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Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Texas

Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Texas

We’ve done all the dirty work for you in this post! By presenting you with the 4 best Bernedoodle breeders in Texas, you can add a new member to your family without any accompanying upsets.

Bernedoodles are dogs that are in high demand all across the USA. And for good reasons! They’re practically non-shedders. They’re cute. And sociable too. Plus, they generally make amazing additions to families.

The issue is that buying the finest dogs that meet the breed standard is an extreme sport in the USA.

The dog marketplace is full of so many puppy mills and backyard breeders. These sellers only care about one thing   their pockets!

You want to be wary of such sellers. Otherwise, making a bad investment will not only drain you financially. It’ll be emotionally taxing too.

The Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Texas

Fort Mason Bernedoodles

One of the very first places you might want to check out is Fort Mason Bernedoodles. This breeding hub exists courtesy of the lovely couple, Garland and Joy Gallagher.

Over the years, they’ve gained so much experience raising different types of animals. So, they bring to the Bernedoodle table rich amounts of experience you’ll likely benefit from.

You can find Fort Mason Bernedoodles in Mason, Texas. There, they only raise pups sired by breeding stock representing champion bloodlines from both abroad and the USA.

This breeder aims at providing you with the healthiest ever Bernedoodle pups you could ever find. So, they make sure to carry the most rigorous of tests on their dogs.

All breeding stock have passed various forms of health tests, ensuring that you’re going home with nothing short of strong, healthy puppies. What’s more, they completely vaccinate and deworm their puppies before making them available for the market.

Again, the dogs grow on the family ranch. Here, they’re allowed to interact with not just other pups and animals. They also play with the children and other adults on the ranch. So, you’re also largely going home with a furry friend(s) that are properly socialized and well-behaved!

Each dog you purchase comes with a 1-year health guarantee. And Fort Mason Bernedoodles can extend the period for a further 12 months if you keep your pup on Nuvet supplements for 2 years.

Fort Mason Bernedoodles sell their puppies depending on the breed size. So, miniature Bernedoodles go for $3.750 while a Standard Bernedoodle pup goes for $3,500. You will be added to a waiting list before you can make a puppy selection.

To get on the waiting list, you must make a non-refundable deposit of $500. You may choose to have your package ground-shipped or airline-shipped. Better still, you may choose to pick up your package personally.


  • Genetic health tests are carried out on breeding stock
  • Extendable 1-year health guarantee
  • Pups are properly socialized
  • Breeding stock represent champion bloodlines

Sawmill Station Doodles

When it comes to molding puppies that are highly fit for the family environment, Sawmill Station Doodles truly understand the assignment.

Similar to Fort Mason Bernedoodles, Sawmill Station Doodles are a small family unit that raises this cute dog breed on a horse farm in Conroe, Texas.

It’s worthy to note that this environment facilitates the raising of pups that aren’t just happy-go-lucky. The pups also grow to appreciate interactions with other animals as well as human beings. This sets them up perfectly to become that ideal family pet you’ve always wanted for your home.

More importantly, Sawmill Station Doodles aren’t ones to joke with the health of their dogs. First, pups are bred from a parent stock featuring dogs that trace their ancestry from champion lines that have undergone thorough health tests.

It doesn’t just end there, though. Pups also undergo the necessary vaccinations and are microchipped. What’s more, Sawmill Station Doodles offer a whopping  2-year health guarantee for each pup you purchase!

To reserve a pup, you’ll have to fill out a reservation application form. Thereafter, you would have to pay a non-refundable fee of $400 which will form part of the total purchase.


  • Breeding stock is carefully selected
  • Pups are socialized at an early age
  • Vaccination of pups
  • They offer a 2-year health guarantee for each pup you buy

Namaste Bernedoodles

Namaste Bernedoodles are a leading name when it comes to breeding Bernedoodles in Texas. You can locate them in Dallas, Texas.

As a leading breeder of Bernedoodles, they usually focus on four main areas  the breed’s temperament, health, conformation, and coat. And they aim for perfection in molding top-quality Bernedoodles that meet the requirements in all four areas.

When it comes to creating the perfect Bernedoodle, they just don’t focus on the dog’s health. 

Bernedoodle puppy - best Bernedoodle breeders in Texas.jpg

Of course, thorough genetic health tests are important. And breeding dogs are tested rigorously for any health issues before they’re used. But, they don’t just leave it at that. 

They see to it that the temperament and visual appeal of the dog is also thoroughly evaluated. And they go through great pains to make sure of that. Color patterns they usually focus on are Parti, Tuxedo, Solids, and Phantom!

Puppies are properly socialized and they all come with a 1-year health guarantee!

Namaste Bernedoodles are also pioneers in breeding Ultra-Bernedoodles! These have unique tricolor markings in addition to a coat that’s curly and soft. They’re also more Bernese Mountain dogs than Poodles.

What’s more, they also sell Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Standard Poodles.

To reserve a pup, you’ll have to make a non-refundable down payment after which you may continue to choose your puppy.

While they don’t allow visits, you may have your package hand-delivered to you or shipped.


  • Rigorous health checks
  • Specialized socialization program for dogs
  • A variety of doodle mixes available
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • 1-year health guarantee for puppies purchased
  • Leading provider of Ultra-Bernedoodles


  • Premises is out of bounds

Lonestar Bernedoodles

Lonestar Bernedoodles are an organized unit of professionals who have taken their love for Bernedoodles to the next level.

They’re home-based breeders located just outside Dallas, Texas. And they aim to create the ideal Bernedoodle that will fit seamlessly in your home.

Like many breeders in our list, Lovestar Bernedoodles pay particular attention to the health of their dogs. They thoroughly screen parent dogs for any defects in their hips, elbows, eyes, or heart.

They also keep the dogs on flea and heartworm preventatives. At the same time, they make sure these dogs receive the necessary vaccines in addition to routine annual check-ups. 

They don’t leave out the puppies either. Before you pick them up, Lonestar Bernedoodles ensure they deworm and vaccinate them.

Plus, because at every single time, they breed just one or two litters, puppies receive quality attention from family members. And they also get to socialize with other dogs on the premises.

Colofrful Bernedoodle - Best Bernedoodle breeders, Texas

In addition to Bernedoodles, they also sell Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Australian Shepherds. They price their puppies depending on their size and color.

Standard Merle Bernedoodle pups start at $4,000. Standard Tri-color/Bi-color/Solid/Phantom/Parti, and Sable Bernedoodle pups are $3,500. Mini Merle Bernedoodles cost $4,500. Finally, Micro Merle Bernedoodle pups are for sale at $5,000

To get on the waiting list for puppy reservations, you’d have to deposit a non-refundable amount of $300. It forms part of your total purchase price, nonetheless. Lonestar Bernedoodles offers a 1-year health guarantee for every puppy you purchase.


  • Visitation allowed for buyers on the waiting list
  • 1-year health guarantee
  • Dogs undergo rigorous health tests
  • Proper socialization of puppies
  • Deworming and vaccination of puppies before the sale
  • Wide range of coat colors to choose from

Telephone: 972-804-4099

Final Thoughts

Getting yourself a high-quality Bernedoodle is what we want for you! Making such a worthwhile investment means adding a new member to your family without any regrets in the future.

You can do this by reaching out to any breeder from our list of the best Bernedoodle breeders in Texas. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re still not sure which one to opt for, remember to look out for just three things.

First, you should get all the health records of the dog. And the breeder must be willing to provide them. Otherwise, on to the next.

Second, try as much as possible to visit the breeding premises and meet the breeder. This will give you an idea of the living conditions of the dogs. If it’s not possible to visit, ask for pictures.

Finally, ask for documentation of the dog’s pedigree. No reputable breeder will hesitate in providing you with that information.

Now, you know exactly what to do to land them cute furballs. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Bernedoodle pup already!

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