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Best Cockapoo Rescue in California? – Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in California? – Full List

When it comes to identifying the best Cockapoo rescue in California, then you will quickly see you have various options to consider contacting.

Now, we must stress not every single option would deem themselves Doodle experts, but that’s not always a bad thing.

You see, each organization listed below has an overwhelming desire to help improve the lives of each and every dog they encounter.

They want to send them out to a new home where owners can love them for the rest of their lives.

But the best thing for you to do right now is to carry on reading and learn all about the different organizations that could help you adopt a rescue Cockapoo.

cockapoo puppy sitting in garden

Poodles and Pals

The first organization we must mention is Poodles and Pals, which is based in Los Angeles. This is a small rescue. They do a lot of amazing work with various dogs with a real focus on Poodles and Doodles.

Poodles and Pals are one of the best organizations of their type in Los Angeles. They should certainly appear on your list of people to contact.

However, you should know that the application process does tend to involve a long waiting period.

The problem with their application process is the detail they go into. In saying that, it does mean they can ensure each individual is the correct fit for one of their dogs. For that alone, you should never see their application process as an issue.

However, you should also know that you may find times when they do not have any dogs available for adoption.

But then it’s still a good reason to contact them and let them know of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.



Location: Los Angeles, California

Norcal Poodle Rescue

With a focus on the area of Northern California, Norcal Poodle Rescue works hard at trying to rehome as many Poodles and Doodles as possible.

However, they do remain a relatively small organization, and that can lead to different times where they have no significant numbers of dogs available.

The rescue organization does state they recommend you go ahead and complete their adoption process even when a Cockapoo is not in their list.

This makes sense as it allows you to go through the process and lets the rescue organization know you may be perfect for one of their dogs.

Whenever a new dog enters their facilities, they undergo extensive health checks to ensure the organization gives the correct care to each dog.

After that, they also work through different behavioral issues, if required, making the dog feel better before they go ahead and move to their new home.

But we do recommend following their advice and go through the different stages of the process. After doing so, you could have some time to wait before you can take your Cockapoo home.


Email: Via website

Location: Grass Valley, California

happy cockapoo puppy

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc

The Doodle Rescue Collective Inc is primarily a nationwide organization, but that does mean they have a base in California.

It means they work with literally hundreds of volunteers across the country, and a number of them live in and across California.

Founded back in 2008, they do focus on Doodle dogs, so rest assured that they encounter Cockapoos on a regular basis.

That does mean this organization is a wonderful resource for anybody who wishes to adopt a Cockapoo at any point.

Each dog has various health checks and any vaccinations or medication is then given to them when required.

Their staff then works closely with the dogs to deal with any behavioral issues that the dogs have encountered.

What quickly becomes clear is that this organization spends a vast amount of time making sure each dog they encounter is in the best health possible.

However, it does all cost money, and that is why a fee is involved when adopting one of their dogs.

As is the norm, they do have an extensive application process for you to complete, and we recommend you do so as soon as you contact the organization.

You may need to wait a while before the right Cockapoo comes along, but it’s all worth it.



Location: California

Lovebugs Doodle Rescue California

The Lovebugs Doodle Rescue has over 10 years of experience as a rescue organization with a focus on Doodle breeds across California.

They do encounter all sorts of Doodle dogs, and that does mean they encounter a Cockapoo at various times.

But even if they do not currently have a Cockapoo in their organization, we do stress the need to complete their application process.

This organization does take some time to actually go through the application, so you do run the risk of missing out on your dog due to this.

Of course, this all happens because of their desire to go ahead and make sure the new owners are actually the best owner for each dog.

They refuse to take any chances, but that means if you pass their process, then they believe you will indeed correctly care for one of their dogs.

Overall, this organization takes fantastic care of each dog. They check them over physically and work on any behavioral issues before they end up available for adoption.



Location: Corona Del Mar, California

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption

Located in Pioneer, Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption will deal with any Doodle that does need to be rescued from a poor situation. However, they do actually breed Doodle dogs as well.

When you contact them, you need to go ahead and let them know that you would prefer to adopt rather than purchase a new puppy.

Also, as they run only a small rescue organization, you never know when a Cockapoo could come into their facility.

If you do seek to adopt, then you need to complete their process. They do not take as long as some other rescue organizations, but they do not rescue as many dogs as others.

It makes sense for you to prepare yourself for bringing your new dog home in the future. Overall, we do recommend you go ahead and contact this organization.

However, remember and stress you wish to adopt rather than purchase a new dog. It allows them to then guide you down the appropriate path as a result.



Location: Pioneer, California

cockapoo sitting outside

Adopting a Dog

Each organization listed above carries out some wonderful work across California by saving and rescuing Doodle dogs. However, you still need to understand how to go ahead and successfully adopt a dog.

While each rescue organization tends to run through the same process, they may have slight differences as to how they actually handle your application. So, what’s involved?

The Application Process

The application process involves you completing an application form. In this form, you need to divulge where you live, information about your home, and also previous experience caring for animals.

All this information plays an important role in helping each organization determine if you can provide one of their dogs with the perfect home environment. However, they do not always simply take your word on this.

Often, each organization will conduct an interview with the applicant. It may also include visiting your home in person to check that everything is indeed perfect for the dog.

If you live in a rented home, your landlord needs to provide evidence that you can indeed have that dog. Any failure to provide this evidence will automatically result in your application failing. 

Additional Information on Adoption

Some organizations will also offer additional help and assistance in the first few weeks after your dog moves in. This can make a significant difference to the potential success of your dog settling into your home.

However, not every organization offers this as an option.

Also, a fee is always involved when you adopt a dog from any of these rescue organizations. How much you need to pay varies depending on the organization.

But you need to know that they operate as non-profit organizations. All the money paid by people adopting dogs will go back into helping to care for other dogs in need. 

In paying this, you need to remember you will pay the costs associated with caring for the dog. That also includes the vet bills for having them checked out.

However, you do at least know your dog is nice and healthy before you take them home. Overall, you have so many organizations in California that help in rescuing Cockapoos from a number of poor situations.

However, understand you may need to wait a while before taking your new dog home. We suggest contacting as many organizations as possible and completing their application process as soon as you can.

In doing so, you will increase the chances of not missing out on your perfect dog should one enter their facility before you have completed the process.

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