to interact with the dog.

You should be able to take your pet home once the process is complete and the adoption fee has been paid.

IndyHumane Details

Heartland Small Animal Rescue

Their name epitomizes what they do – saving and providing permanent homes for small animals.

In fact, Heartland Small Animal Rescue didn’t set out to rescue dogs initially.

They were dedicated to rescuing small pocket pets like guinea pigs and rabbits.

Thankfully, they stretched their borders to accommodate forlorn dogs somewhere in 2010 and have been growing strong ever since.

They’re a volunteer-run organization based in South Bend, Indiana that liaises with foster homes as part of a comprehensive adoption program to provide permanent homes to dogs and other small animals.

Because Heartland Small Animal Rescue is focused on rescuing animals from shelters close to them, there’s a strong chance of finding Goldendoodles among the lot.

If there are any Goldendoodles rescued, you should find them available in the list of ‘adoptable dogs’ if they’ve not yet been already adopted.

However, if there are none, you might want to shoot Heartland a mail at an address solely dedicated to dog inquiries.

You may be able to get on a waiting list for Goldendoodles through this means.

To adopt a dog from Heartland, simply fill out an online application form. They should respond in 2 business days and take it from there.

After all the nitty-gritty is thrashed out, you should be able to take your pet home.

The adoption fee ranges from $100 to $350 depending on the dog’s age.

Heartland Small Animal Rescue Details

Pals For Paws

Pals For Paws revel in providing short-term homes while giving the utmost care for destitute animals before handing them over to deserving owners.

They’re a non-profit organization that’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure that their animals end up in the right homes.

While they don’t believe in euthanizing animals, they’re committed to fighting the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

You’ll find, therefore, that any dog you adopt from them is either spayed or neutered.

They also expend the majority of their resources in catering to the medical as well as the behavioral needs of rescued animals.

That way, the animals are placed in a better position to enjoy their second chance at life with responsible owners like yourself.

Pals For Paws rescue their dogs from high-kill and overcrowded shelters. So, as and when Goldendoodles are saved, they’re made available on the website.

You will have to complete and submit an adoption application to be considered an ideal fit for the Goldendoodle you choose.

If you have any questions concerning the availability of Goldendoodles or would want to be placed on a waiting list, they invite you to shoot them a mail

Pals For Paws Details

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles are a highly sought-after breed in the United States.

Their personality and intelligence make them the ideal family pet.

It’s, therefore, a rarity to find abandoned Goldendoodles needing rescue.

Still, it’s a possibility. And if you’ve been earnestly looking for the best Goldendoodle rescue in Indiana, the options on our list are the right places to start searching!

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