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Best Cockapoo Rescue in North Carolina? Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in North Carolina? Full List

Should you be looking for the best Cockapoo rescue for anybody living in North Carolina, then you have a number of organizations you may wish to contact.

However, this list does change slightly when you have more of a specific idea as to the breed you want to adopt.

The idea of adopting any dog is a wonderful thing to contemplate. However, you do need to know who to contact in order to then take this idea and turn it into a reality.

So, what we have here is a list of organizations that could help if you plan on adopting a Cockapoo.

Now, while we do not always talk about specialty organizations, each one listed below does encounter a Cockapoo throughout the year.

So, on with the list.

cute cockapoo

Carolina Poodle Rescue

First, we have Carolina Poodle rescue, but don’t allow the name to confuse you. Even though their main focus is on the Poodle, they do also rescue any Doodle dog. That does mean the Cockapoo is included in that list.

This organization has gained a lot of respect for the work it does in rescuing and helping Doodle dogs. They have helped countless dogs find new homes over the years, and it’s clear they take wonderful care of each dog entering their organization.

Their dogs end up housed on a farm, and they tend to have around 150 dogs at any given time. However, do not think you can simply turn up and see their dogs. That’s not the case.

Instead, you need to complete their application process and pass their checks first. After that, they only allow people approved for adopting a dog to visit their facility. This occurs from Thursday to Saturday only.

You should also expect a phone interview. Their application process does come across as extensive, and you will need to wait from applying to even finding out if you were successful.

However, if they do accept you, then their dogs are well treated and cared for during their time at the organization. 

Saving Grace Animals for Adoption

Next, we have the rather wonderfully named Saving Grace Animals for Adoption. Now, this organization does deal with more than just the Cockapoo, or Doodle dogs in general, but don’t let this stop you from contacting them.

Instead, we suggest you complete their adoption process as they do help a number of dogs in any given year. The thing to remember is they never know which breed will appear at any moment, and a Cockapoo can easily come onto their radar.

This organization does not accept dogs surrendered to them. Instead, they focus on rescuing dogs from either puppy farms or kill shelters.

Of course, they never know which dog will appear in those situations, so keeping in touch with them is extremely important.

Each dog undergoes health checks, and they then work on their socialization skills before they can appear for adoption.

They then make sure the dog and new owner come across as a perfect match before they allow you to take your dog home.

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Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network

The Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network provides the dogs they rescue with a vast amount of space to run around and explore. This is actually viewed as one of the largest rescue organizations in the state, and they seek to help any dog that they view as in need of their assistance.

As they deal with any breed, it does mean they run into a Cockapoo at different times. However, they can also help you when it comes to finding a Cockapoo that is in the rescue network as they still see this as a life being saved.

You should also know that some of their dogs end up at foster homes until they get to the point where they are ready for adoption. 

As is the norm, each dog must undergo various health checks while in their organization. Any medical care is provided, and your job is to then complete their adoption process.

Just know that their adoption process can take some time to complete. However, it’s all worth it in the end when you get to take one of their amazing dogs home.

Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption

Another option worth considering checking out is Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption. Once again, this organization does not focus entirely on Doodle dogs as their focus is on helping any breed that requires their assistance. 

However, thanks to the sheer number of dogs they help in a year, you may find they do encounter more than one Cockapoo dog.

Launched back in 2003, this organization will not only care for the dogs but also seek to educate people on how to better care for their animals.

This education is a huge thing, and it does reduce the chances of a dog ending up back in its organization.

You should know that they seek to make their adoption process as easy as possible. Nothing is complicated, but they will still spend time getting to know you before you can go ahead and adopt one of their dogs.

Paws Place

Finally, we have Paws Place, and this adoption and rescue organization will also focus on helping any breed of dog they encounter.

This organization runs a no-kill shelter, and they work hard at seeking to rehabilitate any dog that enters their facilities.

One area where they claim to have a different approach is in their one-to-one approach to helping their dogs to settle.

Also, they spent a vast amount of time checking that each dog is healthy, and also if they require any medical intervention.

Along with that, you will discover they work at socializing each dog, and will tackle any behavioral issues that you may encounter. 

Overall, this busy rescue organization treats every dog with the utmost care and respect. They take their time to link up a dog with any individual, so expect to wait some time before you can take your new dog home.

cockapoo runs

Adopting a Rescue Dog

If you wish to adopt a rescue dog, then it’s important to know what to expect from the process. If you thought you could simply adopt one straight away, then this is not the case.

Instead, these organizations have a process to go through, and not everyone who applies to adopt a dog will actually get to take one home.

This is due to the organizations having firm ideas of who can adopt thanks to the need to take the dog and it’s needs into account.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process stays almost the same no matter the organization you deal with. However, each one may have a slightly different way of tackling the process.

Also, the time it takes from applying to successfully adopt a dog can also vary quite considerably.

During the process, the organization will take time to get to know you and your circumstances. They need to know where the dog will live, and also your prior experience of caring for animals.

The last thing they want to happen is to place a dog in any sort of unfortunate circumstance.

They may also seek proof of your right to have a dog at your place of residence. However, that usually applies only to people who rent. 

Also, prepare for an interview of sorts. Some will want to come to your home while others are content to carry out a phone interview.

No matter which one happens, they do use this time to ask questions about your background.

In that respect, it may prove useful to have some references from people regarding your previous history of caring for animals.

The Cost

These organizations run as non-profits, and yet they do have various bills and expenses that help these dogs while in their care.

That does mean you will need to pay a fee to adopt, and this fee does vary depending on the organization. 

However, each organization clearly states the costs in advance. Also, understand that the money goes back into the organization, and it allows them to continue to rescue and care for other dogs needing their help.

From that perspective, it’s a small price to pay knowing the good it does when it comes to helping dogs.

You will help the organizations to take dogs to the vet, have food and shelter, and so much more. It really is money well spent in that regard.

Overall, you may need to wait in order to successfully adopt a Cockapoo from any of the organizations we have listed above.

Our recommendation is to go ahead and start the application process for as many organizations as possible. In doing so, you improve your chances of adopting a Cockapoo when one becomes available.

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