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Best Cockapoo Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania – Full List

Best Cockapoo Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania – Full List

Deciding to adopt a cockapoo dog rescue in Pennsylvania is a worthwhile thing to do. After all, it means you plan on providing a dog with another chance at having a wonderful life.

However, when you plan on doing this, it does mean you need to know where to go in order to get your rescue dog.

This becomes even more important when you already know the breed you would like.

In this instance, we will focus on just one breed, the Cockapoo. Also, our focus is on one area, and that is Pennsylvania.

So, which organizations exist in Pennsylvania that can assist you in adopting a Cockapoo?

Well, these organizations listed below are in the perfect position to do just that.

Best Cockapoo Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania SPCA 

First, we have the Pennsylvanian SPCA, and even though they clearly do not focus just on the Cockapoo, or Doodle breeds of dogs in general.

They do handle a vast number of dogs on a yearly basis. That does mean they come across a Cockapoo on quite a regular basis.

Not every single dog under the care of the SPCA will end up home at one of their facilities. Instead, a number of dogs go to foster homes across Pennsylvania. 

That does mean it’s best to contact them directly and tell them of your desire to adopt a Cockapoo.

They can then see if a Cockapoo is within their facilities, and if so how you can then visit them before adoption.

If you do visit one of their facilities, then you could potentially adopt a dog on the very same day. However, they will still want to know more about you before you take a dog home.

Each dog undergoes extensive health checks when entering the SPCA. They ensure each dog has had their shots and will provide them with any medical care they may need. 

However, they may not always have a Cockapoo ready to adopt. That does mean you should look at contacting them in advance to let them know of your desire to adopt one.

Wet Nose Rescue

Wet Nose Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia dedicated to helping any unwanted or neglected dog to find a new loving home.

While they do deal with any breed, it also means they come across the occasional Cockapoo throughout the year.

Using a network of both volunteer along with foster families, this organization helps a vast number of dogs in a single year.

They do have an adoption fee when taking a dog from their organization. In this case, a puppy will cost in the region of $250, and an older dog will cost $300.

However, those prices could change in the future, so do contact the organization in advance to double-check the cost before completing the adoption process.

They will spend some time getting to know you more before permitting you to adopt a dog from them.

They want to know where the dog will stay, and also if you have previous experience of caring for any sort of animal. But that’s not all.

If you do adopt a dog from this organization, then you will find they continue to visit your home on a regular basis.

This allows them to check that the dog is doing well in your care, and it’s a great thing for them to do.

Overall, they may not always have a Cockapoo available via their organization, but that doesn’t mean they never have one. Contact them now to start their application process.

Best Cockapoo Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania

Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue

Launched back in 2011, Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue organization wants to help as many dogs as possible, and a Cockapoo will appear throughout their organization from time to time.

However, they do also have extensive links throughout the rescue organizations, and that’s a great thing.

This non-profit could help you to even locate a Cockapoo that is elsewhere in another similar organization.

Also, they will work to get to know you and help to find the perfect dog for your own particular circumstances.

They work with over 50 different volunteers, and they also have dogs in a number of different foster homes.

That helps them when it comes to giving assistance to a wider range of dogs in need.

After submitting your application, you will then find yourself needing to attend a meet and greet with your desired dog.

They use this time to ensure both you and the dog will live happily together. Do prepare yourself for not always getting the dog you want if they feel that compatibility is an issue.

This dog rescue is a wonderful organization, and they will certainly work with you to get your rescue Cockapoo.

So, contact them straight away, and begin their application process as soon as possible.

Laura’s Hope Rescue

Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Laura’s Hope Rescue is a wonderful organization really dedicated to saving as many dogs as possible from poor situations.

Once again, they do not focus on any breed in particular, but they do then encounter a Cockapoo on their travels.

This organization is happy to hear from you and to learn more about the breed of dog you would like to adopt.

They can then work closely with you to help locate that dog, as they just want each one in need to find a new loving home whenever possible.

The adoption team with this organization will interview you, and it may involve them coming to your home.

This allows them to ascertain if the environment is the correct one for their dog, and they will follow their gut feeling when it comes to linking you up with one of their dogs.

Every dog in their care has had extensive health checks carried out on them, and it does mean you know each dog has had its vaccinations.

Also, if they do need any medication, then the organization gives this to them.

That does mean you need to pay an adoption fee, but it helps them cover the costs involved in the care of the dog until they are adopted.

It’s a small price to pay for the work they do, and also the way they can help other dogs with this money.

Overall, we recommend contacting the organization as soon as possible to start the adoption process. 

Best Cockapoo Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania

Adopting a Dog

Even though none of the organizations above focus entirely on a Cockapoo or even Doodle dogs, that does not mean you should avoid contacting them.

Instead, we do suggest talking to as many different organizations as possible.

The reason for this is simple, you need to complete an adoption process in order to then take one of their dogs home.

This process does vary slightly depending on the organization, but they follow the same usual lines.

What They Want to Know

Each organization wants to know the same sort of things about your background. They need to know where you live, as that explains where the dog is living.

They also need to know if you have previous experience caring for animals.

To help, it makes a difference if you have a reference from a vet who can ascertain that you did indeed correctly care for animals in the past.

That type of thing goes a long way to let these organizations know you will care for one of their dogs.

Some organizations may ask for other details. Some will do a video interview while others insist on visiting your home.

Also, you may find that organizations will continue to check in on how your dog settles into your home after the adoption process. 

But all of this is always made clear before you go ahead and adopt a dog. If you have any questions, then the organizations listed above can always answer, no matter what the question may be.

Overall Conclusion

If you live in Pennsylvania and decide you would like to adopt a rescue Cockapoo, then the different organizations listed above can help.

Do note they will not always have a Cockapoo in their organization at that time. But don’t let this put you off.

You need to complete their adoption process and pass their interview to even know if they will offer you one of their dogs in the future.

Also, a number of organizations can help you locate a Cockapoo in a rescue set up even if they do not have one themselves. 

There’s no doubt that a Cockapoo is a wonderful dog to own. The fact you can adopt a rescue one and provide them with a new lease on life is a fantastic thing to do.

So, contact as many organizations as possible and get the ball rolling toward adopting your new family member, and bringing them home with you.

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