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Best Aussiedoodle Rescue Florida

Best Aussiedoodle Rescue Florida

For anyone residing in Florida and who would like to rescue an Aussiedoodle, then the information that follows will prove important. Even if you have never considered adopting a dog before, we will show how you are missing out on owning a wonderful dog ready to give you a lot of love.

The Aussiedoodle is a truly amazing dog to own. They have an overwhelming desire to give so much love to their family, and they simply want to make you happy. However, the reality is that most people ignore rescue dogs, and that’s just not right.

You see, dogs in rescue organizations deserve love, and to also have a second chance. So, we will give you some advice on why a rescue dog is such a good option.

Not only that, but you may also realize that adopting an adult dog is just as much fun as buying a brand new puppy.

Why Adopt a Dog?

Adoption gives you the opportunity to offer a dog a new home, and it also offers you so much pleasure at the same time. We actually fail to see why people do not want to go to a rescue organization, and would rather go ahead and buy a puppy.

However, this is primarily due to how people see dogs in rescue organizations. They believe the dogs come with problems, and yet the truth is generally something completely different. However, it’s enough to stop people from wanting to adopt.

In all reality, the dogs find themselves in rescue organizations through no fault of their own. They come with no problems, and they have often been neglected or a previous owner found themselves unable to correctly care for them.

That means the dog is not the problem. All they want is to have love in their life and to love their family. 

You have the opportunity to offer that loving home, and these dogs will jump at the chance to get out there and spend time around you. Also, it means you can adopt an adult dog, so there’s no need to worry about training a puppy.

If you have never trained a puppy before, then it’s not always easy. Also, their vaccinations are taken care of, so that saves you from having to worry about it.


Why an Aussiedoodle?

So why should you consider an Aussiedoodle compared to other breeds? Well, we feel you have a selection of reasons why this breed is so amazing.

First, there is their temperament. It’s brilliant and this breed brings so much fun with them and into your family home. However, they do have a calm and loving side. 

That means they will be wonderful family dogs, and they can also live happily with people of all ages. So, if you have children, then you should have no concerns about the Aussiedoodle coming into your home.

At the same time, the Aussiedoodle does want to learn new things on a constant basis, so they love to keep themselves occupied. Also, it does mean you must spend time training them, and they do have the intelligence to pick up new tricks.

The last thing to mention is their loyalty and an overwhelming desire to protect their family and property. But do understand they require walking on a daily basis, so at least you will also get some exercise at the same time.

But all of that sounds excellent. However, you still need to know where in Florida you will be able to adopt an Aussiedoodle.

Aussie and Me Animal Rescue

Aussie And Me Animal Rescue is located in Florida, and they have been helping dogs in need for several years. The majority of their dogs come from owners who admit they cannot offer the correct care. However, they do also rescue from kill shelters at the same time.

They deal with both foster families along with boarding dogs, and they have several available at any given time. However, the exact number does vary throughout the year.

Apart from rescuing and adopting, this organization also works hard at helping you become a better owner of an Aussiedoodle. They do this through education and love to answer any questions you could have about Aussiedoodles in general.

To adopt, you must be over 18 and join their training classes within 30 days. 

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue

This rescue organization covers the entire country, so Florida is included in their list. Since their inception, they have helped thousands of Aussiedoodles to find new homes with loving families.

Their focus tends to be on rescuing dogs from kill shelters, and also individuals handing their dogs over when they accept they cannot look after them any longer.

It does mean the number of dogs they have ready for adoption will vary throughout the year, but they do tend to always have some available.

Adopting from them is quite a strict process. You must have references from a vet, and they must come and see your home in person. Only after that will they decide if you can have one of their dogs, and not everyone is accepted.

They make sure each dog is wormed and has had their shots before adoption. Their dogs are also checked over by a vet, and there is a fee attached to them as well.

Abandoned Pet Rescue

Located in Florida, Abandoned Pet Rescue looks at trying to save any dog that it comes across, and that does mean the occasional Aussiedoodle comes into their path. However, you should contact them in advance to let them know you wish to specifically adopt this breed.

Since it was launched, it has saved over 6500 dogs, which is impressive, and they aren’t finished yet. We must stress they are not Aussiedoodle experts, but your name would be added to a list so they know what to look out for when it comes to rescuing dogs. 

They spend a considerable amount of time caring for their dogs and seek to improve their temperament if that is indeed an issue. At the same time, any medical issues are taken care of, and you know you have a healthy dog to take home.

Look at completing their adoption application as soon as you get in touch. You never know when an Aussiedoodle may appear, and we suggest being ready for taking your new dog home. 

Overall, this organization is very active. You may have to show some patience when waiting for an Aussiedoodle, but we know it is worth it all in the end when you get your new dog home.


The Adoption Process

Each organization has its very own adoption process that any applicant must complete. They do have a tendency to go along the same lines with the same sort of questions being asked from each individual.

However, you must complete this application if you want to go ahead and take ownership of a rescue dog. It’s there to allow the organization to check you out, and also to determine if you are indeed the best fit for the dog.

Your Background

The key part of the process is looking into your background. These organizations should know if you previously owned any animals. They could ask for confirmation from a vet as to how well you looked after them, and this builds confidence in you as a new owner.

Another area they focus on is your home. It must come across as suitable for an Aussiedoodle prior to you being given the green light to take your new dog home. A number of organizations will ask to see your home in person, but if this is difficult, then a video call may suffice.

Please do keep in mind that if you live in a rented home, they will need evidence from your landlord you can keep a dog. If you cannot provide them with this evidence, then your application will be rejected.

Also, if you fail any part of their criteria, then they will not give you a dog. Each organization only wants to offer the best dog to the best people, so be prepared to wait some time on occasions.


You should also understand that different organizations will ask for a fee when adopting a dog. However, they are non-profit organizations, and the fees are to recoup costs paid out to a vet.

This is completely normal, and it does help these organizations to continue. Also, you will know in advance how much it will cost, and it does end up being cheaper than if you were looking at buying a puppy. 

Basically, the different rescue organizations look at only linking the best Aussiedoodle with the best family. You will perhaps have to wait for your dog, but it will all work out well in the end. To help, we do suggest contacting as many organizations as possible first.

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