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Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Arizona

Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders in Arizona

Our aim here is to make life easier by identifying the key Cavapoo puppy breeders based in Arizona. However, before we go through our list, we should give you a better explanation as to why the Cavapoo is such a good breed of dog to own.

The Cavapoo is an exceptionally cute dog, and that cuteness level is one reason why this breed is so popular. However, as with any dog, you want to know you are buying a puppy from a reputable breeder.

By doing so, you stand a better chance of bringing home a healthy puppy. Unfortunately, not every breeder in the area will reach the high standards you should expect of them. That’s a problem especially when you are unsure as to who you should buy from.

Why a Cavapoo?

Cavapoo puppies

We mentioned earlier how the Cavapoo is exceptionally cute, but there’s a whole lot more to this breed than simply the way it looks. Instead, the cuteness level of this breed also covers the inside. 

With the Cavapoo, what you have here is a breed that is full of fun, and happy to be alive. They will bounce around loving life on a daily basis, and they are an absolute joy to be around. Also, they are very loyal and even-tempered, which is also a bonus.

The breed will also prove to be nice to have around people of all ages. So, if you have small children, then there will be nothing to worry about.

The Cavapoo will actually enjoy playing, but be prepared to give them a lot of cuddles. They love being close to you, and having cuddles and spending time with you is the best way to give this to them.

But then there’s the fact they are classed as being hypoallergenic. That does mean they are better for people with allergies as they do not shed or drool as much as other breeds. That should mean you have less of a potential reaction to them, and that’s great news.

So, you now need to know where you will be able to get your Cavapoo puppy. With that in mind, here are the best breeders based in Arizona.

Puppy’s N Love

First up, we have Puppy’s N Love and do be aware that this breeder does have a number of breeds available with the Cavapoo being one of them. However, don’t worry about them being a puppy mill, as they aren’t.

They go big on making sure their puppies are as well socialized as they can be. This is a great help for you as it makes the transition a whole lot easier for both you and the puppy.

This breeder also makes sure their puppies all come with their own individual health guarantee. That’s also great to hear as it gives you confidence that there will be no problems once you get them home.

However, this breeder is quite popular, so you will need to contact them and perhaps be put onto a waiting list. They will certainly keep you up to date with information on when a Cavapoo puppy is ready for you. 

When your puppy is ready, you will be expected to come and meet them in person first. That’s a great thing, and it’s something we recommend that you always do no matter which breeder you go to.

Garside Doodles Arizona

Next, we have Garside Doodles, and they are based in San Tan Valley. They are a family operation, so they are keeping things nice and small when it comes to their breeding program.

As the name suggests, they do focus on Doodle breeds, and the Cavapoo is certainly one of them. However, their main focus is on the Goldendoodle, so the number of litters of the Cavapoo will be limited throughout the year.

In saying that, what you have here is a breeder that takes exceptional care of their puppies. They make sure they really do have everything they need throughout those first few weeks of their lives.

Also, they provide them with ample space to run around and explore. Socialization is another big thing for them, and they will be more than happy for you to visit them.

But here is a great thing about them. All of their dogs are tested for any genetic issues before you can buy one. Basically, you know in advance if they have any of the more common health issues related to the breed, and that is amazing.

But as they have limited litter, you will need to be put on a waiting list. We recommend contacting them as soon as possible if you want to buy a Cavapoo from them.

Paw Palace

They may not win an award for having the best name for a Cavapoo breeder, but don’t let that put you off. Instead, what you have here is an experienced breeder that loves the Cavapoo.

They are fully licensed for the State of Arizona, and they are highly experienced at what they do. Also, they help other breeders in the State, so they will be a great connection to have even if they do not have puppies available at that time.

As they are licensed, you know their facilities are up to scratch. In fact, their facilities are excellent, and they are happy for you to visit them in person. 

This breeder does also offer a number of finance options, and that is something that may be of interest. You do need to contact them to find out about this. Also, we recommend contacting them to be placed on their waiting list. They are very popular, and they do have limits on the number of litters they produce.


Heidi’s Cavapoo and Cockapoo Puppies

The first thing to note is that this breeder only runs via their Facebook page rather than a website. However, they do update their page on a regular basis, so you will always be made aware of what is going on.

The only problem here is that information is pretty scant. In saying that, the owner is pretty up front and easy to talk to. They will be happy to answer any questions you have, and they will still invite you to see the puppies before you buy.

This is more of a hobby than a job, so Cavapoo puppies are limited in number. You will need to contact them and let them know of your interest to then be added to a waiting list.

How to Find That Perfect Breeder

The breeders we have listed above are all excellent at what they do. They are all based in Arizona and have extensive experience at breeding the Cockapoo. 

However, do not simply go ahead and purchase a puppy without doing your own work on the breeder first. So, this is what we recommend.

Are They Licensed?

Do check to see if they are licensed. This can be a big deal as it means they are being checked by the authorities and that their place comes up to standards. Being licensed does mean you should feel better about buying from them.

Check Their Background

We also believe you should check their background. Find out how long they have been a breeder for. Learn more about their location and premises. 

Do your due diligence on them before you go ahead and hand over any money. It is best for both you and the puppy that you do this.

Can You Meet Them?

A good breeder will allow you to meet the puppy in advance. They will also be happy to show you the parents and their health checks.

If a breeder does not want to do this, then we advise you to walk away. They should be stressing the need to meet the dog before you buy. If not, then it’s a bad sign.

The Breeder and Checking You

At the same time, a good breeder will always want to do some sort of checks on you. They should be checking to see if you are a suitable owner for one of their puppies. 

This could mean making sure you have the correct home for a dog. They will want to check you are actually allowed to have one at your home. Also, knowing of any previous experience in caring for animals can make a difference.

All of this is important for them to know they are giving their dogs to people who will always look after them correctly.

And those are the best Cavapoo puppy breeders in Arizona, and we recommend any of them if you are looking to purchase a Cavapoo puppy. However, you may need to wait to take your puppy home as there will be a waiting list.

The wait will be worth it as soon as you get them home and they become a wonderful new addition to your family.

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