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Best Cockapoo Rescue in Florida • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in Florida • Full List

Adopting a Cockapoo rescue in Florida from a poor situation is a wonderful thing to do.

Throughout the sunshine state, a number of organizations exist that aim to help as many dogs as possible, and the Cockapoo is just one of the breeds they deal with.

However, when you plan on adopting a dog, you need to know who to contact. So, this is where we intend to help.

After all, you need to know if the organizations help the dogs in question and if you can trust them.

Listed below are different organizations operating across Florida with the aim of helping dogs in need.

So, let’s get on with the list to allow you to know who you should contact in order to take your new rescue Cockapoo home.

Cockapoo rescue in Florida

Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

First, we have the Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective, and this organization works across the entire country, and not just in Florida.

However, they do have a base there, and can certainly work closely with you to find the perfect Cockapoo dog.

Located near Boca Raton, they have operated for a number of years, and this experience counts for a lot.

They know how to care for a number of dogs at any given time, and each one receives the best care possible.

This care does involve extensive health checks, and they provide each dog with any treatment required to get them fit and healthy.

In addition, they work on behavioral problems, as a number of rescue dogs do have issues that need to be rectified before adoption.

The adoption process is extensive, and they want as much information as possible about you before you can take your Cockapoo home.

There is a fee attached as well, but they do run a non-profit organization, so all money goes back to caring for other dogs.

Even if they do not currently have a Cockapoo available, let them know of your plans. They then keep their eyes open for a Cockapoo in need, and will then link you with that dog. 

IDOG Rescue

IDOG Rescue is another organization that is widespread, but their Florida base can help unite you with a rescue Cockapoo when one enters their organization. 

Founded in 2006, this organization has helped countless dogs over the years to find a new forever home.

However, their application process takes some time to complete, so we recommend getting started straight away.

The organization works with a large number of shelters across the country, so even if a Cockapoo is not available in Florida, their network may help you find one elsewhere.

At that point, they can work with you to get the two of you united and allow you to start your new life together.

As always, they carry out extensive health checks on each dog with vaccinations and treatments given when required.

This then leads to a fee for adoption, but this non-profit organization then puts all that money back into caring for other dogs.

You can easily see if a Cockapoo is available via their website, but the best course of action is to contact them directly. That allows them to add you to a waiting list for a Cockapoo when one appears.

cockapoo rescue florida

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

With a base in Florida, this rescue organization also covers the entire country, but if there’s a Cockapoo ready for adoption in Florida, then they can help you find them. 

This countrywide link makes a difference when trying to find a Cockapoo to rescue. They do work with so many shelters and other organizations that they can certainly track one down for you.

This organization takes on any dog in need even those with medical conditions and older dogs.

They spend a lot of time caring for the dogs under their roof, and they work via a large team of volunteers who seek to improve the lives of every dog they encounter.

As well as their health, the volunteers with this organization also seek to work on the socialization skills of every dog.

This makes a difference since most of these dogs have encountered trauma, and they seek to help them overcome whatever difficulties they have faced.

Applying for one of their dogs takes time. They do double-check absolutely everything to ensure the perfect match between dog and owner.

That is why you need to apply as soon as possible to reduce the chances of missing out on a Cockapoo when one comes through their doors.

Good Karma Pet Rescue

Located in Fort Lauderdale, this rescue organization helps both cats and dogs, but they do encounter the occasional Cockapoo.

Also, they have extensive links in the rescue community, so letting them know you wish to adopt a rescue Cockapoo could lead to results.

Founded in 2011, their main base is in South Florida, but they seek to help any dog or cat that they feel they can rescue.

When they do rescue an animal, they spend a vast amount of time caring for them, and ensuring the dog has no health issues when adopted.

That does mean each dog has to go through different health checks. This allows them to know all about the treatment the dog needs with a new owner made aware of any problems from very early on.

As is the norm, their application process is extensive. Also, they will take their time when considering your application, so we recommend contacting them as soon as you can to get the process started.

cockapoo rescue florida

The Best Advice for Adopting a Cockapoo

We have listed four different options when it comes to potentially adopting a Cockapoo. However, any rescue organization based in Florida may, from time to time, come across a Cockapoo.

This uncertainty forms part of a problem. No organization knows when they may encounter a Cockapoo needing rescuing, and that is why contacting as many rescue organizations as possible makes so much sense.

However, you must also understand what it takes to get through the adoption process. It’s not always a guarantee.

In fact, if they feel the dog and you do not match, then they will stop the process. This is often disappointing, but understanding the future health and safety of the dog is their primary concern. However, they will work with you to find the perfect Cockapoo to take home.

The Adoption Process

Each organization has their own process, and knowing how to complete it, and do so successfully, makes sense. Know in advance that this is not something that you complete in next to no time. 

The main aim of the process is to help the organizations know who is taking care of their dogs.

The last thing they want to happen is for a dog to be adopted out only to return in the near future. That is bad for the dog and their health.

So, they want to know a number of things about you. Not giving them the answers, or the answers they need will result in you not passing the process.

Some people struggle with this very idea. They fail to understand how a rescue organization would not simply give a dog to anyone who asks. Well, they have a duty of care to the dogs, so their needs must always come first.

The Key Information

These organizations focus on two areas, your home, and your experience. For your home, they need proof of your ability to have a dog at your home.

This may involve proof you are the owner, or a letter from your landlord stating you can adopt a dog. If you cannot provide them with this, then expect your application to fail.

Also, most organizations will arrange a home visit. This helps them see where you live, and determine if the location suits the dog.

That is why they may limit the distance from their location due to the need to check out your home.

But it’s not all about your home. They also need to know about you. For this, they want to know your pet’s history.

If possible, have your local vet give a reference stating how you cared for other pets. This information makes a huge difference in helping your application.

All they want to know is you will look after their dogs, and know what you need to do. However, some may offer additional advice on how to help a rescue dog setting into their new home.

If this exists, then take them up on their offer as it does help. Overall, adopting a rescue Cockapoo in Florida should never prove problematic.

A number of organizations have the ability to help, and we advise you to contact as many as possible. Also, complete their applications as soon as you can to make things go more smoothly.

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