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Best Aussiedoodle Rescue Texas

Best Aussiedoodle Rescue Texas

Have you ever contemplated adopting a rescue Aussiedoodle in Texas? If not, then what is really going on is you are missing out on an amazing dog. Also, you have different options available when it comes to adopting an Aussiedoodle in the State of Texas.

You see, an Aussiedoodle is an amazing dog to own. All they want is to love and be loved for the rest of their days. They have a strong desire to want to make you happy, but a number of people simply won’t even want to look at a rescue organization.

For us, that’s the wrong thing to do. Instead, these dogs have so much love to give to their new owners if you give them the chance. But, let’s go through why you need to think about adopting a dog rather than simply going out and buying a puppy.

Why Adopt a Dog?


So why do we feel you should try and adopt a dog from a rescue organization? Well, we see there is a number of reasons why this is such an amazing idea. In all honesty, it’s difficult to see why more people do not do this.

You see, part of the problem is the way in which people don’t understand how a dog can end up being in this situation. People often think it must be the dog that is the problem, and that can be enough to stop people from going there to adopt.

However, the reality is that dogs tend to end up in a rescue situation through no fault of their own. People feel these are troubled dogs, but it’s often a case they have been neglected or people were unable to correctly care for them.

That means it’s no fault of the dog, and they just want to be loved by a family. That is where you can come into your own. You have the opportunity to give them that home, and these dogs will grab that opportunity to the best of their ability.

Also, you get to adopt an adult dog. That saves you the problems of trying to train a puppy. If you have never done that before, then it can be tough, and you also miss out on giving them various vaccinations.

Why an Aussiedoodle?

So why do we think an Aussiedoodle is such a good dog to adopt? Once again, there are a number of reasons to pay attention to.

First, their temperament is wonderful. Aussiedoodles are full of fun, but they are also quite calming. That does tend to lend them to be better family dogs than people expect.

Also, they have no problems being around people of all sizes and ages. Basically, if you have young children, then there’s no need to worry about them.

But Aussiedoodles also want to learn new things. They love spending time with you, so training them is easy. They are intelligent and will work to the best of their ability to make you happy.

Finally, this breed is exceptionally loyal, and they take protecting their family very seriously indeed. But be aware they do need exercise, and that means taking them out for walks to preserve their health.

But all of that sounds excellent. However, you still need to know where in Texas you will be able to adopt an Aussiedoodle.

Doodle Rock Rescue

Located in Dallas, Doodle Rock Rescue deals with any type of Doodle dog, and that does mean they do have Aussiedoodles coming through their doors throughout the year. This organization has been involved in rescuing Doodles for several years, and they are well respected in the area.

Their mission is simple. They want to match up the perfect dog with the perfect family.

Their adoption process follows similar lines in that they will assess your suitability long before you are even close to being able to adopt a dog. In saying that, it’s still best to contact them well in advance even if there is no Aussiedoodle available.

This organization rescues abandoned dogs, those mistreated and taken from other rescue shelters around the area. Each dog is checked over thoroughly by a vet, and any vaccinations will be given if required.

They will also spend time working on their temperament and giving some basic training if this is needed. It does mean you should be taking home a wonderful dog. 


Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue is located in Dallas, and while Aussiedoodles are not their main focus, they will help any Aussiedoodle that comes into their facility. 

This rescue organization has been in operation for several years. They have relationships with shelters across the whole of Texas and will bring Doodle dogs into their care no matter where they are located.

This organization does focus on getting their dogs checked over by a vet while their intention is to make sure the dogs that come into their care are well looked after. They spend time working on their temperament and building their confidence in people.

Be aware that you may need to wait to get an Aussiedoodle. They do not see too many coming into their facility, but we recommend still completing the adoption process in advance. That allows them to check you are suitable for adopting one of their dogs in advance.

Overall, Doodle Dandy Rescue will go out of its way to match you up with a rescue Aussiedoodle when one comes into their facility. 

Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles is another wonderful rescue organization based in Texas where their main focus is on helping rehome Doodles of all breeds. Clearly, that will include the Aussiedoodle from time to time.

This organization has more than 10 years of experience, and that does mean they have a lot of information and help to pass on to prospective adopters. However, it also means they are good at selecting who will take home one of their dogs.

Their adoption process runs along familiar lines, and it does mean they will get to know a lot about you and understand which dog is best for your needs. It does take some time to complete, but they are very thorough.

But one of the best things about this rescue organization is the way in which they will help you. They will teach you everything you need to know about your dog. After all, they want their dogs to settle into their new home, and they don’t want them to come back to their organization.

Overall, this organization appears to go out of its way to make the process as smooth as it can. They take their time over things, but it should mean a better match when it comes to dogs and their new families.

The Adoption Process

To adopt, you will be required to complete the adoption process, and each organization will follow similar lines. It’s important you complete this, or you will be unable to take your new dog home.

Of course, it is up to the organization to decide who is most suitable for a dog. That does mean they will need to check you out. 

For some, that will involve learning about your previous experiences of caring for animals. It may also include needing a reference from your vet to show that this is the case. 

Another main focal point is your home. They must feel confident that your home is the best place for the dog. That does mean checking it out, and while it could involve visiting physically, a video call may be another option for some individuals.

If you rent, they will also require evidence that you are indeed allowed to have a dog on the premises. This does mean you would need a letter from your landlord.

If you fail any of the criteria, then do understand you will be unable to take a dog home. At the same time, they will also want to make sure that not only is the dog the right one for you, but you are the right person for the dog.

Fees are Included

Also, understand a fee is attached to adopting a dog. However, this is used to recoup fees linked to veterinary care. These organizations are non-profit as they focus more on helping the dogs rather than the idea of making money.

The fees do vary depending on the organization. However, each organization will happily tell you the costs in advance. Also, they are significantly lower than if you were purchasing a puppy, so please keep that in mind at all times.

At the end of the day, these organizations want what is best for their dogs, so please do understand you may not be the right fit at this moment in time. That is not a problem. Other Aussiedoodles will make their way into any of the organizations above at some point in the year.

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