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Best Cockapoo Rescue Colorado – Full List

Best Cockapoo Rescue Colorado – Full List

If you reside in the Colorado area and would like to adopt a Cockapoo rescue, then we can help.

You see, it’s a great idea to adopt a rescue dog and give them a new lease on life, but there’s a problem.

Often, people do not know where to go when it comes to adopting a rescue dog. That’s sad because so many dogs sit there waiting to go to their new home.

So what you will find below is a list of different organizations based in Colorado that seeks to help unite dogs with new owners.

Now, you need to understand that they do not always focus entirely on either a Cockapoo, or even Doodle dogs in general, but that’s ok.

So, on with the list.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Colorado

Summit Dog Rescue Colorado

The first place to check out is Summit Dog Rescue, and this Colorado based organization does help any dog of any breed. So, they do not focus on Doodle dogs.

However, that is no reason for you to not then get in touch with them.

Instead, this organization does help a vast number of dogs in a single year, and they do see the occasional Cockapoo or Doodle dog coming through their doors. That means you should still go ahead and complete their application process for when that Cockapoo does indeed appear.

When a dog enters their organization, they are then cared for by a team of volunteers. They give each dog a thorough health check, and they will then provide any medication or medical help required to get them back to perfect health.

Also, when you go through their application process, you need to prepare for a phone interview. They do take their time in processing the application, so that is why you need to do this ahead of time, or you could miss out on your dog.

You should also know that any type of Doodle dog tends to leave their organization rather quickly. This is thanks to their popularity, so you do need to act fast, or run the risk of missing out.

2 Blondes Rescue

If you were merely deciding on a rescue organization according to its name, then 2 Blondes Rescue would have to appear on your list of possibilities. However, they are more than just a name.

Instead, this rescue organization seeks to save as many lives and rescue as many dogs as possible, and they do a pretty good job of it all. 

Launched in 2015, they have helped thousands of dogs in that time via their shelter, and the number continues to grow on a yearly basis.

They do rescue dogs from kill shelters as well, so they keep themselves busy with their rescues.

They do encounter Cockapoos and Doodle dogs from time to time, but know that they do not carry out DNA testing.

That does mean they may not know the exact breed in their organization, so that is something you need to remember.

Their application process goes along familiar lines, and they will certainly spend their time getting to know you in advance of letting you take a dog home.

Expect an interview, and then when you pass it’s simply a case of paying them the fee to adopt one of their dogs.

However, just know that you may have your eye on a particular dog, but if they feel it is not the right fit for the dog, then you won’t take them home.

They need to keep the needs of the dogs at the forefront of what they do.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Colorado

Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Animal Rescue of the Rockies does help more than just dogs, but this busy organization does certainly come across both the Cockapoo and Doodle dogs in general throughout the year.

Launched back in 2003, they have helped thousands of dogs find their new forever home, and they also take amazing care of each dog while it remains within their organization.

That means they provide health checks and medical care when required.

But they do not simply rescue animals themselves. They also work with other rescue organizations across Colorado, and that is where they could really help.

By contacting them, and completing their application process, they can then contact the different organizations to determine if they have a Cockapoo.

This does make a difference. It means you can make one contact, and they will lookout for the perfect dog for you to adopt.

Be aware that their application process will take some time to complete. They do make sure you will clearly help any dog you adopt, and they do not simply give one of their dogs to any individual.

Due to the time it takes, we suggest contacting them straight away and starting working on the application. That way, you will have the perfect home ready for your new family member when you enter their facility.

Mile High Canine Rescue

With Mile High Canine Rescue, what you have here is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping as many dog as they can at any given time.

They actually work with other organizations and shelters even out with Colorado, so they do have extensive scope when it comes to rescuing dogs.

Thanks to the sheer number of dogs they help at any given time, they do encounter the Cockapoo.

Also, thanks to their contacts, it does mean they can locate a Cockapoo that may have entered another facility elsewhere in the State.

They will not only rescue dogs but also provide medical care and will make sure each dog has had its vaccinations. But that’s not all.

This organization will also go ahead and help train the dogs to ensure they have no behavioral issues that could cause a problem in their new home.

In that respect, they reduce the chances of any dog ending up back in their organization in the future.

As always, they have an adoption process you need to complete. It will take some time, since an interview is required, so know that this will happen in advance.

What we suggest is to contact them as soon as you can, and start the application process. You can then sit back and wait until your Cockapoo appears, and can then look forward to taking them home with you.

Best Cockapoo Rescue Colorado

Adopting a Dog

We want to make sure that you know what lies ahead when it comes to adopting a dog from a rescue organization. You cannot simply turn up, choose a dog, and then take them home.

Instead, you must go through the adoption process, and that involves completing an application form.

You see, each organization needs to know more about who is adopting one of their dogs. It just reduces the chances of any problems in the future.

The Adoption Process

Each organization has its own adoption process. However, it does tend to run along the same lines with each organization wanting to know the same type of information. 

They will want to know more about where you live and that it fits in with the needs of the dog.

If you rent, then they will ask for evidence from your landlord that you can indeed have a dog on the premises. If you cannot produce this, then expect your application to fail.

Also, they want to know your experience of caring for animals. Do note it’s not always the case that it must relate to caring about dogs. Other animals will also count.

To help your application, see if you can get a reference from the vet you used, or currently use, to back up your case that you do indeed care correctly for your pets.

This sort of reference makes a huge difference to your application.


Adopting a dog from any of these rescue organizations does include a fee. However, you must remember that these are non-profit organizations, and they need to raise money to help them continue to rescue and care for these dogs.

That is why they need to include an adoption fee. Every cent goes back into the organization to help them rescue and save other dogs, so it does make a huge difference.

However, the exact fee does change between organizations. Ask each one what they charge in advance to stop any problems.

Overall Conclusion

Adopting a Cockapoo in Colorado is indeed a wonderful thing to do. The different organizations listed above can undoubtedly help you to locate and adopt your new dog, so contact as many as possible to improve your chances.

However, they do not always have a Cockapoo ready to adopt. You may need to wait some time, and also have some patience. But then, it’s all worth it in the end when you get to take your new dog home.

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