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Best Cockapoo Rescue Maine • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue Maine • Full List

For people residing in Pine Tree State, you have several dog rescue options available to you. So what is the best Cockapoo Rescue in Maine?

However, we want you to feel safe contacting people in order to adopt a rescue dog. With that in mind, we have the full list of different rescue organizations in a position to help.

Rather than simply purchasing a Cockapoo puppy, why not consider adopting a rescue Cockapoo instead?

This approach brings with it so much joy, but you do need to know who to contact. Each organization listed below has the health of each dog firmly in mind.

They nurse them back to full health and provide them with love until you come along. So, let’s get on with all the key details you need to know in order to then successfully adopt a rescue Cockapoo.

cockapoo on rug

Underhound Railroad

Founded back in 2009, this non-profit organization does cover more than just Maine, and they don’t focus on the Cockapoo.

However, they help any dog in need, and thanks to the size of their operation, they do come across the occasional Cockapoo.

They work with a network of foster homes, and each dog they rescue has a number of health checks carried out on them.

After that, they send the dogs to one of their foster homes where they remain until you come along.

To qualify for adopting one of their dogs, you need to complete their application form. It does take some time to work through this, but the organization wishes to ensure the correct people get the right dog.

This organization rescues hundreds of dogs every single year across quite a large area. They work with different shelters to then help these dogs find their new forever home.

Midcoast Humane

Located in Brunswick, this busy rescue organization does deal in more than just a Cockapoo. However, the fact they rescue more than 3500 animals a year does mean a Cockapoo appears at their facilities.

Each dog undergoes extensive health checks, and this includes vaccinations and any medication required to get them nice and healthy. They do also run a spay and neuter facility as part of their care.

To become an owner of one of their Cockapoo dogs, you need to go through the application process. This does involve a meet and greet, but they also want to know as much as possible about you.

After all, they need to know the dog has a safe home environment. That means getting to know you in advance. Also, they only match a dog with a family they feel is right for the dog. 

As they do not always have a Cockapoo available, we do suggest contacting them as soon as possible. At that point, you can then go ahead and start the application process.

Cockapoo lying down

Animal Welfare Society

Founded back in 1967, the Animal Welfare Society actually has a 40-acre site based in Kennebunk, Maine.

They help somewhere in the region of 4000 animals per year, so you understand why they require such a large facility.

But with so many animals in need passing through their doors, it does mean they see a number of Cockapoo dogs throughout the year.

So, the Animal Welfare Society is a fantastic resource if searching for a rescue Cockapoo. While in their care, each dog has access to wonderful healthcare, so they undergo extensive health checks at the very moment they arrive.

Also, they continue to provide care until each animal leaves their facility, and goes to their new forever home.

You should know that this society does deal with a number of applications from various individuals looking to rehome an animal.

However, even with that, they do take each application seriously, and it may take some time.

That is why you should contact them and tell them in advance of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.

At that point, they will add you to their list to let them know that the next time a Cockapoo appears that someone is ready to adopt.

3 Dogs Rescue

This is another rescue organization based in Maine where they focus on helping dogs in general, and not just the Cockapoo.

However, they do encounter a Cockapoo at various times, so it’s worth getting in touch. Based in Berwick, this non-profit is staffed entirely by volunteers, and after rescuing, they ensure each dog gets the medical care they need.

Also, their team provides each dog with a whole lot of love with this helping to rehabilitate them for their future new homes.

As is normal, you must complete the application process to then qualify for adopting one of their dogs.

Also, there is a fee involved, but this goes back to the organization in order to pay for vet bills and medication costs. So, the fee helps save other dogs from poor situations.

They may not have the capacity to help as many dogs as other organizations, but they do save the lives of countless dogs throughout the course of a year.

Contact them to see if they have a Cockapoo in their care right now, or to at least let them know of your intention for the future.

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

Located in Fryeburg, Harvest Hills Animal Shelter does help both dogs and cats, but with the sheer number of animals they help, then they encounter Cockapoos at various times. 

This organization works with a number of towns across Western Maine to locate animals in need and to then provide them with the care they want.

So far, they have helped close to 20,000 animals find their new forever home since their inception in 1992, and that shows how much work they do.

Each dog entering their facility will receive various health checks, and any medication is then provided.

Also, they work hard at caring for each dog, and ensuring they start to feel safe. This is key as so many have been rescued from poor conditions, so building their confidence leads to a better dog for their future owner.

To adopt from them, you must apply and answer a number of questions. They need to get to know you in advance to then know if you fit with one of their dogs. They will try their best to link you to a Cockapoo, but you may need to wait.

Cockapoo sitting

How to Adopt a Rescue Cockapoo

Throughout the list of rescue organizations who could help you to adopt a Cockapoo, we have spoken about the need to apply. So, what do you need to do, and what should you expect?

The Application Process

The reason for the application process is to allow the organization to get to know you better. After all, they do not want to simply give one of the dogs they rescued to anybody who displays an interest in them. That would often result in the dog ending up back in a different organization at some point.

So, to get around this problem, they require you to answer a number of questions before they proceed.

The Questions

The questions will vary slightly in the way they ask for certain information. However, the main reasoning behind the process remains the same.

Each organization will want to know more about where you live, your type of home, and also any previous experience of caring for animals. This helps them build a better idea of you as an individual, and also the way you will then care for a dog.

How They Check

They do not simply take your word for all of this. Instead, the organizations must check out what you say on your application form.

That does mean they tend to visit your home and see for themselves. They must also have proof you can adopt a dog, and if you rent, then expect them to ask for proof from your landlord.

But That’s Not All

It will certainly help if you have a reference from a vet who can state you previously cared for another animal. It does not have to be a dog as any pet will do.

The key is for the organizations to know you do all of the correct things for the animal. But this does all take time.

That is why you need to go ahead and complete the application process at various organizations at one time. 

And that is everything you need to know about the best Cockapoo rescue organizations based in the state of Maine.

As you see, you have several to contact, and we advise you to do so as soon as you can.

Adopting any rescue dog is a wonderful thing to do, and a rescue Cockapoo may very well be waiting on you to come along and provide it with the forever home it has always wanted.

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