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Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Ohio

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Ohio

For any individual residing in Buckeye State, knowing where to find the best Bernedoodle breeders in Ohio is an advantage.

But buying a puppy does involve you doing some work to make sure you have the right puppy from the right breeder. 

This all takes time, and it’s understandable that you may want to rush and get your ever-so-cute Bernedoodle puppy home to you. However, that’s not the best course of action to take in this instance. Instead, you need to do your research.

So this is where we can come in and help you out. Not only can we offer advice on the best Bernedoodle breeders in Ohio, but also offer advice on how to select the right breeder for your needs.

mini bernedoodle

Why a Bernedoodle?

However, let’s quickly look at why you may feel drawn to owning a Bernedoodle. Of course, you could state they look exceptionally cute, and there’s no doubt that’s the case. But then, there’s so much more to them.

Perhaps the most important thing, in our mind at least, is that they have such a calm temperament, and they have such a joyful outlook on life. Add in loyalty and a desire to make their family happy, and it’s no wonder you set your eyes on this breed.

But they do make a wonderful family dog thanks to being so calm about things. You can leave children around them and you won’t have to worry. Yes, they can become slightly excited when young, but that’s something you can train out of them as they always want to learn new things.

Ultimately, it all leads to the simple fact that this is a wonderful breed to own. However, you still need to know where to buy a puppy, and that’s what we will look at next.

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Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles

This breeder has been involved with Bernedoodles since 2013, so they have a lot of experience with the breed. Located in Southeastern Ohio, these dogs have the opportunity to grow up in 12 acres of space, so lots of room to run around as a puppy.

Each puppy has to go through various genetic tests before they are made available to their new homes. Also, each dog is hand-reared, so they spend a lot of time with each puppy. This does make a difference when it comes to their socialization skills.

In addition, the breeders love to answer any questions. They are only a phone call away, and they will work with you to learn everything you need to know about the breed before you take your new puppy home.

This breeder is one of the most welcoming in the industry. Even if you know nothing about the Bernedoodle then get in touch with them. They will happily answer your questions and talk about the breed as this is a real labor of love for them.



Location, Gloucester, Ohio

Angel Breeze Puppies of Ohio

Surrounded by some 36 acres of land, Angel Breeze Puppies of Ohio makes sure all their Bernedoodle puppies have the best possible start to their lives. Also, their link to the Bernedoodle breed goes back to 2003, so they have a vast amount of experience.

Each puppy is health checked at 6 weeks, and you also receive a guarantee regarding genetic testing. That should give you a certain peace of mind about the breed and know they have no genetic issues.

This breeder also has both F1 and F1b Bernedoodle puppies available. They welcome visitors, and they also open themselves up to answering all sorts of questions about the breed. All you need to do is contact them directly.

Be aware that they are a popular breeder in the area. It may involve having to go on a waiting list, but you will know you have a wonderful dog on your hand once you take them home.



Location: Coshocton County, Ohio

Bernedoodle Buddies of Ohio

Bernedoodle Buddies of Ohio takes real pride in the quality of puppies they breed, and they do have the experience and respect in the market to back this up. They breed using something known as Puppy Culture protocols. This means increased socialization and a more well-rounded puppy, which bodes well for the future.

The breeder works hard at ensuring you have a puppy with the perfect temperament. This is due to the hands-on work they do from birth, and then there’s the fact the breeding dogs are also all OFA certified.

That means there’s no need to worry about various health issues as the parents have been thoroughly checked before breeding commences. However, each puppy is still checked by a vet for any potential health issue, so no need to worry.

But this breeder also goes an extra step as they provide you with starter puppy food, and a blanket complete with the scent of their mother. This helps them settle into their new place without feeling too stressed, and it is certainly a fantastic thing for them to do.



Location: Westerville, Ohio

Bernedoodle lying down

How to Choose a Breeder

So, how do you choose a breeder? Well, it’s not as easy as you may have hoped. The good news is you do have several options available when it comes to a breeder, so you won’t feel forced into only choosing from one individual.

However, you still need to address certain points when making your decision.

Look Into Their Background

To start, we recommend checking out the background and history of each breeder. Are they new to the breed, or do they have experience? Or, did they previously breed some other dog?

You may also want to check for any affiliations to official organizations. This is not as important as other things, but it will go some way to making you feel more relaxed about potentially going to this breeder. 

These links show the breeder works to certain standards. It should also ensure you have a better puppy should you go ahead and use them.

Please do not overlook this idea of looking into the background of a breeder before handing over money. It will make a real difference to things, and it will bolster your confidence in the breeder and the puppy you will then take home.

Can You See the Puppies?

Another key point is the requirement to see the puppy before you contemplate handing over any cash. 

If you live near the breeder, then get there in person. We would also recommend doing this if it involves some travel on your part. Getting to see the puppy in person, along with the parents and breeding conditions, is important.

But if visiting in person is not possible, then a good breeder should work with you to ensure you still get an opportunity to learn more about the puppy. This may involve viewing the dog on Zoom, or the breeder sending images and videos to you, but please get something.

Also, take the time to ask questions of both the breeder and about the puppy. A breeder should have no issues with you asking questions, so ask as many as you want.

The key here is having a breeder working with you when it comes to you buying a puppy. You should never feel there is some obstacle at any point.

Their Health Guarantee

Finally, there is the issue of the health of your puppy. Never hand over money until you have been shown evidence of their health, and different checks carried out.

A breeder should offer you ample evidence of different health checks, and this should include genetic testing. By seeing this, you know your puppy does not suffer from different genetic issues that could trouble them throughout their life.

Also, get a health guarantee. However, we have a word of warning.

Some breeders in the country will offer you a health guarantee that only provides you with some 48 hours to have the puppy checked by a vet. This is not always appropriate, so read the small print to know in advance if this is the case.

The most important thing of all is to take your time when choosing your new puppy. Only proceed when you feel all your questions have been answered, and you feel content to complete the purchase.

Keep in mind you have more than one breeder available, and that does mean you have options. Never feel pressured into buying from any particular breeder. Apply to more than one to see availability and to avoid potential disappointment.

At the end of the day, choosing a breeder is easy. However, it takes time on your part, but it is time well spent. 

The Bernedoodle is a wonderful breed to own. They will quickly become an integral part of your family, and you can look forward to a number of happy memories being made with them at the heart of it all. 

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