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Best Cockapoo Rescue in Ohio • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in Ohio • Full List

If currently reside in Ohio and feel drawn to adopting a Cockapoo rescue dog, then we feel that this is an excellent idea.

Dogs in rescue organizations just want a family to love them, and you may very well have the ability to provide exactly that.

However, you then need to think about a problem. Where do you go in order to adopt a Cockapoo in Ohio, and also how do you do it?

Well, a number of rescue organizations do exist in Ohio that could help you out. Now, we must stress that we are not always talking about special organizations that focus entirely on either the Cockapoo or Doodle dogs in general. However, those that appear in our list below all have the interests of the dogs at heart.

So, on with the list.

brown cockapoo sitting in a field

Secondhand Mutts Dog Rescue

First, we have Secondhand Mutts Dog Rescue, and this organization has a lot more going for it than just a rather cool name. You see, one area they tend to focus on is dealing with dogs that are more on the shy side.

This action of caring for shy dogs does make a difference. Often, shy dogs end up as the ones left behind in adoption facilities as people just do not notice them. So, this rescue organization makes a point of ensuring that all these dogs can become visible.

This organization does not believe in keeping their dogs in cages either. Instead, they have the freedom to move around and to get used to the fact they no longer need to worry about as many things in life.

This rescue organization picks up their dogs from kill shelters as well as other local shelters where they have reached their maximum capacity.

By doing this, they can prevent other dogs from ending up in kill shelters with them preferring to provide them with a new lease on life.


Email: Via website

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Dogs Unlimited Rescue Ohio

This organization was actually founded back in 2010, and since then they have managed to help an impressive number of dogs find new homes.

Their main focus is on helping dogs with medical conditions as it’s felt most people overlook them.

These medical conditions can range from a physical issue to a dog having severe separation anxiety.

However, the rescue organization works at trying to provide the best care for each dog depending on their own individual circumstances.

That does mean you need to understand the dog you adopt from this organization often requires some special care and treatment.

However, they do explain everything to you, and it does come across as a wonderful organization with everything they do.

While it’s not a certainty, they do come across Doodle dogs in general and have extensive links with other rescue organizations. That means they can help you track down a Cockapoo that is in this network elsewhere.

cockapoo with big eyes

Cleveland Animal Protective League

The Cleveland Animal Protective League is more than 100 years old, and while they help any dog in need, it does mean they find a Cockapoo entering their organization at various times. 

As soon as a dog enters their organization, it undergoes a number of health checks at a vet. This then means they can provide the dog with any care it needs, and this does also include vaccinations.

On top of that, they do provide a spay and neuter service.

Their adoption process is sometimes a bit easier than other organizations, but you still need to pass their checks to qualify. Also, they do include an adoption fee, as is the norm, but it does help them to continue to care for other animals.

A list of dogs available for adoption can be found on their website, but you should still seek to visit the dog in person as soon as possible.

Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Established back in 1902, this organization has been caring for dogs of all breeds for well over a century.

While they will help any breed, their reach in the community does mean they encounter either Doodles or even a Cockapoo at various times.

They run a no-kill shelter and seek to rehome as many dogs as possible. However, they take great care over linking a dog with a new owner, so you may not get the dog you wanted.

As each dog enters their facilities, they are subjected to different medical examinations to discover if they have any health issues. Also, they will receive any vaccinations along with any medical care deemed necessary for the dog.

For you as a potential adopter, you do need to complete their adoption process to then potentially take a dog home with you.

Their process runs along the same lines as any other organization, but they do not always take as long as others.

With so many dogs passing through their doors, you should inform them of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.

By doing so, they can then keep that in mind when one does appear, or if they become aware of a dog elsewhere in the rescue network.

Cincinnati Animal Care

Next, we have Cincinnati Animal Care, and this may have only launched in 2020, but it’s an incarnation of another facility dating back to 2018. Also, they do help any dog in need, so they do not focus on Doodle dogs or the Cockapoo.

However, that is no reason to then ignore them when it comes to the dogs they have available for adoption. Instead, they do work with so many dogs that they can quickly become a wonderful resource for you.

Their main focus is on helping dogs that were either neglected or abandoned. They seek to rehabilitate them, and also provide them with all the care the dog needs to get them back to health.

As usual, you need to complete their adoption process, and it does take some time for everything to end up finalized. However, they do take time to ensure the perfect dog is matched with the perfect owner.

Overall, this is a busy rescue organization, and we feel you should go ahead and contact them to see if they can help you in finding a Cockapoo.

cockapoo in grass

Adopting a Dog in Ohio

So what happens if you live in Ohio and wish to adopt a dog from one of the organizations listed above? Well, no matter the organization you approach, their method of deciding who can adopt a dog remains pretty much the same.

In order to do this, you need to complete their application process, and this is something that can take some time to complete. This means you cannot simply turn up, see a dog, and then take them home.

Instead, you need to answer a number of questions to satisfy their need to go ahead and decide if they want to provide you with a dog.

The Adoption Process

These organizations focus on several key areas for them to then go ahead and make their decision. 

Their primary concern is whether you have a previous history of caring for animals, and also where you live. They need to know that the dog has more than enough space to run around and enjoy life.

Also, they need to see that your home is safe for the dog. This makes them feel better about providing you with a dog if they know they can have a whole lot of fun in your home.

But then there is your experience as a dog owner. However, these organizations also appreciate if you previously owned some other type of animal. They will certainly ask about this, so it’s beneficial if you have some form of reference from a vet to help you out.

Also, understand they will interview you. Some may only do this via phone, but others will insist on visiting your home to check it out in person. If you rent, then provide them with evidence you can have a dog in your home, or your application will fail.


These organizations run as non-profits, so they need to raise money wherever possible in order to continue to help these dogs. That is why they do have an adoption fee.

The exact fee does vary between organizations, but they will certainly tell you in advance what to expect when it comes to how much it will cost. 

Keep in mind that this money goes back to helping them care for other dogs. It’s certainly a worthwhile cause, and they put the money to good use wherever they can.

Overall, you should have no problem when it comes to adopting a Cockapoo in Ohio. However, contact as many organizations as possible, and get started on their adoption forms as soon as you can.

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