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Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Georgia

Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Georgia

A Cavapoo is a wonderful breed that brings together a Poodle along with a King Charles Spaniel. Here are some of the best Cavapoo puppy breeders in Georgia.

There is no doubt that they are exceptionally cute, but there is a multitude of reasons as to why you would want to go ahead and own one.

However, you do need to be aware of where you can buy a Cavapoo puppy that you can then take home. Sadly, not every breeder is going to be the same. There are some out there that do not care as much for the dogs as they should do.

But we are going to help you with this. However, before we do that, we need to point out why you should go ahead and own a Cavapoo.

Why a Cavapoo?

Why should you go ahead and buy a Cavapoo puppy? Well, you may have seen their looks, but that’s not all you need to focus on. Yes, they are exceptionally cute, but there is so much more to this breed.

Instead, what you have here is a dog that blends two wonderful breeds together in King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. You have two amazingly loyal and friendly breeds, which does mean you have exactly that in the Cavapoo.

They are so full of fun, and they live life with absolute joy on their faces and in everything they do. That is amazing, and the exact same will happen to you when you go ahead and bring a Cavapoo puppy into your home.

They love their family, and they adore being around the people they love. You will be expected to give them cuddles and to interact with them on a regular basis. But that’s not a bad thing when you see that they are so content when you do so.

However, all of that is going to depend on the breeder you go to, and in Georgia, there are several breeders of the Cavapoo that we recommend.

Cute Cavapoo

Ayers Pampered Pets

The first breeder we need to mention is Ayers Pampered Pets. They do actually breed Cavapoo puppies even though their primary focus is on Goldendoodles. However, they are an established breeder of Doodle dogs, and the Cavapoo is no exception.

They are based in Hull, GA. They have been involved in raising puppies for over 30 years, and that experience does count for a lot.

What they do is focus on puppies that are full of character and ready to take on the world. They are always playing and caring for them in those early weeks of their lives, and that will shape what they are like an as adult dog.

This breeder is also strong on carrying out a variety of health checks on the parents. The knowledge that they spend so much time checking out the parents does mean it’s more likely that the puppies will be nice and healthy.

You do need to contact them to see if they have Cavapoo puppies available at that time. They will then stay in touch with you until you are in a position whereby you can indeed take your new puppy home.

Absolutely Elegant Kennels

Next, we have Absolutely Elegant Kennels, and they are a small-time breeder based in Georgia. However, do not worry about them being a small breeder, this is actually a good thing.

While they do not only breed Cavapoos, they are undoubtedly a big part of what they do. They are both licensed and inspected by the State of Georgia, so you have nothing to worry about.

During those early weeks, they provide their puppies with a lot of space to run around. This is perfect, and it means they will be healthy puppies by the time you get around to bringing your new family member home.

They also note that they will not allow a dog to go to their new home until they have had three individual vet checks. Once again, this is an excellent thing to happen, and it shows how they really do care for their dogs.

Of course, there is no guarantee they will have Cavapoo puppies available at that time. You are advised to contact them and ask to be put on a waiting list. They will be happy to help.

Georgia Dog Club

Georgia Dog Club does deal in a number of different breeds, and the Cavapoo is one of them. They are very well established, and once again they are licensed and checked by the State.

This breeder has a very smooth way of doing things. They do have several parents, and that means they have more than one litter throughout the year. However, their popularity as a breeder does mean you will need to be put on a waiting list.

They are based in Calhoun in Georgia, and they have been breeding dogs for a number of years. Their experience and expertise are in no doubt, and this is clear to see when you take your new Cavapoo puppy home.

Cavapoo sitting in grass

How to Find That Perfect Breeder

While the breeders listed above are the ones we do recommend that are based in Georgia, you may find others during your own search. However, how do you know that the breeder you have selected can be trusted?

Well, there are several ways in which you can do this, and it should mean you will be able to determine if it’s a breeder you can trust, or one to avoid.

Are They Licensed?

Is the breeder you ar looking at licensed to operate as a breeder in the State of Georgia? This is a big deal as it does mean they have at least gone through official channels.

Also, if they are licensed, then there’s every chance they are being inspected by the State as well. That means their premises and breeding methods are viewed as being up to a certain standard. If this is the case, then you have a better chance of them producing puppies that are healthy.

Check Their Background

We also advise you to check their background. A good breeder will want to know more about you before they allow you to take their dog home, but you can do the same to them.

In this instance, you want to know how long they have been operating as a breeder. Do they have any special affiliations to be aware of? What do reviews say about the puppies people have bought in the past?

All of these questions are important. They let you know the breeder is not some individual simply trying to sell off some puppies they came across. At that point, you have no idea if they have followed the correct health protocols.

Can You Meet Them?

When we talk about meeting them, we mean both the breeder and the puppy. Now, this can be tough if you stay some distance away, but knowing the sort of conditions the puppy was bred in will give you peace of mind.

Meeting them in person gives you a better understanding of how the breeder operates. Also, most breeders will be happy to let you see the parents. You can also ask about the background of the parents to know how good the genes are likely to be with your own dog.

The key here is that you do not simply go ahead and buy a puppy without doing your own due diligence. It is your right to do some background checks and to be aware of who you are buying from.

The Breeder and Checking You

A good breeder will not simply sell a puppy to anyone who comes along. Instead, they should do some background checks first, and that’s all fine. The idea here is they will only sell a puppy to people they feel will care for the dog for its entire life.

Also, they want to know the dog will be kept in the right conditions. The only way they can do this is to get to know you a bit first.

They may want to know you can actually keep the puppy at your home, so will ask for proof. They will want to know where you live, and also how you have cared for dogs or other animals in the past.

It will be important for them to know they have made the right choice in selling you a puppy. Don’t be upset if they ask you various questions. It means they take their profession very seriously, and it’s a sign you have come across a good breeder.

So those are the best Cavapoo breeders in Georgia, and also a few tips on how you know you have come across the perfect breeder.

Do be aware you may need to wait before you can take your new Cavapoo puppy home. However, it will all be worth it in the end, and we can assure you of that.

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