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Best Cockapoo Rescue New Jersey • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue New Jersey • Full List

Below, you will find a list of the best Cockapoo rescue organizations located within the state of New Jersey. So, let’s get on with introducing them to you.

If you live in New Jersey and would like to potentially adopt a rescue Cockapoo, then congratulations. You have just made the decision to give a dog a second chance at a new life.

But you then need to address another issue. Who do you contact in order to adopt a rescue Cockapoo?

Thankfully, a number of wonderful organizations exist in the New Jersey area that will happily link you up with a dog in need.

However, you should know they do not always have a Cockapoo waiting for a new home.

That aside, and it’s worth the wait, you still need to know where to look, and that’s where we come in.

cockapoo in field

Oodles of Doodles Rescue

Oodles of Doodles Rescue is a large organization dedicated to saving and caring for all sorts of Doodle dogs in need.

Now, that does mean they do not only focus on only the Cockapoo breed. Instead, they help any sort of Doodle dog that finds itself in some form of need.

However, the flip side of that is you tend to find they encounter a number of Cockapoo dogs and puppies looking for a new home throughout the course of a year. 

They use foster homes with their rescues, and they send the dogs thereafter some thorough health checks.

They also give out any vaccinations or medication required, and the foster homes than work on any behavioral issues that may exist.

However, even when they have a Cockapoo available, do not automatically assume you will become their new parent. Instead, they do only adopt a rescue dog to whoever they feel is the best fit for that dog.

Overall, our suggestion is to contact them as soon as possible and start their application process. Do this even if no Cockapoo is available at that time.

It just means you can feel ready to welcome home your new family member as soon as the perfect Cockapoo enters their organization.

Liberty Humane Society

The Liberty Humane Society is primarily located in Jersey City, and while they help any dog in need, that does mean they may rescue a Cockapoo at different times.

Their focus is on helping dogs that were either abandoned or neglected in some way resulting in a lot of work to get them back to health.

The society does this via a large network of volunteers. They then spend however long it takes to get the dog back to health as that is the absolute key for them with all their dogs.

However, you should know that this organization does not accept each and every application. Also, their application process is extensive, and they take some time to ultimately decide if you were successful.

That does mean you have no guarantee of taking your desired dog home. However, do not allow that to put you off applying. They help countless dogs find new homes on a yearly basis, and you could still find your perfect dog with their help.

Animal Rescue R Us

Based in Paterson, Animal Rescue R Us does focus on helping save and rehome dogs over the north of New Jersey.

Run by a team of volunteers, this non-profit organization uses foster homes to help rehabilitate the dogs they encounter before sending them off to their new homes.

Before any dog is made available for adoption, they undergo extensive health checks with any medical care carried out immediately.

That does mean you then know your new dog has no health issues, and if there is something of concern, then the organization tells you in advance.

As they try to save any breed of dog, they do not focus on the Cockapoo. However, they will assist you in locating a Cockapoo that has been rescued even if they do not currently have one at a foster home.

To do this, you must complete their application process as soon as possible. They ask a number of questions and get to know you better before deciding if they can help.

This certainly means they put the health of the dog first, which is always great to hear.

  • Website:
  • Email: Via website
  • Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Cockapoo running

Shake a Paw Rescue

Based in Union, Shake a Paw Rescue has only been in operation for a few years, but they have already helped hundreds of dogs find a new homes.

They do help any dog in need, so they do not focus on even just Doodle dogs, but they do come across Cockapoos in need of help.

This organization is a no-kill shelter, but they do have the ability to care for a number of dogs at one time.

Each dog is vaccinated, given any required medication, and has a number of health checks carried out on them before any individual may adopt them.

This organization does also run veterinary services from one of its locations, and that’s a great help.

Also, they clearly take some time checking each application to ensure each dog goes to a good home where a whole lot of love and care is the order of the day.

So while they may not always have a Cockapoo available, do still complete the application process.

After that, they will advise you as to when a Cockapoo appears, and then offer a whole lot of support to help you and your new dog settle in together.

PAWS Montclair

PAWS Montclair is a wonderful rescue organization that has operated in the area for in excess of 30 years.

During that time, a huge number of dogs have not only been rescued but then adopted out into wonderful new homes.

They focus on both rescuing and rehabilitating dogs either abandoned, neglected, or simply no longer wanted.

They take the dogs and work hard with them to improve their health. This includes giving vaccinations along with any medication for issues established via a series of health checks.

PAWS Montclair also offers veterinary services, which include spaying and neutering, and they can also offer a vast amount of advice on how to care for your dog. If you run into problems, they gladly help.

Overall, while they help any breed of dog, they may still help you locate a Cockapoo currently in the rescue network. Complete their application form in advance to make everything else run as smoothly as possible.

Cockapoo standing

Adopting a Cockapoo

Each organization listed above can help you locate the perfect rescue Cockapoo for your family and situation.

However, as only one focuses on Doodle dogs in earnest, you may need to wait sometime for a Cockapoo to enter their organizations.

But you cannot simply see a dog and ask to adopt it. You need to complete an application form, and that is what we will help with.

The Form

The form itself helps the organizations better understand your situation. This allows them to make an informed decision as to your suitability for one of their dogs. 

Each organization has its own form, but they tend to ask for the same information no matter which organization you plan on dealing with.

After all, they need to know where you live and more about your experience of caring for animals.

The Information

Prepare for a home visit from the organizations. While this is not a 100% guarantee it will happen, it’s more likely than not that someone from the rescue organization will want to see your home.

Also, if you do rent, then they need proof of your right to have a dog in your home. They may consult with your landlord first before they approve your application.

Finally, provide them with all the information possible about your family, work-life, and previous experience with animals.

If you can obtain a reference from a vet as proof, then that is the type of thing that can help your application.

Adopting a Cockapoo in New Jersey is a wonderful thing to do. However, not too many enter these organizations over the course of a year, so you may require some patience.

On the other hand, you can easily contact every organization listed above and then complete their application forms.

At least then you will know it merely comes down to waiting for the perfect dog to enter into their care. 

But do keep in mind that the organizations may decide not to link you up with your desired dog. Instead, they may feel the match is not good for the dog.

While this disappoints, please do remember the organizations always do what is best for the animals in their care.

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