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Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Ohio

Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Ohio

If you reside in Ohio and would love to own a Cavapoo rescue dog, then knowing what breeders to purchase a puppy makes sense. We cannot blame you for wanting to own a Cavapoo. They have so much life and love in them and don’t forget about their exceptionally cute appearance either.

But buying a puppy does involve you needing to take some time when choosing a breeder. Simply buying the first puppy you see is not the right way of doing things. Puppy farms exist, and we want to make sure you avoid falling into their particular trap.

So, what follows is some general guidance on choosing a breeder, and also where to find a Cavapoo puppy in Ohio. But first, let’s look a bit more at why you would want to own this breed in the first place.

Why a Cavapoo?

So we said how the Cavapoo is cute, but there is more to them than simply having good looks. Actually, we know of a number of major positives as to why you should want to own this particular breed.

Let’s begin by looking at their temperament. The way they look at life is quite simple to understand, they love it. Actually, we see this as being a bigger reason to own one over and above their looks.

A Cavapoo has a desire to make their owner happy. They have such a great outlook on life that it ends up rubbing off onto you as well. The Cavapoo is always smiling, and there is just something so loveable about them.

However, the Cavapoo has a nosy streak to them as well. They need to know what is going on, and this can mean they are right in the middle of the action. At first, you may feel this is annoying, but their approach to life grows on you over time, and it all becomes fun eventually.

The Cavapoo is also wonderful around people of all ages. They do not show aggression, so you needn’t worry about them being near children. 

This is all fantastic, but you still need to know where to purchase a Cavapoo puppy in Ohio, and that is what we will look at covering now.


Maple Hill Doodles

Maple Hill Doodles started off breeding Doodles way back in 2001, so they have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with dogs. They do state how they run a small business, so prepare to wait to get your hands on your new Cavapoo puppy.

This may be a small operation, but they have certainly established themselves as one of the top breeders in the country. They spent a lot of time socializing the dogs, and the health checks they carry out are extensive. Also, they have grown in size over the years, so do produce more dogs than ever before.

Their focus is on breeding well-rounded dogs with amazing temperaments. They happily answer any questions you have, and welcome you to visit them in person to see your puppy in advance.

This breeder does take a $300 deposit which goes toward the price of your new dog. However, it is non-refundable.

Kate’s Puppies

Located in Sugar Creek, Kate’s Puppies is a breeder that operates from a farm, so that does mean their puppies have a vast amount of space to run around and enjoy their start to life. The breeder does state how they love to allow their puppies to get as much fresh air as possible, and it’s great to see.

They also go big on making sure their dogs can interact well with other dogs and strangers, so dealing with their temperament from an early age is key to them. Also, they spend a lot of time checking out their health, so you should have no issues in that area.

Be aware you may need to wait some time to get your hands on a Cavapoo from them. Visiting the puppies in advance is advised, but you must make an appointment to do so.

Foxglove Farms

Located in Lucas, OH, Foxglove Farms is a well-known and well-established breeder of Cavapoos. It does mean they have a strong reputation to uphold, and it’s something they take seriously.

They actually specialize in the Cavapoo, so they have a wealth of information to pass to you when it comes to owning the breed. This is great news, as it does mean you can ask them anything, and they will be delighted to help.

Their puppies are provided with ample space to run around and enjoy their start to life. Socialization, working on their temperament, and making sure they are healthy all play an important role. 

We do advise contacting them in advance to ensure you understand their buying routine. They do not appear to operate with a deposit, but contact them to check that this is the case. Also, they prefer people to see the puppies and to ask them questions, so make sure you do this. 

How to Choose a Breeder

Choosing a breeder that deals with the Cavapoo is not always that easy. Right now, you will not be inundated with a large number of breeders as you would be for other dogs. However, you do still have options out there.

So, to make life easier, here are a few tips for you to take into consideration.


Look Into Their Background

Our first tip is to think about the background of the breeder. The aim here is to make sure you understand where they come from regarding breeding the Cavapoo. 

How long have they been doing this for? Why did they become a breeder? Do they have experience of breeding other dogs as well?

Also, think about any affiliations they have with organizations. This does not have to always include the AKC, but it will make you feel more confident about them as a breeder. Also, it means people know they breed to very high standards, and that can make a huge difference.

Basically, you want to know they have a true affinity with the breed. The intention here is to make sure you feel far more confident about contacting the breeder, or if you need to go elsewhere to find your Cavapoo.

Can You See the Puppies?

It is essential that you can check on the puppies before you buy one. This is easy, and it’s key to get as much information as possible about the puppies before you go ahead and give the breeder any money.

Now, if you go ahead and use a breeder outside of Ohio, then this does become harder. However, it’s not impossible.

Physically visiting the breeder is always best, but if this is something you cannot do, then don’t worry. A good breeder will work with you to allow a ‘viewing’ of some sorts before you take ownership.

This may involve using Zoom to get a picture of the puppy, and don’t forget the parents. They may also send video footage, and the breeder should be open to answering any questions you have about the puppies.

The key here is you have a better picture of the puppy before you hand over money. It also increases your confidence in the breeder when you see how they operate. Do not pass up the opportunity to do this with your Cavapoo puppy.

Their Health Guarantee

Finally, we want to talk about the health of your puppy. Never go ahead and buy one without knowing as much as you can about their health.

A good breeder will carry out a number of health checks, and they should happily tell you everything about it, and show you the proof. This should also include genetic testing, so you know your puppy does not have some illness that may pass down through the family line.

Also, you should have a health guarantee, but this is where we want you to stop and think for a moment.

Some breeders have a reputation for only providing customers with a very short window to have the puppy checked over by their own vet. In some instances, this is less than 48 hours, and that is not good enough. We do advise checking on this, or your health guarantee could become null and void.

Finally, never panic or stress about asking questions regarding their health. A good breeder has no issue with answering the questions, and it demonstrates you clearly care for the puppy.

The key in all of this is to make sure you carry out your due diligence prior to buying a puppy. It’s best for you, the breeder, and the puppy, so make sure you do it.

After that, only proceed when you feel quite content and happy. Remember you have several breeders to choose from, so do not feel pressured into going with the first one. There is just no need.

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