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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Michigan – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Michigan – Ultimate Guide

If you reside in Michigan and would love to adopt a Bernedoodle Rescue, then who could blame you? After all, these dogs are some of the most popular around, and who couldn’t fall in love with the way that they look. However, there’s not always a need to go ahead and buy a puppy. Instead, we would like to suggest something a bit different, and that is to adopt one from a rescue organization.

Adopting a dog is an amazing thing to do. It is special, and some even feel it creates a different bond between you and your new pet. Let’s face it, you have given that dog a new lease on life, and the joy that this brings is something that is difficult to replicate.

Why a Rescue Dog?

But let’s quickly explore more about this concept of adopting a rescue dog. In the case of any dog, you are giving them another chance to enjoy life. All they want to do is to love someone and to have a family home to call their own. Also, there is the idea that you will be missing out on the puppy training aspect if you adopt an adult dog.

Not everyone is capable of training a puppy, and the easiest way to get around that is to adopt an adult dog. It will save you from all of the stress of trying to make sure the puppy can do all of the things it needs to do.

Your rescue dog will have a whole lot of love to give back to you. This is a reward that cannot be surpassed. The only thing they want is to have an amazing place that they can call their home, and you are there to provide them with this. Also, wait to see how quickly they will show their gratitude to you.

Grown Bernedoodle

Why a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle really is a beautiful breed of dog to own. They have such an amazing temperament, and they are perfect for a family. They are so calm and loving while they do love giving joy and happiness to the home. In fact, they will try to always make their owners as happy as possible.

But then there’s the fact that a Bernedoodle loves to learn new tricks. That means training them is a lot of fun, and they will certainly want to take part.

But it’s not all roses. The fact that they are such a wonderful breed to own does make it harder for you to find a Bernedoodle in a rescue organization. It’s not that they never appear there, but rather they do not stay in these facilities for any length of time. That is why you need to take the lead and be proactive.

This will involve you contacting as many of the different organizations as possible. They will take your details, and will then make sure you are on a waiting list for a Bernedoodle. The organizations will be quite happy to do this since they do at least know who can adopt a certain breed if they come across one.

So, let’s get on with the list of different rescue organizations in Michigan. However, be aware that they may not specialize in a Bernedoodle.

Michigan Doodle Rescue

The Michigan Doodle Rescue has been in existence for a number of years, and they do focus on the Doodle breeds. That is great news for you as it does mean they encounter a number of Bernedoodle dogs throughout the course of the year.

These dogs have either been surrendered by other owners or rescued from shelters and homes where they are not being correctly cared for. Of course, they never know how many dogs will come through their door at any given time, but that is why you need to start the adoption process in advance.

Each dog is checked over by a vet, and they will give them any medication they may need, which also includes vaccinations. They will even check their dental health, and can then offer you advice and guidance when you are going through the adoption process.

Speaking of the process, they will check out your background and will want to see your home. They need to know you have the perfect location for a Bernedoodle before they will allow you to adopt one.

Detroit Dog Rescue

Detroit Dog Rescue has been in existence since 2011, and they are a no-kill shelter. They do deal with any breed of dog, so they do not focus entirely on a Bernedoodle, but they are so active that they do come across them from time to time.

They take in dogs, train them, care for them, and look after their health. That means you have a perfectly healthy dog to take home, and they will even give you some advice on how to care for your dog after the adoption process has been completed.

As they will not always have a Bernedoodle ready to adopt, this is one of those times where it is advisable to go through the adoption process to make sure you are ready for whenever a Bernedoodle does appear. 

They will take their time to go through the process. They will check out your home and background before agreeing you are the right person for one of their dogs. Then, you simply need to pay the adoption fee, and you will be able to bring your dog home with you.

Michigan Animal Rescue League

The Michigan Animal Rescue League is a non-profit organization that does help any breed of dog that is in some sort of distress. They will come across a Bernedoodle on occasion, but they have a lot of contacts in animal rescue, so they can be well placed to help you should a Bernedoodle appear in any sanctuaries.

You should contact them and tell them that you are searching for a Bernedoodle dog. However, they do not seek to correctly identify each breed, so you need to be aware of this when you go through the adoption process.

Speaking of the adoption process, they will ask a multitude of questions, and they are very thorough with their process. Each dog will have also gone through a lengthy process of being checked by a vet, and they will get all of their vaccinations before being adopted out.

WAG Animal Rescue Michigan

The WAG Animal Rescue organization in Michigan has been working since 1988, and they have helped countless animals since that time. While they do help various animals, their main focus is on dogs, and that does mean there’s a chance of a Bernedoodle coming through their doors. 

They take in both surrenders as well as dogs from shelters. However, they never have any idea as to which dogs will be coming through their doors, and that is why you need to go ahead and contact them in advance.

By doing so, you can begin their application process. That will involve you filling in a form, answering questions, and getting references if you have previously owned pets.

Their process is extensive, but they take such good care of the dogs that come through their doors that they do not want to make a mistake with adopting out a dog. You will also need to meet the dog in person before they will allow you to take them home. However, that is common, and then all you need to do is pay the adoption fee, and the dog will belong to you.

Completing the Adoption Process

Aside from the first one in our list, the other agencies deal with dogs in a general sense, so they do not always have a Bernedoodle available for adoption at any given time. However, that just means you should go through the adoption process before a dog comes along.

How they proceed will vary depending on the organization. In saying that, they do tend to follow similar lines as they all have the same end goal in mind, which is to make sure the dog gets the best possible home.

Their aim is to make sure that a dog is rehomed and does not have to come back into these types of organizations. They may ask if you have previously looked after a pet, and this could include contacting a vet for a reference that you have cared correctly for a pet in the past.

Finally, the adoption process includes a fee. However, this fee is related to the costs that they have created when having the dog checked by a vet and any vaccinations or treatment. They are all non-profit organizations, so they do need to recoup their costs, and that is where the fee comes in. Do note that the fee changes between organizations.

The final thing to say is that you do need to be patient when adopting a Bernedoodle from a rescue organization. There is not always a Bernedoodle available, so that is why we do recommend contacting each agency listed above and telling them of your desire to adopt this breed of dog.

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