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Best Cockapoo Rescue Texas • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue Texas • Full List

If living in Texas, you need to know where you go to adopt a rescue Cockapoo. Thankfully, we have a number of options you may wish to contact.

Rescuing a Cockapoo brings with it so much joy and happiness knowing you have saved a life. These dogs will provide so much love for years to come, and you will be glad you did rescue one.

However, we cannot state they will always have a Cockapoo ready to adopt. We recommend contacting as many organizations as possible to increase your chances of successfully adopting a Cockapoo.

So, on with the list of organizations you may wish to contact.

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Dallas Fort Worth Cocker Spaniel Rescue

First, we have the Dallas Fort Worth Cocker Spaniel Rescue, and even though they do focus on Cocker Spaniels, they will help any mixed breed as well.

That does mean they can encounter a Cockapoo from time to time. This non-profit organization uses a number of volunteers and foster homes to help care for as many dogs as possible across the Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

To begin, you need to visit their website and read what they look for from an individual keen on adopting one of their dogs.

Then, you must complete the application process, and it does take some time to provide them with all the information they want.

After that, you may need to wait until a Cockapoo comes into their organization. Also, they need to know it’s a perfect match between the two of you, so even when one appears, you may not end up adopting them.

Overall, this organization has a vast amount of experience of helping dogs in need. They care deeply about the breed and will assist you in finding a Cockapoo you can adopt and take home.

Doodle Rock Rescue

Located in Dallas, Doodle Rock Rescue will help any breed of Doodle dog that needs to be rescued or saved in some way.

Also, they do accept people surrendering their dogs when they realize they can no longer care for them correctly.

Even though they have only operated for a few years, this organization has quickly helped a larger number of Doodle dogs, and the Cockapoo is included in those numbers.

They give each dog a thorough health check and provide treatment for any issues they may have.

When adopting from them, you must reside within 350 miles of Dallas. This rule exists due to them having to visit your home before you can adopt a dog. 

The organization does focus on rescuing dogs from kill shelters in the south of Texas. Unfortunately, this area has a high kill rate, so the organization works hard to save as many dogs as possible.

Adopting them is easy, but you still need to complete their application form. Do this as soon as you contact them.

It means you can quickly be matched with a wonderful dog at the moment you see one becoming available.

However, understand they do have the final say on which dog goes to which home. This occurs due to the need to match people and dogs perfectly, but your application helps them with making this decision.

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Doodle Dandy Rescue

This is yet another rescue organization based in the Dallas area, and Doodle Dandy Rescue has only been in operation for a few years.

With a focus on Doodle breeds, which includes the Cockapoo, they have helped a number of dogs over the years.

Know that this organization only deals with people residing within a maximum of a five-hour drive from Dallas.

This helps them to check your home in advance to ensure it fits in with what their dogs need.

They work with an array of foster homes, and each dog will be checked over thoroughly by a vet before they can even be made available for adoption.

Also, if they have any health issues, then the organization takes care of them.

But all of this costs money, so they do ask for a fee when it comes to adopting a dog. However, they tell you all about it when you start your application process.

So, no surprises then, and all money helps them care for other dogs in need.

Talking of the application process, it is rather extensive, but they take this part extremely seriously.

Through this, they get to know everything about you, and can then match you up with the perfect Cockapoo.

This does mean they may not decide to match you with the dog you want. They need to know the dog will stay in their forever home, and won’t simply return to the organizations in the near future.

Overall, this is a busy organization, and they do encounter several Cockapoo dogs throughout the course of a single year. However, contact them now and complete the application process to make life easier.

Poodle Patch Rescue

Located in Texarkana, Poodle Patch Rescue deals with both Poodles and all Poodle mixes, so that does mean they come across the occasional Cockapoo.

With a focus on rescuing dogs from poor situations, including high-kill shelters, they help as many dogs as possible through their network.

They do this via foster homes, and each dog is checked by a vet with any vaccinations then given to them if required.

Also, any treatment for existing conditions is handled by the organization with potential new owners made aware of any issues well in advance.

In addition, they seek to train dogs that have behavioral issues, and it does mean you stand a better chance of taking a wonderful dog home, that is not as scared.

This organization does require you to come to their main facility in order to collect your dog when matched.

You must complete their application process in advance, and this does take some time since they need to check everything before agreeing to the adoption.

This time is the reason why we do suggest you complete the form even if a Cockapoo is not in their organization at that time. Also, they do take a fee, but this is also all explained in advance.

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The Key to Adopting a Cockapoo

The four different options listed above can all help you adopt a Cockapoo. However, you must know that the process may not run as smoothly as you hope.

You see, the different organizations all have the health and safety of the dog in mind. That is the key for them. So, you need to know what they look for before you even go through the adoption application.

The Adoption Application

While each organization may have a slightly different approach to the questions asked, they all come back to the same thing.

They want to know as much information as possible about you, to then decide if you match with one of their dogs.

So, what do they want to know? Well, they need to know where you live. Also, they may come and visit your home in advance to check that everything is fine for the dog.

Along with that, they also need to know you have the right to care for a dog in your home. This becomes more important when you rent, so they need to hear from your landlord to allow your application.

Aside from your home, they want to know about you. This mainly involves knowing if you have previous experience of caring for animals. Getting confirmation from a vet about this will help your application.

What Happens Next?

So let’s say your application is a success, and the organization matches you with a dog. What happens next?

Well, some organizations offer advice and help for people once the adoption process is complete.

They know that the dogs can struggle to settle into a new environment, and you also need to adapt to them in your home.

One piece of advice is to give your dog time to adjust. Everything in the world seems scary to them, and having too many new faces around them only makes matters worse. 

So, even though it’s tempting, give them space to get used to where they now live. Have one individual giving them the most attention to help them bond with that individual.

Eventually, they will relax and grow to love their new space. So if you live in Texas and wish to adopt a Cockapoo, then you now have four different organizations ready to help.

Contact each and everyone to see if they do have a Cockapoo available, as this is not always the case. However, patience is a wonderful thing to have in the case of adopting a Cockapoo.

This wonderful breed brings so much joy and happiness to its owners, and the fact that you can rescue one in need just makes everything feel more special.

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