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Best Bernedoodle Rescue in California – Ultimate Guide

Best Bernedoodle Rescue in California – Ultimate Guide

California is not short of animal rescue organizations. However, they do have to deal with a large number of dogs coming through their doors on a yearly basis. While finding the best Bernedoodle rescue in California may not be the most common of breeds.

It will certainly not be the case that you will never find one somewhere in California.There is something exceptionally cute about a Bernedoodle, but before you go out and consider simply buying a puppy, we want you to think about an alternative option.

That alternative option is to go ahead and consider a rescue dog. You see, we have a multitude of benefits associated with getting a rescue dog. We aren’t only going to go through those benefits, but also help you identify the best rescue organizations in California.

Why Adopt a Bernedoodle?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you may want to adopt a Bernedoodle. Let’s be honest, a lot of it is to do with the fact that this breed is so seriously cute. 

But looks aside, this breed is intelligent, great around kids and people in general. Also, they are easy to train, and will quickly become a wonderful companion. 

Sadly, some people cannot cope with a Bernedoodle even though it wins when it comes to the cuteness factor. They cannot deal with the energy that this breed has, and they can sometimes be a bit on the noisy side. If you have no experience of dogs in your home, then this can get a bit too much.

But in all honesty, a Bernedoodle is a wonderful breed of dog. Often, it is circumstances outwith the control of the previous owner that ultimately lead to them being given over to a rescue organization.

Adoption Benefits

While that sounds bad and depressing, that is not actually the case. Also, adopting a dog comes with various benefits as we said earlier.

There’s no doubt that bringing a Bernedoodle into your family home can be wonderful for your state of mind. Also, they will be quick to show you how happy they are to be there with you as well.

By adopting a fully grown dog, it means the training part will have already been completed. This is great news if you have never trained a dog before, as it can be stressful, and also quite difficult at times.

Also, you know that your Bernedoodle has been checked over by a vet and is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and in great health. That is a huge weight off your shoulders as there’s always the worry about the health status of your dog.

But none of this matters if you do not know where to find a Bernedoodle to adopt, so onto the list of the best places in California.

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc

Located in Southern California, Doodle Rescue Collective Inc does indeed specialize in all of the different Doodle breeds in existence today. Of course, that means the Bernedoodle is included in all of that. So, the likelihood of you being able to adopt a Bernedoodle is going to increase thanks to this rescue organization.

But there’s one thing to know about this organization and it’s that they work across the entire country. This gives you an even better chance of perhaps landing a Bernedoodle for you to adopt, and that is something we love.

This organization has hundreds of people who volunteer to help them rescue and care for different Doodles. They will help you to find the perfect Bernedoodle as best they can. Also, they have been doing this for well over a decade, and they have certainly built a reputation for themselves as an organization you can trust.

They will care for the dogs they come across, and they will also help you get used to looking after our new Doodle once you have successfully completed the adoption process. However, they will take some time to find the perfect home for each dog, so you may still have to wait a period of time before getting your new addition to your family.

Lovebugs Doodle Rescue

The Lovebugs Doodle Rescue has been in operation for over 10 years, and while they focus on Doodles, they do also deal with other breeds of dogs that need to be rescued and helped in some way. 

One thing to be aware of is that the application process with Lovebugs Doodle Rescue is one of the most involved in the country, but that is a good thing rather than something to be frowned upon. It just means they know in advance that their dogs are going to a new loving home rather than sending the dog back into a horrible situation.

Based in Corona Del Mar, they always have a number of Doodle dogs in their care at any given time. That does mean you stand a good chance of being able to get a Bernedoodle, but you still need to move fast as dogs don’t tend to stay with them too long thanks to their popularity.

We would recommend getting in touch with this organization and let them know of your desire to adopt a Bernedoodle. They can even get started with the application process in advance. That means checking you out, and that will speed things up when the perfect dog for you does indeed come into their organization.

Additional Inf:

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption

Sugar Pine Doodles Adoption is located in Pioneer. However, they cover a huge area when it comes to offering Doodles up for adoption. 

However, there’s a problem, but it’s a nice problem. This organization has a tendency to bring a large number of Doodle-type dogs into their care. That does mean you will have a number of dogs to choose from at any given time.

Now, we cannot guarantee that there will be a large number of Bernedoodles at any time. At least you stand a good chance of being able to find a dog that you would love to bring into your family. Also, they are breeders of Doodle dogs.

However, the adoption and rescue aspect is a big part of what they do. Be aware that they do tend to ask for more money for the adoption process than what you will often find elsewhere.

In saying that, it isn’t always a bad thing. Instead, it’s a sign of how they have been trying to take care of the dogs that come through their door. They simply look to get back the money they have spent on having them checked by a vet.

But to deal with this organization, will involve getting in touch with them directly. You must make sure that they know you are looking to adopt a rescue in advance. This is instead of one of the litters that they have bred themselves. 

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Dogs Without Borders

Dogs Without Borders is located in Los Angeles. While they do deal with any breed of dog, this is going to clearly include a Bernedoodle, along with other Doodle dogs as well. 

This organization has managed to help thousands of dogs find their new forever home. They will work closely with you to identify and find the right dog for your own unique situation. This does involve you having to pass a number of checks with the organization. However, they simply want to make sure that you are capable of caring for the dog in advance. It makes sense to do this before the adoption process is completed.

They will spend time checking over your own individual situation. Next, they will also spend a lot of time checking the dogs themselves before adoption. This makes sure they are healthy before being adopted out. All of the tests and vaccinations are then  covered in the adoption fee, and we recommend contacting them to learn more about the current rates.

Finally, make sure you tell them you are looking for a Bernedoodle to adopt. Your name will then be added to a list. After that, it’s then a case of waiting until a Bernedoodle comes through their door. However, keep in mind that they will then determine if you are the perfect match for the dog.

Additional Info:

The Adoption Process

Whenever you want to adopt a Bernedoodle from any of the rescue organizations in California, you can expect to be required to go through a certain process. 

This will involve learning more about you and your home. It may require a visit to your home in advance of completing the adoption process. This is due to the need of these organizations to know where their dogs will be spending their lives.

The exact process will vary depending on the organization. But that is why we do recommend you start the process early. Do this before you see a Bernedoodle that makes your heart melt. It will just make everything go more smoothly if you have completed the hard part first.

Of course, you can contact any of the animal rescue organizations in California in advance. Let them know you will be wanting to adopt a Bernedoodle. Any organization has the potential of picking up a Bernedoodle that has been abandoned or surrendered by its owner. You don’t want to be missing out.

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