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Best Aussiedoodle Rescue North Carolina

Best Aussiedoodle Rescue North Carolina

Do you live in or close to North Carolina and ever spent time thinking about potentially adopting an Aussiedoodle Rescue?

If your answer is no, then can we tell you how you are missing out on a wonderful breed of dog just waiting to give you a whole lot of love?

You see, the Aussiedoodle is more than just being an amazing dog to own. They want to give so much love to a new family, and they have such an overwhelming desire to make their owners happy. However, the sad fact is most people will look past a rescue organization.

We see that as a bad thing. Dogs that find themselves in rescue organizations deserve to be given a new chance. However, we can tell you more about why adopting a dog is such a worthwhile thing to do.

Not only that, but you may also realize that adopting an adult dog is just as much fun as buying a brand new puppy.

Why Adopt a Dog?

Adopting a dog will give you so much pleasure. In all honesty, we struggle to see why fewer people look at adopting from a rescue organization as opposed to those who will go out of their way to buy a new puppy.

But then, part of the problem is the way in which people view rescue organizations. They tend to believe that dogs in these situations are problematic.

They don’t think that perhaps the situation or even the previous owner was the problem. That can stop people from ever wanting to adopt a dog.

The truth is something different. Most dogs are in this situation through no fault of their own. These dogs do not pose any problems. They have often been neglected in some way, or an owner was unable to care for them in the correct manner.

It does mean the dog is not to blame. All they want to do is to love a family, and that is where you will help. 

You have the opportunity to provide that home, and you can bet these dogs will love you for it right from the very moment you take them home.

At the same time, you can also see how wonderful it is to adopt an adult dog. It does mean you miss out on training a puppy. If you have never done that before, then it can be tough.

At the same time, these dogs have had their vaccinations, so that saves you a headache in that area as well.


Why an Aussiedoodle?

But why is an Aussiedoodle such a great dog for you to go and adopt? Well, we see a number of reasons that you may wish to know about.

First, we must mention their temperament. It’s amazing. The Aussiedoodle has so much fun in life, and yet they also have this calm and soothing side. It does mean they can act as a wonderful family dog, which is surprising to some individuals.

In addition, they have no issues in being around people. Even children have nothing to fear, so as a family it does align them to being amazing family dogs.

However, the Aussiedoodle has an overwhelming desire to learn things as it also means they spend time with you. It means training your dog will be so much fun, and they have the intelligence to learn tricks and to then make you happy.

Finally, expect the breed to be very loyal, and they will seek to protect their family. However, they do require a bit of walking, so take them out on a daily basis if you want them to stay healthy.

But all of that sounds excellent. However, you still need to know where in North Carolina you will be able to adopt an Aussiedoodle.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Even though they do not focus on Aussiedoodles, this rescue organization will help any breed of dog that is in need of some help. They are well-established, and may indeed come across an Aussiedoodle throughout the course of the year.

This organization is based in Raleigh, and they have been in operation since 1987. They run a no-kill approach, and they use a wide range of foster families across the State who care for the dogs in their care until they are ready to be adopted.

Be aware that they do have a number of dogs passing through their doors each year. You should look at completing their adoption process prior to even noticing an Aussiedoodle appearing on their list.

Also, it can help to contact them in advance and let them know you are specifically searching for an Aussiedoodle. It means you will then have your name added to a list.

Overall, this organization will seek to work with you to find you an Aussiedoodle that is in need of adoption. 

Red Dog Farm

Red Dog Farm is a rescue organization located outside of Greensboro, and they have been active as a rescue organization for a number of years. They focus on not only rescuing but also rehoming dogs that are in need.

This organization is not one that focuses entirely on Doodles. For them, any dog that requires rescuing is worthy of their attention. However, do contact them and let them know in advance you wish to own an Aussiedoodle.

When you do this, they will then know to look out for an Aussiedoodle coming through the adoption and rescue organization. However, do look at completing their adoption process in advance. It saves time when a dog does indeed appear.

Each dog is health checked and vaccinated before you can adopt them. There is a fee attached, but it covers their costs and nothing more. Remember this organization is not about making a profit.


RUFF is an organization located in Durham with a focus on helping as many dogs in need as they can get to. They do deal with any breed, so there’s no special focus on an Aussiedoodle, but they can come across them throughout the year.

As with the other organizations, you must complete their adoption process. Do this in advance to speed things up, and let them know of your desire to own an Aussiedoodle in advance. 

Each dog is checked thoroughly for any health conditions, and you will be made aware of any issues before you adopt. However, they do take their time in checking out your background, so understand you may not actually receive the dog you want if they feel it is not right.

The Adoption Process

Each organization will have an adoption process for you to complete, and it does tend to follow familiar lines no matter who you contact. This is something that you must complete, or you cannot take your Aussiedoodle home with you.

But it’s also up to the organization to decide who is the best fit for each dog. It means they must spend time checking you out, but it’s all part of the process.

Your Background

The main part of the process is checking out your background. They should learn if you have previous experience of caring for animals. It may involve asking for references from your vet to show you are a suitable owner.

Another key area is your home. They need to know it is suitable for an Aussiedoodle before they allow you to take them home. Most will want to visit physically, but a video call could be another option if visiting in person is not suitable.

Also, understand that if you rent they will require evidence from your landlord you are allowed a dog on the premises. They will not allow you to adopt if you fail to produce this.

Also, if you do fail any of the criteria, then do understand it means you cannot take the dog home. They want to not only match up the perfect family with the perfect dog, but to ensure the dog does not end up back in their care in the future.


These organizations will attach a fee to you adopting a dog. However, keep in mind they do not want to make a profit out of this. Instead, the fees cover the veterinary costs associated with checking over the dog and providing them with their vaccinations.

How much you pay will vary from organization to organization. However, they will inform you of the costs in advance, so you have no surprises in store for you. Also, it will be cheaper compared to buying a puppy, so that is one additional point to keep in mind.

Ultimately, these organizations only want what is best for the dogs in their care. Understand they could decide you are not the correct person for a particular dog at that moment in time. However, Aussiedoodles do appear in these different organizations from time to time, so contact as many rescue organizations as possible to increase your chances.

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