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Best Cockapoo Rescue New York • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue New York • Full List

Should you are looking for the best Cockapoo rescue in New York, then you have come to the right place. Here we will take you through some of the best dog rescues in New York.

This will ensure your dream of adopting a quality Cockapoo is fulfilled. Read on to find out more. Any dog lover will quickly fall in love with a Cockapoo.

It is an adorable and intelligent dog breed that can be an excellent addition to the family. However, one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to owning a Cockapoo is finding the right place to get your pet from.

Also, you can choose to buy one from a reputable breeder near you or adopt it from a dog rescue. The latter option is even better as you will be saving an animal’s life.

Waggytail Rescue

Therefore, first on our list of the best Cockapoo rescue in New York is “Waggytail Rescue.” The organization was founded in 2004.

This was when Holly, its founder, went to NYCACC looking for a companion for her dog Tao. Holly noticed that many dogs in New York were on the verge of euthanasia as they were labeled unadoptable and untrainable.

These were pets that were unwanted in the community. They had a difficult time and needed medical treatment, care, love, and rehabilitation to reintegrate into a new family or home.

In 2015, she applied for and got a 501(c)3 nonprofit status from New York to help such dogs get another chance at life.

Since then, Holly and her team have rescued over 2000 dogs from their high-kill shelters. Their pets have found loving homes and open hearts in over 500 households in New York and its surrounding areas.

They provide safe and reliable transportation for the dogs to their permanent homes. They believe that the dog adoption process should not be difficult.

Holly and her team are open and transparent about everything you may need to know about adopting a Cockapoo from them.

Although there are a few steps that you must take, their team members will be there for you through every step.

To adopt a dog, you will have to visit their website, identify a dog you are interested in, and fill out an application.

Waggytail will ensure that their dogs go to loving homes where they will be cared for and feel comfortable.

Their dogs will come with a health guarantee. The organization also ships its dogs. You can be sure that your Cockapoo will be safely delivered to you.

You can easily reach them through their email address for any inquiries.

Waggytail Rescue Details

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Barc Shelter

Barc Shelter is a nonprofit dog rescue organization whose aim is to ensure the well-being. They focus on the safety of animals, including dogs of different breeds such as Cockapoos.

They treat them with the utmost care until they find permanent homes. The organization was established in 2015 with a mission to act as a temporary home for rescued pets in need of protection, love, and comfort.

They take in dogs that have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Once the dogs are rescued from their high-kill shelters, they are checked and provided with the necessary care.

They are provided with water, shelter, food, training, medical treatment, and grooming services until they are adopted into loving families or homes.

The founders of this organization were inspired to open the shelter after witnessing the many pets left homeless when their owners can no longer care for them. 

The adoption process at Barc Shelter is easy. All you need to do is visit their website and fill out an application. They will require you to provide your details as well as your vet’s reference.

If the application goes through, they will contact you to schedule a meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet your soon-to-be dog.

They will always ensure that their canine friends go to homes where they will be happy and comfortable. Therefore, you should be prepared for a home visit.

All dogs at Barc Shelter are treated and vaccinated before leaving for their new homes. Therefore, you can be sure of adopting a healthy Cockapoo from them.

The dog will also come with a health guarantee. You can return it back in a few days if it does not meet your expectations. You can contact them via email or phone call for more information about their services.

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Social Tees Animal Rescue

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Social Tees is a nonprofit pet rescue in New York that rescues and finds permanent homes for abandoned cats and dogs.

The organization has won a reputation for itself over the years for rescuing dogs and ensuring their well-being.

They match every pet with a family or home that fits best to meet the needs for life. They specialize in rescuing dogs of different breeds, including Cockapoos.

Once the dogs are rescued from their high-kill shelters, they are offered up-to-date vaccination, neutered, and offered the necessary treatments.

Their dogs are tested, microchipped, and treated with demitting, deworming, and medication as necessary.

In addition, all dogs at Social Tees Animal Rescue are trained and socialized with people and other pets at the facility.

Therefore, you can be sure of adopting from them a well-mannered Cockapoo dog that has already been trained.

The adoption process at Social Tees Animal Rescue is easy. They have an active website where they usually update the list of available dogs.

You will have to visit the website and fill out an application form. You will be required to provide your vet’s reference as well as permission from your landlord.

They will contact you and schedule a meeting if the application goes through. This dog rescue will ensure that their pets only go to loving homes where they will be comfortable and taken care of.

If you adopt a dog, they will provide you with all vital information and details about your dog, including the treatment and vaccination records. They will also guide you on how you can care for your dog and even be in touch with you to ensure that your furry friends adapt to the new home.

Social Tees Animal Rescue Details

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Rescue City

Rescue City is a reputable dog rescue located in Brooklyn, New York. It is made up of incredibly selfless individuals who are focussed on rescuing neglected and abandoned dogs from their high-kill shelters.

These do not have essential resources to care for them properly. They also take in dogs that require any medication help or just attention and extra love.

Rescue City rescue all breeds of dogs, including Cockapoos. They have professional vets who usually subject their dogs to a series of medical checks and core vaccination.

They will make sure that all dogs are strong and healthy before being allowed to leave for their new homes. In addition, their dogs are socialized and trained before they leave for their new homes.

If you are looking for a good dog rescue in Virginia that will ensure that you go away with a healthy and quality Cockapoo, then Rescue City is one of the best options.

To adopt a dog, you will have to visit their website and sign out an application form. They will review it, and if they feel you are qualified, they will schedule a meeting.

Like most other dog rescues on our list, Rescue City will ensure that its dogs go to pet-loving families where they will be loved.

Therefore, you should be prepared for a home visit. You can contact their customer service team through their website or email.

Rescue City Details

  • Website: Rescue City
  • Location/Address: Brooklyn, NY
  • Email:

Heart Rescue Group, Inc

Last on our list of the best Cockapoo rescue in New York is “Heart Rescue Group, Inc.” It is a nonprofit dog rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating neglected and abandoned dogs in New York and its surrounding areas.

It was founded in 2010 by Toni Roman, who was inspired by the work of another dog rescue.

Since its establishment, the organization has saved many dogs and placed them in various loving homes.

They rescue dogs from high-kill local shelters and have them vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian. Their rescued dogs are also neutered to avoid overpopulation in the new homes. 

They have a streamlined and exclusive adoption process where they match their dogs with adoptive homes or families who are compatible with each dog’s needs. T

heir dogs usually come with a health guarantee. You can visit their website or contact them to see some of the available dogs and ask any questions about their services. 


If you have been thinking of adding a Cockapoo to your family, you can consider adopting one from a dog rescue on our list of the best Cockapoo rescues in New York.

Not only will you be saving money for yourself, but you will also be saving a pet’s life. 

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