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Best Bernedoodle Breeders in New York?

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in New York?

When it comes to options for buying a Bernedoodle puppy from replicable breeders in New York, then you have several available to you.

In fact, it’s fair to say you have more options now than in previous years. This is due to the increase in popularity of the breed.

A Bernedoodle is undoubtedly a wonderful breed of dog to own. With an even temperament, wonderful looks, and such a joyful outlook on life, they bring so much happiness to their owners.

But we don’t want you to worry and stress about trying to find a breeder. So, we have brought together a list of the best Bernedoodle breeders based in and around the State of New York.

So, let’s get on with introducing you to the different breeders who would love to hear from you.

Bernedoodle puppy in grass

New York Bernedoodles

This breeder certainly does not mess around when it comes to names. They make sure you know where they come from, and what they do.

Located on Long Island, this breeder remains one of the original breeders in and around the city of New York. That means they do have a number of years of experience.

This does bode well for you, as they know everything there is to know about the breed. Each puppy spends all its time in the family home.

This leads to better socialization, and each puppy loves spending time around people. It leads to a better temperament, and they do not feel afraid of new people.

Also, the family home has other pets. That alone also helps the puppies to become aware of different animals, and it too makes a difference to their temperament.

Do note that this breeder focuses more on the mini Bernedoodle, and also the standard size Bernedoodle. They have several litters of each throughout the year, so contact them and let them know which option you prefer.

The only problem is the success of the breeder means a potential wait. However, we must stress it’s worth it all in the end when you then see how amazing your new puppy is when you get them home.

Bernedoodle on chair

Bella Bernedoodles New York

Located in Worcester, Bella Bernedoodles deals in both standard and mini versions of the Bernedoodle. Bred on a farm, it does mean each puppy has a huge amount of space to explore, and this is something the breeder encourages.

The reputation for this breeder extends beyond the confines of New York and into other States as well. People know them for producing very well-rounded puppies that will quickly settle into their new family home.

Each puppy they breed only comes from a line of champion Bernedoodles. That means their puppies have something special about them. However, it does also explain why you need to wait to get one to bring home.

Each puppy will also have numerous health checks and vaccinations before adoption. However, you do know each puppy has had a wonderful start in life and has spent time playing with other animals and getting to know humans.

Overall, this breeder spends so much time with their puppies that it’s no surprise they always turn out so well.

Adirondack Mountain Doodles

Located close to the Adirondack mountains, this breeder has been involved in Bernedoodles for a number of years. Their Bernedoodle puppies are F1, and they are of a medium standard size.

This does clearly mean they have first-generation Bernedoodles, and this does mean there’s better control over their size and temperament. Also, they ensure their puppies have a substantial amount of space to move around.

With a focus on helping them develop their socialization skills, the breeder seeks to give their puppies everything they need in those early days. Add in numerous health checks, and you have wonderful puppies to take home.

It’s worth paying attention to their Facebook page. They add numerous pictures and information about their puppies, so do check it out.

Bernedoodles at Willow Ridge Kennels

This particular breeder has a base in Rochester, New York. They have been working as a breeder since 2018, and they do build their experience with every single litter.

Aside from breeding, they do spend time training Bernedoodles. That means they have a wealth of experience to give to you, and it’s worth asking them any questions you like.

Understand their litters end up small in size, and that means a waiting list could exist. You should contact them to see what the current status is for litters.

One amazing thing about this breeder is their desire to work on training the puppies from the earliest age possible. That leads to them already having basic skills, and it saves you from having to stress.

Incorporated into this is house training. That alone is brilliant, and it makes a difference with the settle in period with your dog. 

Overall, what we love about this breeder is their attention to detail with training. Many breeders focus more on socialization skills rather than training, but this breeder does both.

Country Hill Bernedoodles

Located in Fillmore, Country Hill Bernedoodles is a small family business with a real love for Bernedoodles. However, as they keep things small, it does mean you often fight against a waiting list.

What this means is you need to contact them and understand you might have to wait. They will keep you posted as to when an opening could appear.

They state how they focus on puppies that make for wonderful family dogs. They spend a vast amount of time with the socialization side of things, and that’s with both other animals as well as humans.

Their dogs are F1 standard size, and they have a tendency to deal with tri-color Bernedoodles. However, they do also have experience with both F1b and F2 Bernedoodles as well.

They ensure the parents are AKC registered, and that alone gives some added confidence about the quality of their puppies. Also, the parents undergo genetic testing before the breeding program. Thanks to that, you know your puppy is nice and healthy.

Furthermore, you will receive a 2-year health guarantee. That is amazing, but there’s a good chance you will never need to use it.

Overall, this breeder is wonderful at what they do. Size isn’t everything, and this breeder is a perfect example of that.

Cute Bernedoodle

Selecting a Breeder

We have included five different Bernedoodle breeders above. Each one is excellent in its own right. However, we know that making a decision is tough. So, let’s look at how to make life easier for you.

Key Points to Consider About the Breeder

We have taken care to work through the different breeders that appear above, but don’t just take our word for it. Instead, do some of your own background checks before getting your puppy.

Sadly, puppy farms do exist, so you want to do what you can to avoid them. That is where looking into the background of the breeder comes into its own.

Our tendency is to find breeders that operate as small family businesses. They spend the time required to produce well-rounded puppies, and it makes a difference at the end of the day.

Look at their experience as a breeder. If they have little experience, then seek to understand why they decided to breed Bernedoodles. While this is not completely essential, it does just give you a better picture of the breeder.

Also, pay attention to reviews and testimonials. They make a difference in building confidence in the breeder. Any good breeder is open to giving you them, so just ask.

Health and Seeing the Puppy

With health bills continuing to go through the roof, finding a puppy with strong genes, and not genetic issues, is more important than ever before. This is not an area to overlook.

Thankfully, the breeders included above take health seriously. They put the parents through genetic testing before they can breed. That, to us, is key.

It means you have a better chance of your puppy not having any issues. Of course, it’s impossible to completely predict the future, but you can trust the breeders to have done everything they can.

Ultimately, what we suggest is to take your time when selecting a breeder. Also, many of them have a waiting list, so that time aspect is also partly out of your hands.

What you need to do is to contact as many as possible to learn about their waiting list. That allows you to then not only learn which breeder to use, but to also grow to love your puppy as they go through those early weeks before you take them home.

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