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Best Cockapoo Rescue in Arizona? – Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue in Arizona? – Full List

Adopting a Cockapoo rescue in Arizona is undoubtedly a wonderful thing to do. The ability to go ahead and provide a dog with a new family that will care for them until the day they day is special. 

However, before you have the opportunity to do this, you face a problem. The problem is in not knowing where to go in order to then successfully adopt a Cockapoo. So that is where we plan to help.

In this instance, we plan on focusing on just one state, Arizona. Now, not every organization we list here will focus on either the Cockapoo or Doodle dogs in general.

However, that is not a reason to not then go ahead and contact them. With that in mind, let’s go to the list and see which organizations you need to contact.

small cockapoo

Arizona Poodle Rescue

First, we have the Arizona Poodle Rescue, and while the name does mention the Poodle, this organization does seek to also rescue any Doodle dog. Based in Maricopa, they launched back in 2003, and since then have helped to rehome and care for thousands of dogs.

While they do focus more on Poodles, they do have a reasonable chance of coming across a Cockapoo at different times throughout the year. Also, you can let them know in advance you would like to adopt a Cockapoo, so they know to look out for one.

To successfully adopt, you need to complete their application process, and this does take some time to complete. They want to know a lot of information about you, and there’s still no guarantee you will then adopt the dog you want.

Each dog that comes into their organization has to undergo extensive health checks to make sure they can then tackle any health problems. The organization then works hard at socializing the dogs to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

A fee needs paid to finally adopt your dog, but it does go back into this non-profit organization to help them care for other dogs in need.



Location: Maricopa, AZ

Underdog Rescue in Arizona

Another option to consider contacting is Underdog Rescue in Arizona. This organization does help any breed of dog that needs help, but they care for so many that it’s easy for them to sweep up a Cockapoo.

Based in Chandler, they will not only rescue, but also seek to rehabilitate the dogs before adopting them out to brand new homes. They make sure each dog is well cared for, and they receive any medical attention required for any condition.

But they do things slightly different when it comes to the adoption process. Yes, you still need to complete their application form, and also pass their checks, but then things change.

In this instance, you effectively foster your dog for a two week period before everything is finalized. That allows you to see how you get on with the dog, how the dog gets on with you, and for the organization to check everything is going well.

If everything seems perfect after this foster period, then you can finally adopt the dog. It’s certainly a great idea, and it does make a difference to their success rate of linking dogs with new owners.



Location: Chandler, AZ

Friends For Life Animal Rescue

Another option to consider contacting is Friends For Life Animal Rescue, and they have been in operation for over 25 years. During that time, they have helped thousands of animals find new loving homes, and they continue to work just as hard even after all those years.

They do help any breed of dog, but they have so many contacts that they can pick up on any Cockapoo that’s in need of help and let you know about it. They can work with you to ensure you can then adopt the perfect dog for you.

Also, they state that they commit to the dog for life. That means if you adopt from them and struggle in any way, then they will still help you out even after the adoption. Also, they would ask you to return the dog to them rather than to any other organization.

Their adoption process takes some time to complete, but overall this organization works hard at providing the best solution for all the dogs in their care. For that reason alone, you should consider contacting them to see if they have a Cockapoo available at this time.



Location: Gilbert, AZ

cockapoo lying down

Ghost Town Dog Rescue Arizona

Aside from having a cool name, this rescue organization saves as many dogs as possible from poor situations and also high kill shelters.

They do help any breed of dog but are open to helping individuals adopt a specific breed. You should contact them to let them know of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.

They will willingly work with you to see if a Cockapoo is in a shelter that they deal with, and will seek to match you up as soon as possible.

Each dog they rescue is checked over thoroughly by a vet, and they give them any medical help. That includes vaccinations and deworming, and then there’s the way they work on the social skills of each dog.

Their aim is to ensure each dog is ready for its new home, and it should make life easier when helping them to settle into their home.

We recommend going through their adoption process as soon as possible. It then means you can adopt a Cockapoo as soon as they enter their organization, but only if accepted.



Location: Mesa, AZ

Foothills Animal Rescue in Arizona

Created back in 1995, Foothills Animal Rescue in Arizona does help any dog breed in need of assistance, so they do not focus on just the Cockapoo, or Doodles.

However, you should not just ignore them as an option, as these guys do help a large number of dogs on a yearly basis.

Also, with their experience, they have so many connections that they can help you locate a Cockapoo in need of help.

That is why we do recommend you go through their application process as soon as possible, as they never know when they will find the dog you want to adopt.

They spend a vast amount of time caring for each dog that enters their facility. They check them over from a health perspective and show each dog a whole lot of love.

This makes a huge difference to the happiness of each dog, and they hope you carry on from where the left off.



Location: Scottsdale, AZ

chocolate cockapoo

Adopting a Dog

 Each organization listed above cares for so many dogs, but you still need to know how to adopt one that enters any of their facilities.

While each organization may do things slightly differently, most aspects remain the same no matter who you contact.

The key here is with completing their application process. This involves you providing each organization with various pieces of information to help them decide if you and the dog suit one another.

The Form

The key reason for the form existing is to help these organizations learn more about you. They need to understand where the dog will live, and that they have the correct conditions to allow them to thrive. 

Also, they want to know more about you and your previous history of caring for animals. It need not always involve a dog, but caring for pets will certainly help your application. 

It may also involve an interview either at your home or via the likes of Zoom. You may also increase the chances of them approving your application if you can obtain a reference from someone such as a vet who can vow you did indeed care correctly for other animals.

The entire aim here is to just let the organizations know you will care correctly for their dog. They do not want to then see them back in their organization in the near future.

Adopting a rescue Cockapoo is such a wonderful thing to do. The organizations listed above can all help when it comes to linking you up with your perfect dog.

However, you should anticipate something of a wait as a Cockapoo is not always available. Do keep in mind a fee also exists.

However, the fee goes back into helping the organization care for other dogs in need of their help. In that way, you continue to make a difference to dogs that were once in the same situation as the one you adopted.

Even though you may need to wait, we do suggest making sure you complete the application process even when the dog you want is not in any organization.

It simply saves time, so you will then find yourself in the perfect situation to adopt a wonderful Cockapoo when one comes along.

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