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Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio – Ultimate Guide

Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio – Ultimate Guide

If you live in Ohio and are interested in potentially owning a Goldendoodle rescue. Then we would like to suggest potentially owning a rescue dog instead of automatically opting for buying a puppy. 

A Goldendoodle is a fantastic breed of dog to own. There’s no doubt that they are becoming even more popular than ever before. Also, they make it very easy to love them since they are so much fun. They will become a welcome addition to your family.

You see, by adopting, you will give these dogs a new chance at life. This is a special thing to do. The bond it can create between the dog and you is something that will be far more spectacular than you ever thought possible.

Why a Rescue Dog?

But you may be wondering why you should bother with a rescue dog over buying a puppy. Well, there are a number of reasons.

First, people have the wrong idea about rescue dogs. They are there through no fault of their own. These dogs just want to be loved by someone. They will be exceptionally grateful if you can give that to them.

Also, adopting an adult dog means you don’t have to spend the time training them. Like you would need to do with a puppy. This is stressful, and it does mean you need to be very involved. After all, you need to deal with training and getting vaccinations amongst other things.

Adopting an adult dog from a rescue organization means you don’t have to worry about any of that. They will deal with vaccinations on your behalf. You will know that the dog you are adopting has been checked by a vet.

But the main reason why you should consider adopting a dog from a rescue organization is simply that you are giving them that new lease on life.

Why a Goldendoodle?

So why adopt a Goldendoodle over any other breed? Well, that’s an easy question to answer. A Goldendoodle has an amazing temperament. They will quickly prove themselves to be one of the best family dogs out there.

Also, they are highly intelligent, and that means teaching them different things will be a bonus. Keep in mind they want to make you happy, so they will always try their best when interacting with them.

However, this all takes energy, and the Goldendoodle does have quite a lot of it. In saying that, the correct training when young can deal with those issues, so it’s not something that is impossible to fix.

The final point is to remember that not every dog rescue will have a Goldendoodle ready to adopt. Patience will be important in this instance.

However, you need to know the rescue organizations to contact in order to start the process, and that is where we can help.

Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

This rescue organization is run by the local government, but they focus on caring for abandoned and neglected dogs, as well as strays until they are either reclaimed by their owners or are adopted out to a new family.

They do give the dogs everything they need in order to be healthy and cared for during their time with them. Also, as they deal with dogs in general, then there may not always be a Goldendoodle ready for you to adopt from them. 

You will still be required to complete their adoption application and this should not take too long to do. Then, it will simply involve being patient until a Goldendoodle comes through the doors of this rescue organization. 

Cleveland Animal Protective League

The Cleveland Animal Protective League has been in operation since 1913, so you can imagine how many dogs they have helped during that time. They do deal with any breed of dog that needs some assistance, so it does mean you will not always come across a Goldendoodle in their care.

They make sure all of their dogs have been checked over by a vet before they are put up for adoption, and the fee you pay for the adoption of the dog also includes some vet care after the fact as well. 

We do recommend contacting them in advance and letting them know how you want to go ahead and adopt a Goldendoodle. That will allow them to put you on a list for that breed, and then you can go through the adoption checks in advance. This involves the normal checks of your background, home, and previous experience of caring for a pet.

Save the Animals Foundation

The Save the Animals Foundation was founded in 1988, and this no-kill shelter will often have in the region of 300 animals ready to be adopted at any given moment. Of course, that does mean there’s every possibility of a Goldendoodle coming through their door at some point.

Their dogs are checked by a vet and are nursed back to health if there is some sort of issue that needs to be resolved. They do also spay and neuter dogs, while they make sure that they have had their vaccinations. 

The foundation should be contacted in advance to let them know of your desire to adopt a Goldendoodle. They will make a note of this, and will then contact you when one does enter their organization. 

At that point, you can then work through the adoption process and pass all of their checks before being matched up with your new Goldendoodle. This adoption process involves the standard things of checking your home, getting you to meet the dog in person, and even getting a reference from a vet if you have owned animals before.

Humane Society of Greater Dayton

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton was founded in 1902, and they have helped countless dogs be rehomed over the last century. They won’t only shelter those animals that are homeless or been abandoned, but also rescue those living in poor conditions.

This is a large society, so it is certainly a good idea to contact them regarding your desire to adopt a Goldendoodle. They may not be able to help you at that moment in time, but they will certainly be in touch when they do see a Goldendoodle enter their rescue organization.

Also, their adoption process and checks are extensive in nature. They take their time to complete the process. However, they want to make sure that you are the correct person for the dog in question. After that, you will have a dog that is healthy, has been checked by a vet, and is ready to love its new family.

Completing the Adoption Process

The different organizations that we have listed here all have an adoption process that you need to work through before you are allowed to take your dog home. In general, most will be the same sort of process with the potential for only a few slight alterations.

This will primarily involve them looking into where you live and if your home is suitable for their dogs. Also, they will want to know you are of age, and whether or not you have previously owned pets. If so, they may ask for a reference from a vet as to how well you cared for your pet.

No Guarantee

But even after this, there’s no guarantee you will be able to get the dog that you have seen. That is because they will want you to meet the dog in person.

The same applies to any individual who will also be living there. If you have other pets, they will need to be introduced as well. This is to ensure that their rescue dog appears to get on well with every living thing that they will be sharing the space with.

Also, you will be required to show proof that you are able to keep dogs. This means showing you either own your home, or you have written consent by the landlord that you are allowed to have a dog in the home. 

As the Goldendoodle is not the most common of breeds that will come through their doors, we do strongly recommend contacting as many rescue organizations in Ohio is possible. This will certainly increase the chances of you being able to adopt one.

This is even more important, thanks to the fact that no organization here focuses entirely on the Doodle breeds. Instead, they focus on dogs as a whole.

 But keep in mind you will need patience. Just because you see a Goldendoodle available for adoption does not automatically mean you will be able to get that dog. Instead, the rescue organizations will ultimately decide. As long as you have passed the checks, then there should never really be much of a problem.

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