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Best Cavapoo Rescues for Adoption – Ultimate Guide

Best Cavapoo Rescues for Adoption – Ultimate Guide

A Cavapoo is a wonderful breed of dog to own, but we don’t want you to just go ahead and opt for buying a Cavapoo puppy. Instead, we would like you to think about something else, and that is the potential for finding Cavapoo rescues for adoption.

People are quick to dismiss the idea of adopting a rescue dog, but there is a multitude of reasons as to why that is not the right thing to do. In fact, adopting a rescue dog can be one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do in your life.

Why Adopt a Rescue Dog?

The problem that people have with a rescue dog is they have a misunderstood idea of what it means for a dog to be in these organizations. People think they have had a tough life, or they are troubled dogs, and that’s just not correct.

You see, most of the dogs in the care of rescue organizations are there through no fault of their own. They have been abandoned, neglected, or even worse. All these dogs want to do is to love us, and for us to love them. 

These dogs have so much life in them, and you can provide them with a new chance at life if you adopt them from a rescue organization. The bond that will then create between the dog and your family will be stronger and better than you ever thought possible. 

Also, there’s another advantage if you adopt an adult dog. With an adult dog, there’s no need to think about trying to train them like you need to do with a puppy. Actually, you are safe from all of that stress and worry.

Bringing up a puppy can take so much time and energy. Not everyone has the ability to dedicate the required time to this, so adopting an adult dog that has already been through it all can be a wonderful solution.

But overall, it’s the fact you can give a worthwhile dog a second chance at life that should serve as the main reason for adopting a rescue dog.

Cavapoo puppy running

Why a Cavapoo?

A Cavapoo is exceptionally cute, but that’s not the only reason why you should consider adopting one. 

Instead, be aware that this is a breed of dog that is kind, caring, exceptionally loving, and a whole host of other very positive traits. They have a loving personalities, and they are also rather attentive.

This all makes for a wonderful dog to own. They will bring so much joy to the home, and they are also good with people of all ages. 

And then there’s the way in which they are very sociable. You won’t tend to get too many problems when taking them out and they encounter other dogs or even strangers. They will take it all in their stride, and that also makes them so good to own.

Ultimately, the Cavapoo is intelligent, fun to have around, loyal and will show you a whole lot of love.

However, finding a rescue Cavapoo is not easy. You need to know the organizations that can help, and that is where this list will prove useful.

Cavapoo rescues for adoption

Doodle Rock Rescue

Doodle Rock Rescue is based in Texas, and even though they do deal with helping any Doodle breed of dog, it does clearly mean a Cavapoo will be included. 

They work in an area where there is, unfortunately, a high kill rate in shelters, so they try to rescue as many Doodle dogs as possible. It means they also pick up strays or dogs that have been in an abusive situation. They nurse them back to health and then have them ready for adoption.

This organization does also works with foster families, so you may need to visit one of the families to see your Cavapoo before adopting them. Be aware they do have an extensive application process, so expect to be fully checked out in advance. However, this is all about making sure they have found the perfect home for each dog.

Doodle Rescue Collective 

The Doodle Rescue Collective is based on the East Coast, and they will help with rescuing and adopting out Doodles all along the whole of the East Coast. So far, they have helped over 4000 since they were established, and that is great to hear.

This organization does not run a shelter, but rather they use foster families across the whole of the US. Be aware that their headquarters are in Rhode Island, but they work with a network of shelters across the country.

They do focus on the Doodle breed of dogs, and that includes the Cavapoo. You should contact them in advance and advise them as to your desire to adopt a Cavapoo. They will help you through the adoption process and will make sure you are ready to adopt your new dog.

Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue is based in Texas, and they have been responsible for saving the lives of countless dogs over the years. Their focus is on bringing in dogs that are in some sort of a crisis and working hard to stabilize them and make them ready for a new home. They will seek to save any Doodle dog they come across, so the Cavapoo will be included.

However, be aware that they only deal with people that live in the Dallas area, so if you are outwith that area, then they may refer you to another organization closer to home.

Also, they do not always have a Cavapoo ready for adoption. We recommend contacting them and being added to their list of potential owners. They will then contact you when they do have a Cavapoo enter their organization.

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue

The Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue runs a network of individuals who seek to save as many Poodle or Doodle dogs as possible. They focus on taking in abandoned dogs, or those in shelters as their primary focus. After that, they work on getting them ready for a new home.

They focus on the States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, so if you live in any of those areas, then they can help. Be aware that they will not always have a Cavapoo ready for adoption, so you may have to be patient. However, do contact them right now and tell them about your desire to adopt a Cavapoo. They will be happy to work with you when one comes into their organization.

As the dogs they rescue have been through so much, expect the adoption process to be quite strict. They just want to make sure the dogs are happy and have been matched with the correct people.

Poodles and Pals

Poodles and Pals are located in California, and if you want to adopt a Cavapoo, then these are the guys who may very well be able to help you out. They do focus on the southern part of California, so if you live outwith those areas, then you may need to look elsewhere.

Also, this is a small organization. It does mean they will not always have a Cavapoo ready to be adopted, but that’s fine. Instead, you can merely contact them and work through their adoption process involving your background checks. After that, you will be ready to adopt when the perfect dog comes into their organization.

This organization does focus on dogs in high-kill shelters, and also those abandoned on the streets. That does mean they never know which dogs will appear next. In other words, you need to be proactive if you want to adopt a Cavapoo through this organization.


These are only some of the best Cavapoo rescue organizations in the United States that have a love for the Doodle breed of dog in general. They dedicate themselves to rescuing and helping Doodle dogs, and they are best placed to help you to find a Cavapoo.

Be aware that each organization has its own adoption process. This will involve checking where the dog will be living, your ability to care for them correctly, and how the dog reacts when they meet you in person. If everything goes well, then you will be able to take your new dog home where they will quickly become a member of the family.

Each organization does amazing work. They rehabilitate and care for the dogs that come through their door. They give vaccinations and microchipping. Spaying and neutering is another action they will take when required. This is all designed to help the dog be as healthy as possible.

If you would like to own a Cavapoo, then do consider contacting these organizations and adopting a rescue Cavapoo. It will undoubtedly be worth your while.

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