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Best Goldendoodle Rescue California

Best Goldendoodle Rescue California

So, this is what we want to talk about, and it’s the idea of adopting a Goldendoodle rescue in California. There are a number of organizations based across California that focus on helping dogs in need, and then matching them up with new loving homes, and we are here to talk you through what you should do in this situation.

A Goldendoodle is undoubtedly a wonderful dog to own, but we want you to just stop for a second and think carefully about whether you want to have an adult dog or a puppy. You see, we think that this is something to really consider because while a puppy can be cute, it does come with a lot of work and worry.

Why Adopt a Dog?

But first, let’s go through why you should even consider adopting a dog in the first place. 

People are guilty of being put off going through a rescue organization as they fall into the trap of believing that all dogs in that situation must have done something wrong. Well, that’s not true.

Instead, the overwhelming majority of dogs in these organizations are there through no fault of their own. It was the owner that did something wrong, or they simply could not care for the dog in the way they wanted.

These dogs have so much life and love to give, and they are desperate to give that to a family. You can easily become that family and bring so much joy to the life of the dog in question. In return, you will feel the exact same, and it is such a wonderful thing to do.

Also, it’s easy to adopt an adult dog, and that brings with it a number of other benefits compared to dealing with a puppy. As we said at the outset, a puppy is cute but they are also a lot of work. You need to train them, take them for their vaccinations, and you worry about them all the time.

With an adult dog, those fears and concerns are gone, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Goldendoodle dog

Why a Goldendoodle?

So why should you adopt a Goldendoodle over any other breed of dog? Well, there is a simple fact that they are so cute and adorable, but this goes beyond what they look like.

This breed of dog is very loving and loyal to its family. They will protect you, snuggle up to you for cuddles, and are excellent when it comes to their temperament. That makes them the ideal family dog, and they will be very safe to have around children as well.

But then there’s the way in which they will love to make you happy and to learn new tricks. They will absorb what you are telling them, and you will get the reward of seeing your dog doing something new that you have taught them. That alone is a wonderful sight to see, and the fact you have done this with a rescue dog doubles the reward aspect.

However, this does then mean you need to be aware of where to get a Goldendoodle that is up for adoption. So, that is what we will explore next.

Goldendoodle puppy

Lovebugs Doodle Rescue California

First up, we have Lovebugs Doodle Rescue in California, and this organization does deal with the Doodle breed in general. That does mean there may be times when they do not have a Goldendoodle available for adoption, but they will certainly want to help you out whenever they do have one in their organization.

These guys focus on helping the Doodle breeds. They will be more than happy to take your details and add you to their waiting list for a Goldendoodle. In the meantime, you can still go through the different checks to allow them to see that you will be the perfect owner for one of their dogs. This applies even if it is for in the future.

They have been in operation for over a decade, and their adoption process is somewhat extensive. However, this is merely to ensure they make the correct decision when it comes to linking a dog with an owner.

With this organization, you will need to pass all of the relevant checks including your background, any reference from a vet, and also what your place is like for caring for a dog. As long as everything works out fine, then it’s simply a case of waiting for the right dog to come along.

Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective is actually an organization that works across the whole of the United States, but that also means they have a base in California. They obviously care for all types of Doodle dogs, and this includes the Goldendoodle.

In the case of California, they are based in the south, and since they have been in operation since 2008, there’s nothing they do not know about rescuing and adopting out Doodles.

However, it may not always be the case that the right dog is in their organization for you at that time, but don’t worry. They are always happy to take the details of people interested in adopting, and they will be sure to contact you when the right dog is available.

In the meantime, feel free to go through their different checks so they know you are a suitable person for one of their dogs. This saves time later on when a dog does appear, and their checks follow the same lines as you will find everywhere.

As well as adopting them out, they will also work with you to provide some education on how best to look after your Doodle. This should ensure you both have a happy life together.

Dogs Without Borders California

Next, we have Dogs Without Borders, and while they do deal with any breed of dog in need of some care and rescuing, this does involve Goldendoodles from time to time. They adopt the foster model, so you will need to go to the homes of the foster parents to see the dog in question.

They never know which dogs will come into their organization, so contacting them in advance and letting them know you are looking for a Goldendoodle is advisable. After this, they will be sure to get in touch with you when a dog becomes available.

Based in Los Angeles, they have helped thousands of dogs since their inception. They have the normal strict checks in place, so expect it to take some time to go through their process before you will then be allowed to potentially adopt a dog.

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption

Finally, we have Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption, and they do focus on all types of Doodles and not just the Goldendoodle. However, it does mean you have a fantastic chance of finding one to adopt.

Based in Pioneer, they are both a rescue organization and a breeder of Doodle dogs, so keep that in mind when contacting them. You will need to be specific when you call that you wish to adopt a dog rather than one of their puppies.

They do not have the largest number of dogs ready to adopt, but they will keep you in mind if they do not have a Goldendoodle available at this moment in time. You should still look at completing their adoption process in advance to speed up the process when a dog comes into their organization.

The Adoption Process

Each rescue organization includes an adoption process that you may successfully navigate to then be eligible for one of their dogs. While there may be slight variations between organizations, they do generally follow the same lines.

The main focus of the adoption process is to ensure you are the right fit for the dog in question. It’s more a case of them knowing you are right for the dog rather than the dog being right for you. After all, the care of their animals will always be their main concern.

In general, the adoption process will be along these lines.

First, you must be either over 18 or over 21 years of age. If you rent, you need written consent from your landlord that shows you can have a dog. They will also ask if you have previous experience of caring for dogs, or animals of any kind. This may then involve a reference from a vet that shows you cared correctly for your animals. 

However, a key part is an inspection of your home. They need to know you have the correct space to care for the dog in question. This will involve inspecting your home in advance. If they are not happy with what they see, then you will not be successful. 

Overall, the adoption process is there to protect the dogs. It takes time to complete the process, but it will be worth it once you get to take your new dog home.

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