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BarkBox Or PupBox – Which One Is Best For Me?

BarkBox Or PupBox – Which One Is Best For Me?

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. For a low price, you can have customized packages delivered straight to your door for hours of fun. But with so many services out there, it might be hard to decide which one is best for you. Today we are going to compare two big subscription boxes. BarkBox or PupBox- which one is best for me? Well, your dog. 

barkbox vs Pupbox

What Is BarkBox? 

BarkBox is a subscription for themed toys and treats for your dog. These themes can range from fun pool parties to holidays coming up. If you sign up for a BarkBox subscription around Thanksgiving, for instance, your dog will get adorable turkey-shaped toys. You will even get a fun birthday box for dogs. Here’s what you get in a BarkBox:

  • Two toys
  • Two full-sized bags of treats (sourced in the USA and Canada)
  • And a chew toy (sourced in USA and Canada)

What Is PupBox? 

A PupBox subscription is more for training your puppy as they grow. You might have even seen PupBark Shark Tank. Each box comes with a small training booklet curated by Andrea Arden, a national training expert. But you also get a few goodies for your dog. So what comes in a PupBox? You get: 

  • Training guide for your dog’s age
  • 5-7 products that we will talk more about later
  • And one full bag of treats (sourced in the USA and Canada)

Pros And Cons Of A BarkBox Subscription

BarkBox or PupBox-which one is best for me? The best way to answer this question is by looking at the pros and cons of each subscription. After looking at all of the advantages, you can better gauge, which is best for your dog. 

1st Pro: Satisfaction Guarantee

BarkBox is famous for its guarantees. If your dog destroys a toy within minutes, they will gladly replace the item with a durable one. Or if your dog doesn’t like a toy, they can swap it for another. You can even ask customer service representatives to make notes on your account about things you don’t wish to receive again. Talk about going above and beyond!

2nd Pro: Tough Chewer Option

We all know a dog that seems to destroy everything and anything they get. And when you look at the BarkBox website, there are tons of cute plush toys that heavy chewers shouldn’t have. But there is still an option for your dog’s needs. You can sign up for the Tough Chewer box and even get cute themed boxes in durable materials. 

3rd Pro: Online Store

Did you sign up too late for the cute Christmas box? Don’t fret! You can still order that adorable Peanuts plushie through their online store. Just head on over to the Bark Shop to view all of your dog’s favorite items. You can even reorder some of your dog’s favorite treats and chew toys.

4th Pro Food Allergies

Food allergies are common in Doodle dogs. And if your dog has allergies, you might be wary of buying something they can’t have. But did you know that BarkBox caters to allergies as well? All you have to do is go online and mark what your dog is allergic to, and BarkBox will send you alternatives. 

5th Pro: Fast Shipping

When signing up for the BarkBox subscription, your first box will arrive in 2-8 business days. And shipping is free within the continental US. 

6th Pro: Cheaper

BarkBox keeps it simple with their options, which in turn makes it a cheaper option. Currently, you can either order your box by the month, 6 months, or 12 months. The cost of a BarkBox subscription depends on how many months you sign up for. If you sign up for a year of BarkBoxes, you will get them for $23 a month. But the price jumps to $26 a month for six months. And if you only want them for a few months, each one will cost you $35 a month. 

1st Con: No Extras

The first con to the BarkBox is that there aren’t many opportunities for extras. Occasionally you will get a cute costume or extra toy. But for the most part, you are getting exactly what you sign up for. 

2nd Con: Not Adjusted For Ages

When you set up your BarkBox profile, they will ask you many questions about your dog. Things like size and gender, and age, but it doesn’t seem to mean much. There aren’t different boxes for different puppy ages. Instead, you can adjust the size of your dog to get larger toys as your puppy grows. 

3rd con: Fewer Products

The BarkBox is so cheap because you aren’t getting as many products. What comes in a BarkBox are just a couple of toys, which might be a little bit of a drag to some. If your Doodle gets bored with toys quickly, this might not be the best option. 

Pros And Cons Of A PupBox Subscription 

Now that you know everything about the BarkBox, let’s take a look at the PupBox. Then we can better answer the question BarkBox or PupBox-which one is best for me?

1st Pro: Customizable 

The whole idea of a PupBox is to curate a subscription based on your dog’s age and size. As your dog grows, their needs will adjust as well. So with a PupBox subscription, your dog will only get toys, treats, and training guides that their body and minds are ready for. 

2nd Pro: More Products

Not only do you get excellent training advice, but you also get 5-7 products. These products range be anything like toys, chew toys, grooming supplies, or other care items. These items change from month to month, making you feel like you get more out of the deal. 

3rd pro: Coat Type Customizing

Since we have Doodles, their coats have particular needs. It would be disappointing to open your PupBox, only to see grooming tools for short-haired dogs. Luckily for you, though, the PupBox asks what your dog’s coat type is! That way you won’t have to worry about wasted products. 

4th pro: Food Allergies

And just like the BarkBox, the PupBox subscription also caters to food allergies. When you enroll, all you have to do is select ingredients that your dog is allergic to, and PupBox will send you alternatives. This is especially important since food allergies are so common in Doodles. 

5th pro: Tough Chewer Options

If your puppy seems to chew through most toys within minutes, PupBox has a tough chewer option. Getting to this might take a little time, though. PupBox believes that your puppy should be allowed to burn off frustration and energy by destroying toys. But if you contact customer service, they will note your account for durable toys only. 

6th Pro: Referral Program

We love that the PupBox has a referral program for new customers. When you refer a friend to sign up for PupBox, they get 50% off their first box, and you get one free! You can’t get any better than that with any subscription boxes. So share the love with your friends and family. 

7th pro: Adult Boxes Too

We know the name PupBox might make you think that they are only for puppies. But the PupBox has items for adult dogs as well. Each adult box will have 4-7 products that aren’t age-specific. The box will also give you advance training tips and tricks because you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. 

1st Con: More Expensive

The first con to PupBox is that they are more expensive. How much is PupBox subscription? You can choose between 1,3,6, and 12-month plans for your dog. The longer you enroll in your subscription, the more you save. If you only want one box, it will cost $39. But if you subscribe for a year, each box is only $29. So you will have a little flexibility on how much you spend. 

2nd Con: Longer Shipping

The BarkBox sends their boxes to your door in 2-8 days. But the PupBox can take 5-7 business days. If you are lucky, the BarkBox will have faster shipping times. But if you are unlucky, it could take longer. The PupBox is an excellent median when it comes to shipping times. 

3rd Con: No Returns Or Refunds

Unlike the BarkBox, if there is a problem with your order, you can’t get a refund. That means if you get items that you can’t use, or your dog doesn’t like, you are out of luck. While they don’t give refunds, you could always contact customer support to ask not to receive certain items any more. 

BarkBox Or PupBox- Which One Is Best For Me?

Both of these subscriptions are perfect for many different reasons. 

The BarkBox subscription is excellent for a Doodles toy rotation. We all know Doodles need lots of toys for mental stimulation. Your dog will get excited about the new toys, and you will enjoy the excitement on your dog’s face. 

The PupBox subscription is also fantastic for constant training tricks and tips according to your dog’s age. And you will get a variety of grooming products and toys for your growing puppy. This subscription might be slightly more expensive, but it’s money well worth it. 

What do you think? Do you have a favorite subscription box?

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Barkbox or Pupbox - Which One is Best For Me?

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