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Wally Elwiln


What is a Double Doodle Dog?

So, What is a Double Doodle Dog? If you’re an animal lover, then you may have heard about Double Doodles. What exactly are they? Double Doodles, in a nutshell, are mixed breed canines. They are the result of the breeding of three widely known dog breeds. These are the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever, and …

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Is a labradoodle right for me?

So, Is a Labradoodle right for Me? You might have fallen in love with America’s favorite Doodle, the Labradoodle. They are fun, caring, and adorable. You could be wondering what it takes to be a great Labradoodle owner. Does it take a particular type of owner to own a Labradoodle? Let’s go through all the …

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Yorkiepoo vs Maltipoo

In this article, I will be comparing a Yorkiepoo vs Maltipoo. The doodle craze started back in the ’50s when a breeder mixed a cocker spaniel with a miniature poodle and created a Cockapoo. Since then, people have mixed poodles with several different breeds of dogs. Two of the favorite doodle dogs are a Yorkiepoo …

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