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BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake – Pros And Cons

Today we are going to attempt to do the impossible. We are going to compare the BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake – pros and cons. Why is this so hard, you might ask? Because both of these boxes have outstanding qualities. We can’t decide which one we love more. But don’t take our word for it. Just keep reading to find out. 

barkbox super chewer vs Bullymake

What Is A BarkBox Super Chewer?

The Super Chewer box is a durable alternative to the regular BarkBox. You still get everything you love about BarkBox, but with sturdy toys that last longer than an hour. So what comes in the Super Chewer box? You get:

  • Two durable toys made of either nylon or rubber
  • Two full-sized bags of treats
  • And two meaty chews that your pup will love

What Is A Bullymake Box? 

The Bullymake box is another subscription geared towards heavy chewers. This brand is known for its high-quality toys that seem stronger than most competitors. In your Bullymake subscription, you will receive: 

  • 2-3 toys make from either nylon, rubber, or ballistic
  • And three full bags of delicious treats. 

These two boxes are very similar in what they have to offer. But when looking at the BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake – pros and cons, it’s more about customer service and customization. Let’s take a look below at what each box has to offer. 

BarkBox Super Chewer Pros And Cons

We will dive right in here and tell you everything we love about the BarkBox Super Chewer. And a few things that we could live without. 

1st Pro: All Made In USA and Canada

All of the materials from the BarkBox subscription comes from the USA or Canada. You can rest easy knowing that your dog’s new toys and treats won’t contain any harmful ingredients. 

2nd Pro: Themed Boxes

Just like the regular BarkBox, each Super Chewer box comes with a theme. These themes are to die for. While your puppy might not notice the themes with all the chewing, it is a fun surprise for you. These toys make great talking points for friends and family. And they quickly become your pet’s favorites every season. 

3rd Pro: Allergy Adjustments

BarkBox understands that allergies can inhibit your dog from enjoying a tasty snack. Thankfully, when you set up your dog’s profile, you can add any allergies your pet has. Then BarkBox works hard to make sure that your dog never gets these treats. Instead, you will get a healthy replacement. 

4th Pro: Save With Packages

When you get a BarkBox Super Chewer subscription, you can choose between three options. You can choose either a monthly, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. The BarkBox Super Chewer price starts at $45 a box. But when you pay upfront for six months, the price drops to $35 a month. And you have the best savings with a 12-month subscription at only $30 a box. 

5th Pro: Extra Toy Add On

For only $7 a month more, you can get an extra toy added to your Super Chewer subscription. This is an excellent option for people who have multiple dogs or want more toys. 

6th Pro: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

BarkBox designed these toys for tough chewers. But they know that nothing is entirely destruction proof. If your chewer ruins a toy or doesn’t like it, BarkBox will replace it for free. 

7th Pro: Buying Past Boxes

Our final pro for the Super Chewer box is that you can buy any past boxes. So if you sign up and miss the deadline for an adorable box set, you can purchase it on You can even browse through all past boxes and stock up on your favorites. 

1st Con: Not Much Customization

The biggest downfall to the BarkBox Super Chewer subscription is that there isn’t much customization. Other subscriptions will let you control what types of toys you get. But the satisfaction guarantee makes up for this if you have to return any items not suitable for your dog. 

2nd Con: More Expensive 

Buying the BarkBox month to month or in a six-month subscription is more expensive than the Bullymake box. But! If you plan on enrolling for 12 months’ worth of boxes, the BarkBox is more cost-efficient. 

3rd Con: Longer Shipping Times

One disadvantage of the Super Chewer box is that the shipping takes slightly longer. Once you order your first box, it will ship in the next 2-3 business days. Then every package you get after that will ship out on the 15th. 

4th con: Outside The Contiguous USA 

The final con of the BarkBox is for those of you living in Hawaii or Alaska. If you live in these areas, you will need to pay an extra $8 in shipping. And the shipping might take slightly longer to get to your puppies. 

Bullymake Pros And Cons

And now for our last part of comparing BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake – pros and cons. We will look at all the wonderful things about the Bullymake. And you will see why it’s so hard to choose between the two. 

1ST PRO: Choose What Toys You Want

The best part about the Bullymake subscription is that you can choose what types of toys you want. Bullymake gives you a choice between ropes, rubber, nylon, and ballistic toys. If you only want a variety of ballistic and rubber toys, you can adjust your account for just that. 

2nd PRO: Toys Only Option

Typical Bullymake boxes come with three bags of treats. But if your dog isn’t fond of treats or on a strict diet, you can get toys only. That means your dog will get four toys instead of 2-3. So you can have more fun with your dog without feeling like you are missing out. 

3rd PRO: Allergy Accommodations 

But you don’t have to choose the toys only option if your dog has allergies. When you set up a Bullymake subscription, there are options to list your dog’s allergies. If your dog’s allergies are not too complicated, Bullymake will gladly accommodate them. 

4th PRO: Treats And Some Toys Made In the USA

Bullymake is proud to say that their chew toys and treats come from right here in the USA. No unknown ingredients and only top quality materials used to create hours of fun. 

5th PRO: Price Point

The price of a Bullymake subscription is slightly less than the BarkBox. Getting your box will cost $39 a month, but there is a discount when you subscribe for several months. If you enroll for three months, each box is $36. And for six months, you will only pay $34. And a 12-month subscription is only $31, which is only a dollar more than the BarkBox. 

6th PRO: Add A Toy

Require even more toys? You cannot only subscribe for a toys only box, but you can also add an extra toy for only $9 more. Five toys a month for an intense chewer for only $40 (with a 12-month subscription) is a steal in our books!

7th PRO: Next Day Shipping

Once you hit that checkout button, your first box is already on its way. Bullymake strives to ship out every package within the next business day. And your delivery date will be every 30 days after the initial box. 

8TH PRO: Past Toys

Did your dog have a favorite toy that needs replacing? You can hop on the Bullymake Shop to buy individual toys. You can rebuy favorites, browse past toys, and even purchase leashes and harnesses. 

9TH PRO: Free Shipping To All USA

And finally, the Bullymake box includes free shipping to the entire USA. So those of you in Hawaii and Alaska won’t have to spend more to get the same great products. 

1st Con: Limited Guarantee 

The Bullymake guarantees that you can get a replacement if your dog doesn’t like it or destroys it. But unlike the BarkBox, Bullymake only guarantees their toys for 14 days. So if on day 16 your dog chews through a toy, it can’t be replaced. Having a shorter timeframe is a con in many circumstances. But many online reviews claim that the toys are very well made. And not many dogs destroy the Bullymake toys that quickly. 

2nd con: The Ropes 

We mentioned that all of the toys and treats come from the USA. But their ropes are manufactured in China. There is some debate about dog toys that come from China. But much of it is fear-mongering. The ropes are safe for your dog, but we understand that some people like to support American-made. So in full disclosure, not everything in the Bullymake box is American-made. 

Which Do You Like More? 

When you look at the BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake – pros and cons, you can see our dilemma. Both of these boxes are incredible deals. You will love the cute themes of the Super Chewer and the customization of the Bullymake. It’s impossible to choose only one. 

And to make things more complicated, this isn’t considering the Kong Box or Chewy Goody Box. Stay tuned to find out what the best dog subscription boxes are! 

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Barkbox Super Chewer vs Bullymake - Pros and Cons

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