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Best Cockapoo Rescue Florida • Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue Florida • Full List

If you live in Florida and would like to find the best rescue Cockapoo, then can we say it’s a great idea!

These dogs deserve to have their forever home with many having gone through a tough time before ending up at a rescue organization.

But then, it does also mean you must know where to look if you do plan on adopting a rescue Cockapoo. Thankfully, Florida does have a number of organizations that can help.

Also, this is where we come in and help. Listed below are a number of different rescue organizations operating in the Florida area that may very well have a Cockapoo ready for adoption.

So, let’s get on with finding you a new family member.

Cockapoo asleep

Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective

The first option is Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective, and they include Florida in the list of states where they operate.

They do help any doodle dog, and not just the Cockapoo, but it does mean they tend to come across them on a regular basis.

Located in Boca Raton, they help a vast number of dogs over the course of a year, and they can easily help you take your new Cockapoo home.

However, they do still require you to complete an application form. With their application process, you must also provide referrals, and they will carry out a home visit before accepting you.

But as long as you provide them with all the information they need, then you should have no real problems.

Overall, this wonderful organization does a lot of good work saving dogs from kill shelters in Florida. They may have a tough acceptance policy, but it’s worth it all in the end.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue

Don’t allow the name to put you off because this organization helps not only Poodles but any dog that is bred with a Poodle. So, it’s a safe bet to say the Cockapoo is then included.

This rescue organization does run in various states, and they have a location in Florida as well.

They do accept older dogs along with those with medical issues, and they provide excellent care and a place of safety for every dog in their care.

When a dog enters, it undergoes extensive health checks. They also make sure each dog is fully vaccinated and will provide medication for any issue needing to be addressed.

Overall, it means you will adopt a healthy dog from this organization. It’s clear they take great care over the health and safety of each dog.

That is why their application process is rather extensive, and it does take time to process each application. However, it’s all worth it in the end.

Each dog also undergoes socialization training. This helps them to settle into their new home and surroundings, and they will provide additional help and advice if you need it.

Overall, this organization does a wonderful job, and you may very well find your new Cockapoo here.

Good Karma Pet Rescue

First, this organization does not deal only with Doodle dogs, but rather any breed of dog in need of help.

However, you should still contact them regarding adopting a Cockapoo, as they do come across them throughout the course of a single year.

Located in South Florida, they operate via a network of volunteers who not only care for the dogs as they enter their organization but work on making them healthy once more.

Since they were founded back in 2011, they have helped a huge number of dogs, and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

The rescue organization ensures each dog receives all of the medical care they require, and that does mean vaccinations and any medication.

They do this via an array of health checks, and they work hard to get the dog back to as healthy a condition as possible.

During this time, the dog lives with a foster parent, but you can still meet them in person before you get to the point where you can take them home.

Overall, this organization does wonderful work, and we suggest you complete their application process today even if they do not have a Cockapoo available.

Cockapoo tilted head

PAWS4 You Dog Rescue

This organization does help any dog in need, but they deal with so many dogs in a single year that it’s easy for them to come across a Cockapoo.

With more than 10 years experience of in rescuing dogs, they work hard at rehabilitating each one that comes through their doors. After that, they match them up with the perfect forever home.

Their main focus is on saving dogs at kill shelters. After saving them, each dog visits the vet who checks every single thing about their health.

They then tackle any health problems, and it does mean every dog up for adoption is also fully vaccinated.

After their health checks, the dogs end up at a foster home. There, the foster parents teach them socialization skills, and that means you can expect your new dog to find it easier to settle into their new surroundings.

Overall, this busy organization is well worth contacting should you want to look at potentially adopting a Cockapoo. However, remember you may need to wait until one appears in their organization.

Abandoned Pet Rescue

Founded back in 1996, Abandoned Pet Rescue helps any dog in need, so they include the Cockapoo in that list.

Their belief is no dog deserves to either have its life cut short, or be abandoned and neglected. So, they take steps to save as many dogs as possible.

They have helped save a huge number of dogs since their inception, and they continue to carry out a lot of work across South Florida.

They do also have their own facility where they care for the dogs and provide them with ample space to exercise and have fun.

Each dog has a visit from a vet when they arrive in their facility. Extensive health checks are conducted to ascertain if the dog suffers from any injuries or ailments.

If they do, then the organization ensures they receive the correct treatment. To adopt a dog from their organization means you need to complete an application form.

They take their time to run over your answers and will seek to learn more about you before you can take your new family member home. Also, they do not accept every individual.

Overall, this organization does do fantastic work, and the fee you pay goes back into helping them save and care for other dogs in the area.

Cockapoo in long grass

Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is undoubtedly a wonderful thing to do, and the organizations listed above work hard to save as many as possible.

However, you also need to know what they require from you to then successfully adopt one of their dogs.

The Application Process

The application process remains the same no matter the organization. Only the questions they ask could vary.

In the application process, you must tell them all about your home, expectations, and also experience of caring for animals.

This information plays a key role in determining if your application is either accepted or rejected.

The Information

The organizations want to know about where the dog lives, and also the space available to them. Most will visit your home in advance to ensure everything is perfect for the dog.

Do note that renters need to supply proof from their landlord as to their ability to have a dog in the home. Failure to do that means your application is rejected.

Also, many require references about you as a person. If you can get one from a vet, then this certainly helps your application.

All of this helps them build a better picture of how you will ultimately care for the dog before you take them home.

At the end, each organization takes all this information and makes its decision. However, that does not always mean you then get the dog you want.

Instead, they will always link you with the correct dog according to their own awareness of what each dog needs. This helps prevent too many dogs from coming back to them.

However, they always strive to help you find the correct dog at all times. Adopting a rescue Cockapoo from any of the organizations listed above does take time.

Also, a Cockapoo does not usually stay too long thanks to its popularity.

We advise contacting as many organizations as possible and completing their application process.

That way, you have done the hard work when a Cockapoo does come through their doors allowing you to hopefully then take them home and start a new life together.

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