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Best Cockapoo Rescue Michigan – Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue Michigan – Full List

If you do reside in Michigan and would love to adopt a Cockapoo rescue, then it’s a wonderful thing to do.

After all, having the ability to provide a dog with a new and loving home when it may have had a bad start to life is amazing.

But this does then lead to a rather important question. Just where do you go in order to adopt a rescue Cockapoo? 

Well, in the case of Michigan, you do have a number of options available to you. While these options come with no guarantee of them having a Cockapoo at the time you contact them, that’s no reason to ignore them.

Instead, what we plan on doing is to provide you with a list of organizations in the perfect position to help you with your plans. So, let’s get on with the list.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Michigan

Michigan Doodle Rescue

First, we have Michigan Doodle Rescue, and this organization is certainly one to consider contacting if you plan on adopting a Cockapoo.

The organization does focus on Doodle breeds in general, and that means they encounter a Cockapoo at various times.

Each dog entering their facility will undergo a vast array of health checks, and this includes giving them any shots they need.

Also, medication is provided to the dogs, if required, and any potential new owner is always informed of any needs.

This does include dental care, so it’s worth keeping in mind they have had everything checked out from a medical perspective.

Of course, you will need to complete their application form in order to then take ownership of your new Cockapoo.

This does involve an interview, and a need to understand where you will live with the dog. But this is no different from any other organization when it comes to this.

They clearly take great care over the health and well-being of each dog, so don’t be surprised if they decide the dog you like is not the right one for you.

Michigan Animal Rescue League

Next, we have the Michigan Animal Rescue League, and while they do not focus entirely on the Cockapoo or even the Doodle range of dogs, that’s not a reason to avoid contacting them.

Instead, understand that this organization does deal with a huge number of dogs throughout the year, so a Cockapoo is often included.

Their intention is to provide a sanctuary for dogs that have lived in difficult situations and were then needed to be rescued from wherever they were living.

They home them, care for them, and provide any medical care necessary to get them back to full health.

This is a non-profit organization, and they will ask you to complete their adoption form to then eventually take ownership of one of their dogs.

You will need to pay an adoption fee as well, but this does cover the costs associated with having the dogs checked by a vet, and also for feeding and housing them.

Do know that their application process is pretty rigorous when it comes to completing it. However, it does show the care they take over it all, so prepare to wait sometime before you can take your new dog home.

Due to the time it takes, it does stress the need to get on with the application process as soon as possible. It may mean you avoid missing out on a Cockapoo should one come through their doors.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Michigan

Detroit Dog Rescue Michigan

This no-kill shelter was actually founded back in 2011, and since then they have helped care for, and then re-home, a huge number of dogs.

They do help any breed that requires their assistance and care, but it does mean you will find the occasional Cockapoo coming through their doors.

They will not only make sure each dog has perfect health, or have medical conditions cared for, but also work with the dog to help them to be re-homed.

That means they work on socialization skills, so you have a wonderful dog ready for your home.

Do note that any Doodle dog that comes through their doors will typically end up adopted in next to no time.

That is why you need to get in first, and actually complete their adoption process even when a Cockapoo is not on their list.

By doing so, you can then find your name added to a list. They can then let you know when a Cockapoo does appear, and as you have already completed the application, you can take them home.

All you then need to do is to pay their adoption process fee. So, don’t waste any more time, and fill in their form and pass their interview to then wait for that Cockapoo to appear.

WAG Animal Rescue Detroit

Another option when it comes to adopting a Cockapoo is WAG Animal Rescue based in Detroit.

Once again, they help any dog in need of some assistance, but they keep themselves so busy that they do find either a Cockapoo or some other Doodle dog coming through their doors.

Launched back in 1988, this is one of the longest-serving facilities of its kind in the country.

That does mean they have a huge amount of experience in helping dogs in need, so they are a wonderful option to contact.

This organization is one you need to check on a regular basis. They have so many dogs passing through their doors that it may be tough to keep track of what is going on.

So, make life easier by completing their adoption form in advance. When you do this, you can let them know of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.

They can then work closely with you to ensure this happens, whenever one appears in their facility.

Overall, this non-profit organization works with so many dogs that they should certainly be one organization you contact. 

Best Cockapoo Rescue Michigan

Adopting a Dog

Each of the organizations listed above look at helping as many dogs as possible. While only one focuses on Doodle dogs, the others still encounter them on a regular basis.

That is why we do suggest contacting as many as possible when you want to adopt a Cockapoo.

But you also need to know how you go about adopting a dog from any of these organizations.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process is always straightforward and easy to understand. It Involves answering questions related to your home, and also your experience of dealing with animals.

The exact questions vary slightly depending on the organization, but they do all follow the same basic lines.

It will also help if you have some references from a vet to help with your application. While this is not a necessity, it does help the completion of your application.

But understand that an interview is likely to take place. This can involve individuals from the organization visiting your home to check everything out before you can adopt a dog.

Also, don’t immediately think you will have a dog to adopt. Not everyone who applies can receive one especially if they cannot provide all the information the organization is looking for with an application.

Finally, you should know that some organizations will also then check in with how the dog is doing in their new home after some time.

They want to ensure the dog does not come back into their organization, so see this as a trial period for both you and the dog.

The Fee

You will always need to pay a fee, but considering they spend time having dogs checked by vets, and also caring for them, then this is not a problem. 

How much you need to pay does vary according to the organization. However, you do at least know that all of the money goes back into caring for other dogs that need their help.

Also, it’s a small price to pay for all of the work they do in looking after your new dog up until the point you get them home.

Overall Conclusion

Michigan does have a number of options available to you when you wish to adopt a rescue Cockapoo.

However, understand that a rescue Cockapoo does not typically stay in rescue organizations for too long.

That is why we suggest contacting as many organizations as possible and completing all of their adoption forms.

It makes life easier when it comes to knowing that you have already gone through the process, and then you just need to wait and have patience until a Cockapoo appears.

But even then you may not get the dog you want. Instead, understand that these organizations will always put the interests of the dog first.

If they do not think you fit with what the dog needs, then you will just need more patience until the right one comes along.

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