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Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Florida

Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Florida

For anyone residing in Florida, and with an interest in finding a few breeders of a Cavapoo puppy, then you may be interested in the information that we have for you. 

There can be little doubt that the Cavapoo is a wonderful breed of dog to own. Not only are they exceptionally cute, but they are also quite hypoallergenic as well. That means they are less likely to affect you if you suffer from allergies.

But the one thing we must stress is the need to be aware of the breeder. There is a number out there across Florida, and we are here to help you identify the best ones around. Unfortunately, not every breeder is the same, so we hope to make sure you avoid running into trouble.

But first, why choose a Cavapoo over any other breed out there?

Why a Cavapoo?

We already know that the Cavapoo is very cute, but you shouldn’t just focus on its cuteness levels when it comes to choosing a breed of dog. Thankfully, the Cavapoo has a lot more going for it than just looks.

Instead, what you get here is a breed of dog that is full of fun and exceptionally loyal. They adore having cuddles and spending time with their family, and they pretty much get on well with everyone you can imagine.

They have an even temperament, and you should not have any issues with them being beside people of any ages. So, if you have children and are looking for a nice family dog, then this breed is going to be perfect.

Also, as we said earlier, there is the point regarding them being quite hypoallergenic. That does mean they can be the ideal solution for people prone to allergies. They may not be as hypoallergenic as a Poodle, but they are certainly better than most breeds.

But what about the best breeders in the Florida area? Well, here are some suggestions.

Cavapoo Puppy

Wags to Riches Cavapoos Florida

The first breeder we would like to mention is Wags to Riches, and they are based in Boca Raton. This is actually a company that helps people find Cavapoo puppies all over the country, but they look at getting you matched up with a breeder in your local area.

Everything is checked out and backed by various authorities, so you have nothing to worry about when you use this company to help you locate the perfect Cavapoo for your family. Each puppy is checked by their vet and has all of the usual vaccinations, so you know you are getting a healthy puppy to take home.

But as you are going through this company, which is kind of like an intermediary, then be prepared to ask a lot of questions. You certainly do not want to end up buying from a puppy mill, as that would be a disaster. 

But that point aside, you do perhaps stand a better chance of being linked up with a Cavapoo puppy here. You may already be aware of the fact that there is a substantial waiting time for these puppies in the State of Florida, 

Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is another option that is more in line with being a service that links you up with wherever Cavapoo puppies are available. In saying that, they generally appear to come from a breeder based in Naples.

But even though they do not breed the Cavapoo puppies themselves, they make it onto the list due to the fact it’s tough to find quality Cavapoo breeders within Florida. With a breeder such as this, or a service such as this, you need to ask questions. We stress the need to ask them about the origins, genetic testing, and health checks before buying.

This is not to say that they use puppy mills. However, you may want to get as much information as possible before you think about buying a puppy. It does also appear to be the case that there is less of a wait when you use this website. Unfortunately, getting a Cavapoo puppy from other sources has led to some people waiting for over a year.

Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers

This breeder is certainly one that is merely a hobbyist when it comes to breeding Cavapoo puppies. Their main focus is on King Charles Cavaliers, but they do also produce litters of Cavapoo puppies throughout the year as well.

The only problem is that this breeder primarily works through social media. However, even though that does limit how you can contact them, you will quickly see that they do actually produce healthy-looking puppies.

It also appears to be the case that the puppies are health checked, as is the norm, and they are pretty well socialized. That should make the transition period after adopting the puppy a whole lot easier than you would have anticipated. 

They are also open to you asking them questions about their puppies, so feel free to go ahead and do so. They may not have a website and make it tough to contact them, but once you do, then they are open to communication.

Cavapoo Puppy

Florida Pups Cavapoos

Finally, we have Florida Pups Cavapoos, and sadly this is another online service that sources Cavapoo puppies for people in Florida. However, the puppies may come from elsewhere in the United States.

In saying that, they do provide various guarantees about the puppy you purchase, so all is not lost. In fact, it does come across as being a pretty safe place to purchase a Cavapoo puppy, and the fact you get those guarantees with health checks is clearly important.

However, as you are not dealing directly with the breeder, then it would be advisable to take your new puppy to the vet as soon as you get them home. You want them to get a check over as soon as possible. It may settle your mind knowing they are indeed nice and healthy.

Another thing to note is that this service also offers finance to individuals. This may also help as Cavapoo puppies can be pretty expensive, so this could be the difference between you being able to afford one, and struggling.

But as with any other breeder, do not be afraid to ask various questions before you invest your money into buying a puppy. 

How to Find That Perfect Breeder

Florida is a difficult place when it comes to Cavapoo breeders. However, the services we have listed above do try to make it that little bit easier when it comes to buying a Cavapoo puppy.

But it does mean you need to up your game when it comes to checking out what’s going on regarding purchasing a Cavapoo puppy. For that, we recommend the following points.

Ask Questions

Remember that a Cavapoo puppy is not cheap. In fact, they do tend to have a high price tag, at least compared to other breeds, and that means you need to ask questions. 

Ask questions about the breeder, where the puppies come from, and also what guarantees you get with the puppy in question. Do not be afraid to do this. You are the customer and deserve to get all of the answers you need before making your decision about which puppy you want to buy.

Check Reviews

If possible, check for reviews. You need to know if the breeder you are buying from, even when it’s done through a service, is reputable or not. The last thing you want to do is to buy from a puppy mill. They are just horrible, but these services do try to ensure that you don’t interact with a mill.

But do your own due diligence and check reviews. It will give you some peace of mind, and search social media for more advice and comments.

Take Your Time

Perhaps the key thing here when choosing a Cavapoo puppy is to take your time over it. Don’t fall into the trap of seeing an exceptionally cute dog, and then not paying attention to the entire situation. 

Yes, it can be tough getting a Cavapoo puppy in Florida, but you need it to be the right dog. Are they health checked? Have they had their vaccinations? What about genetic testing? These are all important things you need to know about before you part with your money.

A Cavapoo can indeed be a wonderful dog to own, but be prepared to potentially wait to get your new dog home. However, it will be worth the wait as they are amazing dogs to own. They have the perfect nature and character, and will fit into any home environment with ease. The fact they can also partly help people with allergies is just another bonus. So take your time, and the perfect Cavapoo puppy will be just waiting for you.

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