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Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Arizona – Ultimate Guide

Best Goldendoodle Rescue in Arizona – Ultimate Guide

Living in Arizona, means you have a number of rescue organizations to contact should you wish to adopt a Goldendoodle. 

Let’s be honest, we all wonder how a dog such as a Goldendoodle ends up in this situation. They are just so much fun to have around, and they are also very popular. It’s sad that some end up in rescue organizations, but that is not where they then have to stay.

Just by adopting a dog from one of these organizations does mean you are providing them with a new chance at life. It creates such a wonderful bond between the two of you that it will undoubtedly make it all worth your while.

Why a Rescue Dog?

The problem with a rescue dog is often due to a misunderstanding. People think dogs end up here because they are problematic, but that is rarely the case. For most, they are there through no fault of their own, and they simply want to be loved.

Also, adopting an adult dog is easy. It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to train a puppy. If you have never had to do that, then it is difficult and stressful. Also, a puppy needs their vaccinations, and that is something you need to keep on top of.

Thanks to adopting an older dog, you miss all of that out. These dogs have been checked by a vet, and they have had all of their vaccinations. It just makes everything so much easier, and you will also have a wonderful dog for the family.

Why a Goldendoodle?

But now, why would you go ahead and adopt a Goldendoodle instead of one of the multitudes of other breeds out there? Well, this is an easy one for us to answer.

Of course, it helps that they are exceptionally cute and adorable. But there’s more to them than just that.

Instead, this breed has a wonderful temperament that makes them ideal for a family pet. They will get on well with anybody of any age, so they are safe to have around children.Yes, they will come across as being full of fun and energy, but the joy they bring into the home makes this worthwhile.

Also, if you love to teach your dogs tricks, then this breed is intelligent enough to pick up on what you want them to do. They just want to make you happy, and interacting with them will prove to be so much fun.

However, this doesn’t come without its problems. A Goldendoodle won’t tend to stay in a rescue organization for too long. That is why you need to make the different organizations aware of your intentions in advance. This then allows them to put you on a waiting list. Also, they will work with you to adopt the right dog for you.

But then, you need to know the organizations to contact, and that is what we will look at next.

Home Fur Good

Home Fur Good is a rescue organization based in Phoenix, and they have been in operation since 2009. During that time, they have helped countless dogs to be rehomed, and they help hundreds of dogs every single year.

Their main focus is on trying to make their area a no-kill location, and that is why they seek to take in as many dogs as they can. They will then check over each dog and make sure they have the correct vaccinations before they can be adopted.

However, it’s not just adoption that they deal with. They also seek to educate people when it comes to caring for dogs, so they will help you even after you have successfully adopted one of their animals.

You are advised to contact them in advance to make sure they are aware of your desire to adopt a Goldendoodle. 

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

The Lost Our Home Pet Rescue organization has been in existence since 2008. They are located in Tempe, and they are a no-kill shelter. 

They also focus on helping people no longer able to care for their pets, but all of this means they never know which breed of dog they will have coming through their doors. It does mean a Goldendoodle can appear at any point.

For you, this should result in you contacting them in advance to let them know you would like to adopt a Goldendoodle. They will be happy to then add you to their list. At least then they know a new prospective owner is awaiting a Goldendoodle if they come across one.

As is common, you will be required to complete their application process. They will do a series of checks on you, and you can still go through different aspects of the checks before a Goldendoodle appears.

Coconino Humane Association

Founded back in 1955, the Coconino Humane Association can have as many as 2500 dogs available for adoption at any given time. With so many dogs, it’s easy to see how they can end up with a Goldendoodle from time to time.

They are a no-kill shelter, and they are exceptionally busy on a daily basis. We strongly recommend contacting them directly to then let them know you are actively searching for a Goldendoodle. They can then help you when one comes through their doors.

Each dog that does come into their association is checked for any health issues, and those are handled accordingly. The dogs are vaccinated and given medication if required. At least you know you will always be adopting a healthy dog if you go ahead and use this association.

They will require you to complete their application process, and it will involve having your home checked before any adoption can be completed. However, this is absolutely normal, and they will at least then know their dogs are going to good homes.

Friends for Life Animal Rescue

The Friends for Life Animal Rescue has been around since 1993, and they are now based in Gilbert, Arizona. Their primary focus is on helping strays in the area, but they will help any dog that they see as being in need of assistance.

This organization will care for the dog until they can be rehomed, and that includes dealing with all of their medical issues and making sure they have been vaccinated. All of this does cost money for a non-profit, so they will ask for a donation at the end of the adoption process.

Of course, they will not always have a Goldendoodle available, and that is why we recommend contacting them in advance and letting them know of your preference. They will be quite happy to advise you on what to do next, and they will contact you when a Goldendoodle is available.

Their application process is quick and easy to complete. At least you then know that you will be good to go once a Goldendoodle does come into their organization.

Completing the Adoption Process

In order to take one of the dogs home that are currently being cared for by these organizations, you will be required to complete an adoption application. This process will be almost identical for the different organizations, and there will be only a few slight differences between them.

In general, you are looking at having to be of age to adopt, which may be 18 or 21. Also, you need to have specific permission to be able to own a dog in your home. This may involve a letter from your landlord stating that this is the case.

Also, you may be required to have a reference from your vet if you currently own a pet. This helps the organization to know you have been a caring owner before, and it makes them feel better about giving you a dog.

Finally, there’s your home and whether or not it is suitable for a dog. You will be asked to meet the dog in person, and you will also need to have any other family member who lives there come along as well. If you have another dog or cat, then they will need to be introduced to one another as well. This is all to make sure everyone gets along. Also, it does boost the chances of the adoption being a success.

Ultimately, the adoption process is all about making sure the organization links up the right person with the right dog. That does mean you may see a Goldendoodle appear with an organization, but they may come to the conclusion that they are not the correct dog for you.

Patience is important, and we do recommend completing as many adoption applications as possible. That will increase your chances of being able to successfully bring home a Goldendoodle when one does indeed become available.

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