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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in New Jersey – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in New Jersey – Ultimate Guide

If you would like to consider adopting a Bernedoodle rescue in New Jersey, then we have to commend you on that decision. 

You see, the Bernedoodle is an amazing dog. Not only are they very popular, but it’s all too easy to fall in love with them thanks to how cute they look along with their amazing personality. 

Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do. There is no doubt that the idea of saving the life of a dog and giving them a second chance leads to a special bond between the two of you. Also, the love you will receive in return from this dog is also going to be something rather special.

Why a Rescue Dog?

So let’s look at why you would want to adopt a rescue dog instead of buying a puppy. 

As we said earlier, you are providing the dog with another opportunity to have a life. These dogs that are rescued are all wanting to enjoy the feeling of being loved, and to give that love back in return. 

But here is an important point. A puppy is a lot more work. You need to train them and care for them more than you would do with an adult dog as they already understand life and do their own thing. Adopting an adult dog is also less stressful when compared to training a puppy. 

Do you have the time to dedicate to training a puppy? If not, then adopting an adult dog from a rescue organization is certainly the better way to go about things.

The key here is just accepting that the rescue dog will want to give out a whole lot of love to you. That in itself is a good reason to adopt.

Bernedoodle outdoors

Why a Bernedoodle?

But let’s also look at something important, and that is why you would want to adopt a Bernedoodle compared to any other breed of dog. The truth is that we do have a multitude of reasons as to why adopting a Bernedoodle is such a good idea.

One of the key things is in how they are as a dog. They are pretty chilled and laid-back. They have a great temperament, and that marks them out as being perfect for a family. You will also have no problem in having them around children.

The Bernedoodle can be full of life and energy at times, but they just want to love you and to be loved back. In a short period of time, they will become part of the family.

Also, your Bernedoodle is the type of dog that loves to learn things. They will enjoy spending time with you when it comes to learning new tricks, and they always want to make you feel happy with them.

This is all very positive, but that causes its own problems. A Bernedoodle may not always appear in the list of dogs available for adoption from rescue organizations. That means you must be patient.

In addition, you may want to contact a number of organizations. In doing so, you will increase your chances of being able to successfully adopt one.

But then, you do need to know where to look in New Jersey when it comes to adopting a Bernedoodle, so that is where we will help.

Oodles of Doodles Rescue

Based in Jackson, Oodles of Doodles Rescue is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping people to adopt different dogs that all fall under the Doodles breed. Of course, that means they will have a number of Bernedoodle dogs available throughout the year, so they are an excellent resource.

This organization tends to use foster parents, and that is how you will often end up meeting your new Bernedoodle. However, you do need to go through their adoption process first, and that is something that does take some time.

As is common with adopting a rescue dog, they will make sure you are the perfect fit for the dog. Keep in mind that looking after the dog is their primary concern. If they do not believe you are the right fit, then you will be required to wait until another Bernedoodle comes along.

In the meantime, complete their application process and then get ready to meet your new dog.

Montclair Animal Shelter

Montclair Animal Shelter is run by the local government, but they focus on helping to rehome dogs that have been abandoned, neglected or surrendered by previous owners. They work hard at caring for the dogs, and they will provide them with all of the relevant treatment should they have any medical issues.

However, they do deal with any breed of dog that needs their help. That does mean they do not always have a Bernedoodle up for adoption at the time you have applied. Even though that may be upsetting for you, it is simply a case of letting them know of your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle, and they will do their best to help.

In the meantime, you should also discuss the adoption process with them. There is a fee involved, by they are a non-profit, and the money is designed to help them care for even more dogs.

Bernedoodle puppy sitting

Liberty Humane Society

Located in Jersey City, this rescue organization focuses on helping abandoned and neglected dogs from across the State. They work hard at making sure that these dogs are then cared for, nursed back to health, and made ready to be taken to a new loving home.

They will help any dog, so they do not focus entirely on the Bernedoodle. However, that should not stop you from contacting them and letting them know of your desire to adopt one. They will listen to you, and will then make a note for that time when they do come across a Bernedoodle that has entered their organization.

But be aware that they do not accept every application to adopt a dog. They are strict when it comes to who they will give one of their dogs to, and that means the application process is rather lengthy. 

This will always include them looking at your home and background of caring for animals. They will look for references, and you will be required to meet the dog in question before they will finalize the adoption. 

Address: 235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Humane Society of Bergen County

The Humane Society of Bergen County has been helping to rehome dogs since 1972, so they have a good idea of what they are doing. Run completely by volunteers, they are a non-profit organization with a desire to help as many dogs as possible, and that includes the Bernedoodle.

The best course of action to take here is to contact them and let them know you are looking to adopt a Bernedoodle. While they may not be able to help you at that exact moment, they will be aware of what you are looking for, and they will certainly assist you when a Bernedoodle enters the rescue organization.

This organization does focus on both strays and unwanted animals. They never know when a Bernedoodle may come through their doors, but it does happen, and you need to be proactive or you may miss out.

As is common, they will require you to pass their checks, and this does take some time to do. When successful, you will then be able to adopt a dog that has been checked by a vet and vaccinated. They will be on hand to offer you help and advice to make the adoption process as smooth as possible.

Completing the Adoption Process

Each organization that appears in our list will require you to complete their adoption process. So you can then be given one of their dogs to take home.

However, we do have to repeat that the organizations in our list do not always focus on Doodles. So there may be times where most of them do not have a Bernedoodle ready to adopt.

What we commend is to go ahead and complete the adoption process with each organization. In doing so you will increase the chances of being able to successfully adopt a Bernedoodle at some point. 

How the process works does stay almost the same no matter the organization. You will need to be of age, which may be 18 or 21, and have permission to own a pet.

They will look at your home, and may visit it. Also, any reference from a vet about how you cared for previous pets will also be welcomed.

But once the application process has been completed. You will then be able to adopt your Bernedoodle when they believe they have found the perfect dog for you.

However, keep in mind that it also depends on what they think is best for the dog. So some patience may be required before you can bring the new addition to your family back home.

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