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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Wisconsin – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Wisconsin – Ultimate Guide

For any individual living in Wisconsin with a desire of owning a Bernedoodle rescue, then help is at hand. These dogs are not only very cute and adorable, but they also prove to be rather popular pets. However, we would like you to think about an alternative to buying a puppy. That is the potential of adopting a dog from a rescue organization.

You see, adopting a dog from a rescue outfit is something that is enriching. It will make you feel pretty special. Also, it gives that dog a chance to live a happy life. Who could ever believe that this would be anything other than amazing?

Why a Rescue Dog?

The very idea of being able to save the life of a Bernedoodle. That has found itself in a rescue organization is pretty amazing. You are able to give the dog another chance at life, and the opportunity to be loved by a family. At the same time, you will also miss out on the puppy training aspect if you adopt an adult dog.

This idea of training a puppy can be difficult, and it is also time-consuming. The stress associated with it can be too much. This is a surefire way of being able to cut back on that stress.

Also, keep in mind that the dog will have so much love to give to you. And that as a reward is difficult to beat. All they want in their life is to have a wonderful place to call home. You have the ability to provide them with that, and they will be quick to show their affection.

Cute Bernedoodle dog

Why a Bernedoodle?

This is an easy question to answer. A Bernedoodle is such a wonderful breed of dog, and it has the perfect temperament for a family home. They love to bring so much joy to the life of their owners. They will go out of their way to make sure their owners are happy with them. 

Also, training a Bernedoodle can be a whole lot of fun. So there’s no real reason as to why you wouldn’t want to adopt a Bernedoodle.

However, while all of this sounds wonderful. It does mean it can be tough to find a Bernedoodle within these rescue organizations. They do not tend to stay inside the organizations for too long. And that is why you need to be proactive. 

What you need to do is to contact as many organizations across Wisconsin as possible. Let them know you are looking for a Bernedoodle. This will increase the chances of you being able to adopt the dog you are looking for.

So onto the list of rescue organizations that you may want to check out if you do want to adopt a rescue Bernedoodle. Now, they do not all focus entirely on the Doodle breed of dogs, so that does make life harder in landing a Bernedoodle. 

Wisconsin Humane Society Dog Rescue

The Wisconsin Humane Society Dog Rescue has been heavily involved in saving the lives of dogs across the State for a number of years. During that time, they have managed to rehome a large number of dogs, and while they do not focus on a Bernedoodle, they are in the right position to help you to find one.

Each dog that comes through their society will always be checked over by a vet, any health issues dealt with, and vaccinations are given. They will charge you a fee for adopting a dog from them, but this is to only recover the money that has been spent out on the dogs.

You will need to contact them in advance and advise them that you would like to adopt a Bernedoodle. They may not have one in their organization at that time, but you can still go through the adoption process to make sure you are ready when a Bernedoodle does come into their care.

Their adoption process involves looking at your home and any previous experience of looking after pets. This may involve a reference from a vet who can let them know that you did indeed care for your pets in the past. This is all intended to make sure that they can trust you to look after one of their dogs.

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  • Address: 4500 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208
Bernedoodle puppy

Lucky Seven Dog Rescue

Lucky Seven Dog Rescue focuses entirely on helping to rehome dogs that have been rescued from poor conditions. Starting back in 2005, they have helped thousands of dogs in that time, and there is always the chance of a Bernedoodle coming through their doors.

They do focus on the foster and adoption model, but they will always check each dog that comes into their organization and provide them with the health care that they may need. Add in offering vaccinations along with spaying and neutering, and you do at least know you will be adopting a rather healthy dog.

They will charge you a fee in the region of $350, and that is to recover the costs that they have incurred in initially caring for the dog. 

As they deal with any breed of dog that needs to be saved, you will need to give them prior notice of your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle. They may not have one in a foster home right now, but they will at least know to look out for a Bernedoodle in the future.

Diamond Dogs Rescue in Wisconsin

Diamond Dogs Rescue has been involved in saving and fostering dogs for several years, and during that time they have helped a large number of dogs to find their new forever home. 

They do deal with any breed, rather than focusing on the Doodle breed, so that means you should contact them and advise them that you are looking for a Bernedoodle. They may not be able to help you at that moment in time, but they will certainly contact you when one comes into their organization. After all, their main focus is on helping their dogs to find the perfect home.

As is the norm, they will take each dog to a vet who will give them a check, and deal with any health issues they may have. Also, their vaccinations will be up to date, and that means you do not have to worry about dealing with this as soon as you adopt them.

They do charge a fee, and it’s higher if you adopt a puppy. However, you will still need to go through the adoption process, which means they check out your background before they will even allow you to adopt one of their dogs.

Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin

Underdog Pet Rescue of Winsconsin was launched back in 2012, and since then they are proud to state how they have helped a large number of dogs to find a brand new home. 

As like the other rescue organizations we have listed above, they do not focus entirely on the Doodle breed of dogs, so you need to let them know you are searching for a Bernedoodle to adopt. They will be more than happy to help you as best they can, and you will be added to a waiting list.

You will be requested to go through the adoption process, and this does not take too long. Then, when they feel the perfect dog has come into their organization, you will be asked to meet them in person. Each dog also has its vaccinations, as well as being checked by a vet for any health issues.

Completing the Adoption Process

While none of the adoption agencies listed above deal specifically with a Bernedoodle, they do encounter them at different times throughout the year. So, you are best to go through the adoption process in advance.

How they do this will vary between organizations. They will inspect your property and your background. This is to help them know they have given a dog to the correct people. There is no way they want a dog to come back into their organizations.

In addition, they may ask if you have previous experience of looking after a pet. This may involve asking a vet for a reference, and this can be a big deal when it comes to having your application accepted.

The final point is your age. Some ask you to be over 18 while others say 21 is the age at which they will adopt out a dog. Check-in advance to see if you meet the criteria.

Also, be patient. A Bernedoodle is not going to enter the adoption process on a regular basis. Then, they need to know you are the right fit for the dog, so even if one does appear it does not mean you will get that dog.

However, with time on your side, there’s no doubt that you will eventually be able to adopt a wonderful Bernedoodle and provide them with the home they are looking for.

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