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Best Cockapoo Rescue in Michigan? – Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in Michigan? – Full List

So you have finally decided you would like to adopt a Cockapoo rescue in Michigan, and that’s a great thing to do.

However, it does then open up the question of where you need to go, or who to contact, in order to successfully adopt a dog.

In the case of the state of Michigan, you do have a number of different options available to you.

So, that is what we will focus on right now in the hope that you can then contact as many as possible to assist you in adopting a Cockapoo.

Now, you should know that not every organization would deem themselves as experts on Doodle dogs in general.

However, we do suggest you contact each one individually rather than simply giving up on things this early on.

cute cockapoo lying down

Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect

The first option we should mention is Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect. As the name suggests, these guys do focus on rescuing Doodle breeds, so the Cockapoo will certainly pop up from time to time in their facility.

But this organization does so much for each dog. At first, they check them over from a health perspective and will provide any care that the dog needs. 

Next, they also deal with the mental health of the dog as a number of them have been in tough situations.

They work at socializing the dog, and their aim is to make sure they are also trained before anybody can adopt them.

That means each dog is crate trained and any behavioral issues should be remedied, including anxiety, before a dog is out for adoption. 

Their aim is that each dog can then settle into its new home, and its new owners should not encounter any real issues.

Also, they do make sure they answer any questions you have in advance, so take advantage of their welcoming nature and make sure you fully understand what to expect with your new Cockapoo.



Location: Michigan

Michigan Animal Rescue League

This non-profit organization does not focus just on the Cockapoo. Instead, they seek to help any breed of dog that finds itself in a poor situation.

Since their inception, they have helped countless dogs find new loving homes, and don’t be surprised if you come across a Cockapoo in their organization.

But they don’t only rescue dogs. They also seek to educate and inform new owners about how to correctly care for their dogs.

This does make a real difference to how your dog will settle in since you already know how to cope with any eventuality.

However, as they do not focus on Doodle breeds, it does mean you may need to wait a while until a Cockapoo appears in their organization.

However, there’s no reason why you cannot go ahead and complete their application process.

Do keep in mind they have a fee included, but the money goes back into caring for other dogs. 



Location: Pontiac, MI

cockapoo in a field

Detroit Dog Rescue Michigan

This organization cares for any dog breed that is in need of their assistance. That does mean they are no Doodle dog experts, but they try to save as many dogs as possible throughout the year.

Founded in 2011, they were actually the very first no-kill shelter in Detroit, and they have certainly saved the lives of so many dogs over the last decade. They will help dogs that were abandoned, neglected, or given up by their previous owners.

Once they bring a dog into their organization, they make sure they undergo various health checks. If the dog requires medical help, then they provide it while also showing the dog a whole lot of love and care.

You should know that their application process is kind of extensive. That means it takes some time for you to go through the process, and they will conduct an in-depth interview before deciding if you pass.

The length of time it takes does mean we recommend contacting them now and starting the process.

Do this even if a Cockapoo is not currently in their organization. By letting them know you would love to adopt a Cockapoo, it also lets them know to keep an eye out for one as well.



Location: St. Clair Shores, MI

WAG Animal Rescue Michigan

Here, we have yet another rescue organization that seeks to help any dog breed and not just the Cockapoo.

Founded back in 1988, this organization has helped countless dogs since then, and its links in the rescue organizations across Michigan are extensive.

They bring new dogs into their organization on a constant basis. Once they arrive, each dog visits the vet for various checks, and they then provide any medications or vaccinations. 

What we recommend with this organization is to actually check in with them on a regular basis to see if a Cockapoo has arrived.

Alternatively, let them know you want to adopt a Cockapoo, and they will certainly work with you to link you up with a dog.

For this, we suggest completing their application form in advance. It lets them guide you through the interview and ensure they know you will love and care for the dog when you take them home.



Location: Wyandotte, MI

Almost Home Animal Rescue

Founded back in 1999, this animal rescue organization does help any dog breed that is in need of rescue. However, they will certainly look at working with any individual who knows the breed of dog they would like to adopt.

Also, this rescue was one of the very first never-kill organizations, so they will care for each dog no matter what is happening.

It does also mean they focus on the health of each dog, but will advise you on any special requirements when it comes to adopting your Cockapoo.

This organization does work hard at trying to rescue and care for as many dogs as possible. Throughout the year, they will then manage to bring a number of Doodle dogs into their care, and the Cockapoo can certainly be included in this list.

We suggest contacting them as soon as possible and talking to them about your desire to adopt a Cockapoo. They will certainly work with you in order to make this a reality.


Email: Via website

Location: West Bloomfield, MI

cockapoo sitting in long grass

Adopting a Dog

As we said at the outset, we congratulate you on your desire to adopt a Cockapoo, but you need to know what is generally involved when it comes to the adoption process.

Now, each organization listed above will tackle things in a slightly different way, but the general principle will remain the same no matter who you contact. 

Also, we would like to remind you that this is not free. In fact, a fee is always involved when adopting a dog, but the organizations need this money to survive.

So, charging the fee covers vet bills and caring for their dogs, so you help them out and also help save dogs in the future.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process is the key here, and it involves you providing each organization with various details about your home and background. They need this to then decide if you are indeed suitable for one of their dogs.

Remember that these dogs have often had poor starts in life. That means these organizations want to do whatever they can to ensure each dog ends up with the correct owner.

Ultimately, the adoption process can take some time to complete. This is all thanks to the way in which they do need to check out what you say, and that will often involve an actual interview.

The interview, may involve them visiting your home, or it is occasionally carried out via phone or Zoom. It will also help your case if you have a previous history of caring for animals and have proof of this.

One Potential Problem

But there is one potential problem, and it’s connected to your ability to have a dog in your home. This is no problem is you own your home, but if you rent then life is then often harder.

In that instance, you need to supply proof of your ability to have a dog in your home. They will seek confirmation of this from your landlord in advance. If you cannot provide them with this information, then expect your application to fail.

Adopting any dog is a huge undertaking, and the organizations listed above will certainly try their best to make the process as easy as possible. It will involve some patience on your part, especially as they will not always have a Cockapoo ready for adoption.

To help, we suggest contacting all of the different organizations listed above and completing their adoption application.

In doing so, you increase the chances of successfully taking your Cockapoo home with you when one arrives in their facilities. After that, you can look forward to a long and happy life together.

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