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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Georgia – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in Georgia – Ultimate Guide

If you live in Georgia and have an interest in owning a Bernedoodle from a rescue organization. Then nobody in their right mind could blame you for this. These dogs are some of the most adorable and cutest out there. However, we want you to think about something. And that is to perhaps not just go ahead and buy a puppy.

Instead, we think that getting a rescue dog should be highly enriching. You will still get the same love that you would get from any other dog. And that is something that is pretty amazing.

Why a Rescue Dog?

Saving the life of a Bernedoodle from a rescue organization is brilliant. It gives them the opportunity to have a full and fun life. Also, you can avoid doing all of the puppy training things that can be difficult, and also very time-consuming. For some people, trying to do all of this training is stressful. So you will reduce that stress in an instant.

Also, as we said earlier, a rescue dog is capable of providing you with so much love. And the reward you will get from this is something that you won’t forget. They just want to live with a family that is capable of loving them. They will undoubtedly shower you with affection.

Bernedoodle puppy lying down

Why a Bernedoodle?

So why would you bother with getting a rescue Bernedoodle? Well, this breed of dog has an amazing temperament. They have this ability to bring some serious joy into your life, and they do it with such ease. They love nothing more than to please their owners, and they are not that difficult to train either. 

But the fact that this breed of dog is so nice does work against you. It means they will not stay too long in a rescue organization. But that is where you need to be prepared and ready. The main thing is to make sure you get into as many rescue organizations as possible to increase your chances of successfully adopting a Bernedoodle.

So onto the list of rescue organizations that you may want to check out if you do want to adopt a rescue Bernedoodle. Now, they do not all focus entirely on the Doodle breed of dogs. So that does make life harder in landing a Bernedoodle. 

Bernedoodle puppy outside

Best Friends Lifesaving Center

The first place is the Best Friends Lifesaving Center, and even though they are dealing with dogs all over the United States, they do have a base in Atlanta. 

Their aim is easy to understand. They want to go ahead and save as many animals as possible, and to practically eliminate the idea of dogs being homeless. Now that is a big ask, but they do help as many dogs as they can, and it also means they encounter the occasional Bernedoodle mixed in with other breeds.

Each dog will be given their vaccines, and it will also be spayed and neutered if required. The organization does also works at offering an education program for people that adopt a dog from their organization. This is great as it does mean you feel better at adopting since the dog in question has been thoroughly checked over by a vet before you take them home.

Of course, you will need to go through their adoption process, and that takes some time. You should also contact them in advance to alert them about your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle. 

Based in Atlanta, this non-profit organization tries its best to help as many dogs as they can. This organization does deal with a number of different breeds, so they do not specialize in Bernedoodles. In saying that, they do encounter so many dogs throughout the year that it is always possible that a Bernedoodle will come through their doors at any point.

Where the Wild Things Are

This is a small organization, so you do need to be on top of things, and make sure you contact them in advance to let them know you are looking to adopt a Bernedoodle. They will do their best to make sure they can help you out should one come through their doors.

Where the Wild Things Are do run a foster service, so that is how you will arrange to see the dog in question. They will go through the usual adoption process and ask the relevant questions. After all, it’s a serious business when it comes to adopting out their dogs.

Animal Ark

Animal Ark is based in Columbus, and their focus is on trying to reduce the number of dogs that are in kill shelters across Georgia. They have their work cut out for them, but they do help a large number of dogs in the space of a single year.

As they deal with any breed that needs help, it does mean they do not focus on the Doodles breeds, so giving them advanced warning of your desire to rescue a Bernedoodle is important. It also means they will be on the lookout for one that has perhaps entered the system, and they will then seek to rescue it on your behalf.

There is an adoption fee, which is normal, and each dog is checked by a vet with the appropriate vaccines being given in advance. You will also need to complete their checks in advance, but they do just follow the usual adoption approach, so there will be no surprises in store for you.

Do be aware that there may be a bit of a wait in order to bring your new adopted Bernedoodle home. They have no way of knowing when one may enter into the organization, but that is why we advise people to tell them in advance. However, there is no guarantee that the dog may be the right one for you as that is up to the organization, as well as the dog.

Lifeline Animal Project

The Lifeline Animal Project has a number of different shelters across the whole of Georgia. They always have hundreds of dogs available for adoption at any given time, so the chances of you being able to find a Bernedoodle will be quite high.

However, as with any rescue organization, we do recommend you get in touch with them in advance. By doing so, you can tell them about your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle in particular, and they will make sure that their team is on the look out for any Bernedoodle that comes into the rescue market.

This project actually deals with over 40,000 dogs a year, and that is huge. Each dog is also checked from a health perspective, but then they will also vaccinate them before you have the chance to adopt. At least with that you do know you will be getting a healthy dog.

Completing the Adoption Process

Any of the various rescue organizations we have included above may have a Bernedoodle available for adoption at any point. However, you do need to be aware of the adoption process before you go ahead and become involved in trying to adopt a dog.

Now, what you will need to do is going to vary according to each individual organization. They will ask different questions and will check you out. This is done to help them make sure you are the correct fit for the dog. They certainly do not want to have a dog come back through their doors if it can be avoided.

With this, some organizations will request to see your home. They want to know that the dog will have an amazing place to call home. They need to know they will not be kept in poor conditions, since most dogs have come from something very similar, and they want to avoid all of that.

Also, be aware that you will need to be of age, and they may ask for a reference from a vet as to whether you have had pets before, and also how you cared for them. All of this is designed to make them feel that they have found a suitable person for one of their dogs.

But do be aware that completing the adoption process can still result in you having some time to wait in order to get your Bernedoodle. It all depends on when one comes into the organization, and also if they feel that you are a good match for the dog. 

Remember, it is the dog that is effectively calling the shots here. You may like them, but the dog may not be right for you, so patience will be key. However, you will eventually be able to adopt a rescue Bernedoodle, and there’s no doubt that it will be worth the wait.

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