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Best Bernedoodle Breeders in PA

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in PA

If you live in PA and have managed to fall in love with the Bernerdoodle, and not knowing who the best Bernedoodle Breeders in PA is important. Getting your hands on the right puppy is key.

But let’s face it, we completely understand why you would want a Bernedoodle in your home, so we are here to help.

The difficult part is with getting the puppy. This breed is becoming more popular across the country, and that does mean you can choose from more breeders than ever before. However, not every breeder is someone you can trust, and that is where things become difficult.

So, that is where we come in. We are going to show you some breeders that focus on the Bernedoodle and are able to be trusted. Also, we will then provide you with some information on how to choose the breeder as well.

But before we do all of that, let’s explain why a Bernedoodle is such a good dog to own.

black and white bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle is a wonderful dog to own. This cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle does mean the dog is larger than you could have experienced before, but that’s not always a bad thing.

It has some wonderfully gorgeous looks, but even though this is quite a large dog, their temperament is astonishingly good. Yep, for us it’s their temperament that is the main reason why you should want to own a Bernedoodle.

As a family dog, this breed is excellent. They love everyone in their family, and they have an exceptional loyalty about them as well. 

Also, even though they are large, they do have a gentle side to them. So, if you have young children running around, then don’t worry. The only concern is when the Bernedoodle is young and still slightly full of youthful energy.

Keep in mind that this dog loves to learn new things. It makes them really happy. So, training them is essential, and make sure you change what they learn to help keep them entertained.

Finally, this is not an aggressive breed of dog. However, they will seek to protect their family if required.

So, you can see why this breed is such a good idea, and now onto the important part, where to get your hands on a puppy.

Bernedoodles of Love

The first breeder to mention that comes from PA is Bernedoodle of Love, and they really do love the breed in all their glory. Based near New Holland, they have been involved in breeding dogs for over 20 years, so they have the experience you want.

These puppies are brought up in a loving family home, and they undergo extensive socialization with both other pets and children. It does mean you have a well-rounded puppy ready to take home, and it reduces the odds of running into any problems.

Also, this breeder puts each puppy through extensive health checks, and you will get your hands on a health guarantee as well. They have also all had their first shots and dewormed.

But understand a waiting list can exist from time to time. This breeder is popular thanks to the quality of their puppies, but it’s worth it all in the end when you get your new buddy home.

Bernedoodle big eyes

Country Haven Puppies PA

Located in Myerstown, Country Haven Puppies do focus more on miniature Bernedoodles, but that’s not a problem when you see how cute they are. This small breeder focuses on breeding puppies with exceptional loyalty, and also extremely healthy.

They have been breeding since 2017, and have quickly built a name for themselves for the quality of their puppies. Also, you may encounter a waiting list thanks to their popularity, and also the fact they are a small operation.

Their Bernedoodles are well socialized thanks to the way in which they are reared in a close-knit family. They have no issues with any individuals, and this helps make them the perfect family dog.

Hoops Bernedoodles Pennsylvania

Hoops Bernedoodles is another highly popular breeder located in Crystal Spring, and while they do not have a website, they primarily exist on Facebook. On their page, they will update images and provide information on their puppies.

This is certainly a small breeder, but they do have well socialized puppies that will fit into your new home without too many problems. Each puppy is registered in the area, and they also come with various health checks. 

The puppies are all raised in families, and they only have a small number of litters per year. Be prepared to sit on a waiting list though with this breeder.

How to Choose a Breeder

So, how would you actually choose the breeder that you then want to use? Well, let’s make this as easy as possible.

You are not overwhelmed by a number of options with the Bernedoodle, but as we said earlier, more breeders exist now than in previous years. So, this is what you need to look out for.

Bernedoodle looking up

Look Into Their Background

To kick things off, check out the background of each breeder as best you can, and do this before you even contact them. The aim here is to provide you with some sort of understanding as to their experience of dealing with the Bernedoodle.

You want to know how long they have been breeding for. Also, check for any links they have to different organizations, and if they previously bred other dogs.

The intention here is to gain more insight into what they are like as a breeder. If they do have any affiliations, then it can indicate they breed to a high standard, and that alone builds trust in them. 

The key is for you to feel more settled at the idea of dealing with a certain breeder prior to getting in touch with them. However, you need to think about other things before you get to the point of handing over money.

Can You See the Puppies?

You must never purchase a puppy without seeing them first. In an ideal world, this would happen in person, but that’s not always the easiest thing to do.

The reason why this is so important is due to the way in which it lets you check out both the puppy and the parents. It means you can see how healthy they are, and it also provides you with the opportunity to meet the breeder.

But as we said, visiting in person is not always possible. At that point, the breeder must work with you to ensure you can still find a way to check out the puppy before you hand over any cash.

In most cases, this should involve the likes of a Zoom call so you can still see them running around, and also talk to the breeder at the same time. This is the preferred option, but if that is not available to you, then having images and videos to view may still suffice.

Also, please never feel afraid to ask the breeder any questions you have on your mind about both their background and the puppy. A breeder should always feel content to answer questions as it does indicate a real sense of care about the puppy that you then want to take home.

Our aim here is to prime you for building a real picture of both the puppy and the breeder before it all costs you money. It’s not a difficult thing to do, and yet it will help you to avoid running into a poor breeder.

Their Health Guarantee

Finally, there’s an issue of the potential health of the puppy. Please never purchase a puppy without being given information about their health. It’s not worth the risk.

Any good breeder will conduct various health checks on the puppy, and this should also involve genetic testing. They should then share this information with you before you complete the purchase. It means you know your puppy is nice and healthy.

Also, look out for a health guarantee, but please check out the small print. 

While a health guarantee is there to give you a sense of safety, some breeders are known to make life difficult. They put a time limit on the health guarantee whereby you must have them checked by your own vet within a crazily short time, or it’s null and void.

Do make sure you  do not allow yourself to get caught out with this. It’s very easy to do, and is also so avoidable.

The last thing to mention is actually going back to this issue of asking questions. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to asking about their health. Actually, it shows you care about the puppy.

Basically, we want you to do your research before you go ahead and purchase your Bernedoodle. Then, only proceed with getting your dog when you feel happy about everything. 

By doing these simple things, we feel confident you can then find yourself in the position where you will have a wonderful Bernedoodle to love and cherish for years to come.

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