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Best Goldendoodle Rescue In Maine – Full List

Best Goldendoodle Rescue In Maine – Full List

If you reside in The Pine Tree State and would love to find the best Goldendoodle rescue in Maine, you have come to the right place.

To successfully adopt any dog, you must know where and who to contact. So, that’s where this list may prove highly effective. 

What you will see below is a list of the best places in Maine you should contact if you plan on seeking to adopt a Goldendoodle.

We cannot state that each place will always have a Goldendoodle available since they have proved highly popular. However, each place will have the ability to help you find one.

So, let’s get on with the list and allow you to start adopting a rescue Goldendoodle.

Happy Goldendoodle puppy

Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland

Located in Westbrook, this organization does help any dog breed that needs assistance rather than focusing on Doodle dogs in general.

However, we don’t see that as a problem simply because they cast their net so wide that they will find any Goldendoodle in the area that needs their assistance.

Any dog they deal with will receive a safe place to live until a successful adoption. They provide great care to each dog and ensure they receive medical help.

Their team works with the dogs to help them through any problems they may face, including working on their behavior and socialization skills.

The aim is to make life so much easier when adopting them out, and they will fit perfectly into their new home.

Any adoption through this organization does incur a fee, but remember that the fee helps the organization continue operating.

They have helped countless dogs over the years, and they have so many others they would like to help.

Location: Westbrook

Website: Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland

Email: Via Website

Underhound Railroad

This rescue organization covers several states, and Maine is one of them. This non-profit organization seeks to help as many dogs as possible who find themselves in poor situations.

They do come across both Goldendoodles and Doodle dogs in general from time to time.

Formed in 2009, their intention is to remove as many dogs as possible from high-kill shelters, and they have helped a huge number over the last decade.

They provide each dog with a foster home and all the care and attention in the world. They aim to ensure they will have no issues when it comes to the time of them going to their new home.

But that’s not all they do. This organization also spends time helping families deal with their dogs and help them through any issues.

They aim to make it less likely for them to end up taking their dog to a shelter.

But understand that they will spend time getting to know you before they go ahead and allow you to adopt one of their dogs.

That’s why you should complete their application even when they do not currently have a Goldendoodle ready for adoption.

Location: Maine

Website: Underhound Railroad

Email: Via Website

Goldendoodle puppy

Midcoast Humane

Located in Brunswick, Midcoast Humane is a rescue organization responsible for saving the lives of over 3,500 animals every year.

That number does mean there’s every possibility they will come across the occasional Goldendoodle every year. But it also means more than that.

This organization does have a series of links with other such organizations in the area.

That means they will happily help you to find a Goldendoodle in need of a new home and work with you to turn that into a reality.

This organization does also have what they call an adoption counselor. They aim to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible before you go ahead and take your new dog home.

Also, they will only allow the right people to adopt their dogs, so it may not work out exactly as you hoped from time to time.

Overall, we think this organization should remain one you contact if you wish to adopt a Goldendoodle. You may need to wait some time, but we guarantee it will all work out.

Location: Brunswick

Website: Midcoast Humane

Email: Via Website

Animal Welfare Society

Located in Kennebunk, the Animal Welfare Society has existed since 1967, so they have extensive experience in helping animals find new homes.

Also, they help an estimated 4,000 animals every year. As you can imagine, dealing with so many animals increases the chances of them coming across the occasional Goldendoodle.

So, we recommend you contact them to see if they can help now or in the future.

This organization spends a lot of time working with every dog that comes through its doors. They spend money making sure each dog has perfect health before anyone can adopt them. 

That means each dog has to undergo various health checks before medication is potentially given to them.

Aside from health, the team at the Animal Welfare Society also works on the behavior side of things.

Any dog you adopt from them will be in perfect health, both in a physical sense and from a socialization perspective.

Contact them and complete their adoption process even when a Goldendoodle is not in their organization.

It will make a huge difference since they can place you on a waiting list for when one does appear in their society.

Location: Kennebunk

Website: Animal Welfare Society

Email: Via Website

Goldendoodle rescue in Maine

3 Dogs Rescue

Located in Berwick, this organization is run by an entire team of volunteers. They seek to help any breed of dog they encounter, but it does mean they come across the occasional Goldendoodle or Doodle breed in general.

3 Dogs Rescue focuses on ensuring each dog is as healthy as possible, and they will work hard to provide them with all the care and attention they deserve.

That extends beyond their physical health as well. It also includes spending a lot of time with the dog and working on their social skills and general behavior.

You will need to pay their adoption fee to take one of their dogs home. However, this fee relates to the costs they need to incur to ensure each dog has no medical issues or is at least treated for them.

As they may not have a Goldendoodle in their organization at this moment in time, we think you should still press ahead and complete their adoption process.

Doing so means they can check out your home in advance to know you could give them a great place to stay.

Location: Berwick

Website: 3 Dogs Rescue

Email: Via Website

Why Adopt?

So why would you adopt a Goldendoodle in the first place? We have several reasons why we think it’s such a great thing to do.

Remember that these dogs end up in this situation through no fault of their own. They deserve to have a new shot at life, and you have the opportunity to go ahead and offer them that.

But not everyone wants to own a puppy, either. Owning a puppy brings with it a lot of issues and additional problems you need to contend with. 

Not everyone wants to spend the time required to train a puppy. It takes a lot of effort, so adopting a rescue dog is worthwhile as they have all been trained in advance.

Also, you have the problem of vaccinations with puppies. Adopting a rescue dog will generally mean they have had all their vaccinations as rescue organizations do their best to check this.

When you put all those things together, you can start to see why adopting a rescue dog can be a fantastic thing.

What Do You Need?

Finally, what do you need to offer to take a dog home successfully? Well, you need to show you have the perfect home and have the legal right to have a dog there.

You may also have an interview at home where the rescue organization can see your setup for themselves.

They will also want to know about your experience of dogs before allowing you to take one home. It’s all intended to ensure they match the perfect dog with its owner.

So, you may not get the dog you wanted if they feel a better dog is out there.

So if you want to adopt a rescue Goldendoodle in Maine, the organizations listed above can all help.

Contact as many as possible, and see who can help you take your new Goldendoodle home. Your new furry friend could be ready to come home with you.

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