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Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Georgia – Ultimate Guide

Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Georgia – Ultimate Guide

For people who live in Georgia and would like to own a rescue Goldendoodle, then you will be glad to hear that you do have several organizations that would like to help.

You see, there’s no doubt that a Goldendoodle is a wonderful dog, and as a breed, they have to be one of the best around. This has led to an increase in their popularity over time, and then when you factor in that they are cute and so adorable, then it’s sad to hear that some end up in rescue organizations.

However, by adopting, you are going to give a wonderful dog a new shot at life. This is special and amazing with the bond that then develops between owner and dog becoming stronger than ever.

Why a Rescue Dog?

So why bother with a rescue dog instead of going out there and buying a puppy from a breeder? Well, we have several reasons as to why this is such a good idea.

First, people often shy away from a rescue dog as they think that there’s something wrong with the dog. That is just not true at all. They have landed there through no fault of their own, and all they want is to both love and to be loved. 

Also, if you adopt an adult dog, then you have less need to go ahead and train them. This is different to a puppy, and training a puppy can certainly be rather stressful since it can be quite hands-on. A puppy also needs their vaccinations and not everyone is capable of training a puppy.

By adopting an adult dog, you are avoiding those issues. Also, you know that they have been checked over by a vet, and have had all of the relevant vaccinations. You know that your new dog is in fine health, and that is something that should make every potential adoptive parent happy.

Why a Goldendoodle?

Why adopt a Goldendoodle over any other breed that is looking for a new home? Well, once again, we have several reasons as to why this is the case.

First, let’s go beyond how they look. Instead, you should know that this breed of dog has such a wonderful temperament that it will be capable of being incorporated into the family home with ease. Yes, they are full of fun and life, but they have an absolute joy about them. 

Keep in mind that this breed is also not stupid. They are quick to pick up on things, and when you then also factor in the way they want to make you happy, then it means time spent interacting with them will be a real joy.

But all of this does cause a problem. A Goldendoodle is very popular, so any dog that enters into a rescue organization won’t be there for long. For this, we recommend being prepared and contact the organizations in advance to let them know of your plans.

Talking of organizations, these are some of the local rescue organizations in Georgia that we recommend.

Goldendoodle on bed

Paws Humane Society

Located in Columbus, the Paws Humane Society does deal with any dog that needs its help, so don’t think it will focus on the Doodle breeds as that’s not the case. However, they are so busy that it is always possible they will have the occasional Goldendoodle come through their doors.

They follow the usual process of checking each dog and vaccinating them if required. Add in microchipping and caring for them until they are ready to be adopted, and this society is capable of doing a fantastic job.

But they go one additional step in that they will help educate you on how to correctly care for your new dog if this is required. They hope that this means the dog will have a wonderful new life in your home.

Contact them to let them know you want to adopt a Goldendoodle, and they will do their best to help when they come across one. Also, you can go ahead and pass their checks and then wait for your new dog to arrive.

Address: 4900 Milgen Road, Columbus, GA 31907

One Love Animal Rescue

Located in Savannah, this rescue organization provides care and shelter for animals that have been abandoned, are homeless, or have been in an abusive situation. They care, nurse them back to health, and then adopt them out to new loving homes.

Be aware that this organization does not have their own shelter. Instead, they use a network of foster families who work hard at rehabilitating the dogs and getting them healthy for their new family.

You will need to meet the dog in person before they will allow you to adopt them. Also, you need to pass some strict checks to make sure you are the correct person for the dog. Each dog will also have been checked over by a vet with the relevant health concerns taken care of if that is indeed a problem.

Address: 463 Johnny Mercer Blvd, Ste B7 #142, Savannah

Southern Souls Rescue

Based in Atlanta, this rescue organization does deal with any dog that needs help. That does mean they will not always have a number of Goldendoodles to choose from.

However, they are quite open to individuals contacting them regarding a particular breed of dog they would like to adopt. That helps them have a better understanding of how they can help that dog should they come across one that is in need.

This organization also focuses on helping dogs that are in high-kill shelters in not only Georgia, but other states in the south. That does mean they never know which dogs they will bring into their organization. However, they always strive to save as many as possible.

We recommend going through the background checks in advance. That will speed up the process once you see a Goldendoodle is available for adoption. They will always check the health of the dog first, and also provide them with their vaccinations. That way, you know you are getting a healthy dog.

Lifeline Animal Project

The Lifeline Animal Project deals with any dog that is in need of their help. Based in Atlanta, they have both their own shelter along with using foster families for the dogs they rescue. 

Be aware that this project may not always have a Goldendoodle available, but keep in mind they help over 40,000 animals a year. That does increase the odds of them having several come through their doors each year.

As mentioned before, we do recommend contacting in advance and letting them know of your desire to adopt a Goldendoodle. That will allow them to know they have someone ready and waiting, but you will still be required to pass their checks.

Their checks are strict. However, by the end of it all, you will be in a position to adopt your new family dog. You will need to meet them in person before you go ahead and do this to make sure you are the correct person for the dog.

Completing the Adoption Process

All of the organizations mentioned here will require you to complete an adoption process before being allowed to take the dog home. While this process tends to follow similar lines, there may be slight differences, so be aware of this when applying.

Also, we do recommend applying to as many as you can. They do not focus on the Doodle breed of dog, so there will not always be a Goldendoodle available for adoption. However, you can still pass the different checks to make sure you are in prime position when one does become available.

Each organization will want to look into your background. They will also want to make sure you are legally allowed to have a dog in your home, and that the home is suitable for the animal.

In addition, they may also ask for a reference from a vet if you already own a pet. This will help them to see you care correctly for your existing pet. They will ask you to meet the dog in person, often more than once. This also applies to anybody else who lives in the home who will be asked to do the same.

If you already have a dog, then they will also need to meet your potential new family member. This is all designed to ensure the dog is happy with everyone as that is their main concern.

These organizations care for the dogs before they are adopted. That means they have them checked by a vet, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and given shelter. This all costs them money, and they are non-profit organizations. 

Be aware that the cost of adoption a dog will vary between the organizations. However, rest assured that the fee covers their costs. This also allows them to go ahead and rescue another dog that finds itself in a poor situation.

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