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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Illinois – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Illinois – Ultimate Guide

A Bernedoodle can be a wonderful breed of dog to own, but there’s no need to automatically go ahead and seek to own a puppy. Instead, we want you to consider checking out a Bernedoodle rescue organization that operates in and around Illinois.

These organizations may deal with more breeds of dogs than those that fall within the Doodle breed, but they are there to help unite dogs in need with families that will love them. This is an amazing thing to do, and if you have never thought about adopting a rescue dog before, then this could very well be the time to change.

There is something so very rewarding about adopting a dog. Giving it a second chance for life is a great thing. Also, there are so many organizations across Illinois that help with exactly this, and they have so many dogs available.

Why Adopt a Dog?

Forget about the idea that any dog that finds itself in a rescue organization is a bad dog with a temper problem. That is not the case. So many find themselves there through no fault of their own. Please do not fall into the trap of thinking that they are all bad dogs. That is just not the case at all.

Most have been rescued from poor situations, and where their owners are just unable to care for them correctly. The truth is that rescue organizations have countless dogs that simply want to be loved by a family, and they have so much love to give in return.

But it also comes with other advantages.

Rescue dogs have been checked over by the organizations caring for them. That means you know in advance of any possible health issues that you need to deal with. Also, you may not have to go through the entire puppy training part since most of the dogs that are available for adoption are slightly older.

Why Adopt a Bernedoodle?

But also why would you want to focus on a Bernedoodle? Well, there are a number of reasons as to why a Bernedoodle is such a good dog to own.

A Bernedoodle is known for its amazing temperament, and this is common across the Doodle range. They have so much fun about them as well, and if you want a dog that is good with the entire family, then this is the breed for you.

Also, they are protective of their family. They won’t allow any harm to come to you, but at the same time, they love cuddles and give you a lot of love. So, what isn’t there to like about them?

But let’s put all of that to one side and look at the rescue organizations that you may want to contact in order to see about adopting a Bernedoodle.

Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue

Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue is an organization that does deal with pretty much any animal. However, they are so busy and popular that they do have the occasional Bernedoodle coming through their door.

In order to adopt from them, you must be over 21. They will also specifically request proof that your previous pets were well cared for in the past before allowing you to adopt. This can be done via evidence from your vet.

As they do not focus entirely on Doodle dogs, you are advised to get in touch with them directly and state that you wish to adopt a Bernedoodle. That will mean you can start their adoption application in advance. Finally, everyone who is living in the home must meet the dog in person. This is to make sure that the dog takes to every single person, and it’s a good idea.

There may be some waiting time when you go through Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue, but what you will then get is a dog that has been thoroughly checked by a vet, fully vaccinated, and ready to love you and your family.

Chicago Canine Rescue

Chicago Canine Rescue clearly deals with any breed of dog that needs rescued or helped in some way, so they do not focus entirely on a Bernedoodle. They were originally founded back in 2001, and since then they have helped thousands of dogs find a new loving home.

Their focus is on helping dogs that are in overcrowded shelters. They also believe in taking them away from kill shelters and giving them another chance at life. 

You do need to contact them directly in order to let them know you are searching to specifically adopt a Bernedoodle. They will then help you through the adoption process and carry out checks even before a Bernedoodle appears.

You should be aware that they will not always have a Bernedoodle ready to adopt. That means you may have to wait sometime to get the dog you are looking for. However, they are such a large organization that they will come across this breed of dog at some point.

Do be aware that they will charge an adoption fee, but this is to recover their costs, and they are a non-profit organization as well.

A Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue

A Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue was created in 2015, and they are based in Romeoville. This organization does not actually have its own facility, but rather they rescue dogs from various situations and then place them in foster homes across the area.

The foster family will also work at determining how the dog in question needs help. They will then be involved in the adoption process to see if you are a good fit with the dog in question.

A Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue does deal with any breed of dog, but as is the norm, you need to contact them to let them know all about your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle. They will add you to their list for that breed of dog and will seek to match you up with one when possible.

Any dog that enters their organization is taken to a vet, assessed, and given the relevant vaccines. They are then cared for at their foster homes until the correct new home comes along.

ALIVE Rescue

ALIVE Rescue is another organization that is based in Chicago, and they have been helping to rescue dogs since 2008. They have their own adoption facility, and they do help a number of dogs across the Chicago area to find new loving homes.

As well as helping dogs to find their new family, they also provide additional support after the adoption process has been completed. It means you should have no problem integrating your new pet into the family.

You will need to tell them in advance you are searching for a Bernedoodle. They will then help match you with your perfect dog whenever they come into their facility. In the meantime, you can go through the adoption process.

That does mean you can have your background checked, and even your home that it will be suitable. They will then check the health of each dog that comes through their organization. It means they have their vaccines, are healthy, and have nothing to worry about.

The Adoption Process

When it comes to adopting a rescue dog, you will need to go through the adoption process. While it may change slightly between organizations, the basic concept is the same.

With some organizations, you may need to be over 21 while others will adopt to people over 18. However, it’s the background checks that are key.

If you have previously owned a pet, or currently do so, then most organizations will require a reference from a vet. This reference will let them know a vet has verified you care for your pets. That is the biggest thing for these organizations as they want their dogs to go to wonderful homes.

They may also require an in-home check. That is where they come to see where you live, and make sure it will be suitable for your Bernedoodle. Add in the fact that each family member will need to meet the dog, and you have a very secure way of adopting a dog.

But as we said, these organizations do not always focus on a Bernedoodle. They are more of a general dog or animal rescue organization. It means you need the patience to wait and get the right dog for you.

However, with the number of dogs currently being rescued across Illinois, it means a Bernedoodle dog will appear throughout the year. We recommend contacting as many organizations as possible to register your interest. In doing so, you will be able to take home a dog you can love for years to come.

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