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Aussiedoodle Grooming Tips

Aussiedoodle Grooming Tips

One of the most stressful things about owning an Aussiedoodle is their grooming. Aussiedoodle grooming can cost anywhere from $50-$90 for a basic haircut package! And that’s not including a tip.

But, did you know that there are some things you can do at home to make grooming easier? Today we are going to talk about a few Aussiedoodle grooming tips to groom your puppy and the best tools for you.

How Often Should I Groom My Doodle?

When most people think about grooming, they mainly think about haircuts. But there is so much more that is included in this. And each grooming task needs to be done at varying times.

Brushing is an essential part of Aussiedoodle grooming. You will have to spend time daily brushing your Aussiedoodle to make sure they are free of knots and tangles. Brushing can also keep shedding to a minimum for wavy or straight-haired Aussiedoodles.

Most groomers will also bathe your Aussiedoodle when they come in for a haircut. A bath before cutting your dog’s hair will keep your clippers clean, sharp, and speeds up the process.

Giving your dog a bath every 1-2 months will keep their hair manageable and soft. For Aussiedoodles that get dirty more often, it is ok to wash them as needed. You will just want a quality pet wash that will not dry out their skin.

Haircuts are needed at least every 8-12 weeks. Giving your Aussiedoodle a trim frequently will keep your dog’s hair manageable and mat-free. The shorter your dog’s hair is, the more often you can go between haircuts.

Nail trims are another grooming task that most people forget. You should trim your Aussiedoodle’s nails every 3-4 weeks, so this is a skill that you might want to learn. If you ever hear your dog’s nails clicking on hard surfaces, you know it is time for a nail trim. If you trim your Doodle’s nails every three weeks, you will never have to worry about overgrown quicks that make it painful for your dog to walk.

Ear cleaning is also crucial on any dog with floppy ears. You should use a high-quality cleaning solution on your dog’s ears once a month. But if your dog gets ear infections or spends a lot of time in the water, you will want to do it more often.

As you can see, some of these grooming details are fine to do with every grooming appointment. But others might take a little extra care on your end to keep your Aussiedoodle happy. If you can keep up with some of these grooming tasks at home, it could save you money at a professional groomer.

Aussiedoodle Grooming Tools

Now that we know how often your Aussiedoodle needs grooming, we can talk about some tips to make this task easier. Listed below will be our top grooming tools that every owner should have. Some of these are practical, and others are grooming hacks to make your job easier. These tools might seem like a large investment at first, but they will last years. With regular use, they will save you hundreds every year. 

Natural Dog Shampoo

When looking for fantastic dog shampoos, it is crucial to get a gentle one. Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo is one of our favorite shampoos for dogs. It will leave your Doodle clean and soft. It’s also very gentle, so you won’t have to worry about drying out your Aussiedoodle’s hair.

Bath Brush

If your Aussiedoodle’s fur is long, you will want to have a bath brush. This brush by Bodhi Dog helps scrub your dog’s hair and skin for a deep clean. It can also help with dandruff if used with a conditioner or moisturizing shampoo.

My Doggy Place Clean Dog Towel

Terrycloth towels can ruin your Doodle’s soft curls. The fibers cause a lot of friction and can cause frizz. To keep your dog’s hair healthy, you will want to use a microfiber towel like this one. Microfiber is also super absorbent to cut back on drying time.

Flying Pig High-Velocity Dryer

Using a high-velocity dryer is necessary for any dog with a thick coat. Leaving Aussiedoodles to air dry could cause itchiness and hot spots. This dryer by Flying Pig is one of the best dryers on the market and at a reasonable price. It will cut your drying time in half and give your Aussiedoodle that freshly blown-out look.

Dog Clippers

If you are starting to groom your dog at home, you will want to invest in a durable pair of clippers. They will need to be strong enough to cut through your Aussiedoodle’s thick fur. You will also want ones that you can easily replace the clipper blades as well since these will need to be changed when they become dull. We have listed below our top 3 clippers for dogs.

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These clippers have fast charging times, low noise, and fantastic durability. They are a must-have for any DIY grooming.

Nail Clippers

No grooming is complete without a pedicure. Trimming your Aussiedoodle’s nails is easier than it looks. There are three types of nail clippers to choose from. There are the traditional plier styles, guillotine, or a nail grinder.

Using any of these styles can take some practice, so make sure only to cut the nail tips until you are comfortable. There are a few clippers labeled “Quick Finder” clippers, but these are unreliable, so we do not recommend using them.

Our favorite clippers are the Mighty Paw Dog Nail Clippers. They are easy to use and very durable. 

Lick Mat

By now, we have all seen the “life hack” where people put peanut butter on their heads while grooming their dogs. We strongly advise against this. Since most dogs do not like their paws touched, putting your face in theirs makes you at risk of being bit. Groomers label this the bite zone for a good reason.

Even if your dog has never bitten before, you never know when they might start. For a good alternative, you could use a lick mat like the Kanix Pups Dog Lick Pad

Ear Cleaner

One of the best ear cleaners on the market is the Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit. This kit includes an ear wash and a drying solution for dogs who spend a lot of time in the water.

The best way to use this is by putting the drops directly into your dog’s ear. Then you will rub your dog’s ear from the outside at the base. Rubbing will help work the product into the ear for even distribution. Then taking a soft rag, tissue, or cotton ball, you can wipe away the solution along with any build-up. 

Dematting Your Aussiedoodle

Dematting is an inevitable part of owning a Doodle. We thought that this section deserved a particular section of its own since it can be a difficult task.

First, to start dematting, you will need a few tools:

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You will want to start brushing your dog with the stainless steel comb first. These combs have wide-spaced teeth that can gently detangle without ripping the hair. They also help you identify tangles quickly.

Once you have identified all the knots, you will then use the dematting brush. This should be used carefully from the tips to the root. The dematting brush will help break up larger knots to be brushed out.

Once the mat is small enough, you can spray it with a detangling spray. This spray will give the hair a little slip to make brushing with the slicker brush painless.

Now that the mat is gone, you will want to make sure to brush it more often to keep them from reappearing. In some instances, mats can be too large to brush out safely. In those cases, it is gentler for your dog’s skin to shave them.

Since mats start from the root of the hair and make their way down, it can cause a lot of pain. And too much pulling can cause skin damage. A good rule of thumb is that if the knot is larger than a quarter, it should be cut out instead of brushed.

How To Groom Your Aussiedoodle

Now that we have all the tools needed for at-home grooming, we can talk about how to use these. 

Step One: Bathing

The first task when grooming your dog is to bathe them. You will want to work a natural shampoo that is moisturizing into the skin. That is where your bath brush comes in handy. Starting at the body and moving your way down the dog. The last part you will want to wash is the head and face, but this should be the first area you rinse. 

Step Two: Drying

Now that your Aussiedoodle is squeaky clean, it is time to dry them. Using a microfiber towel first will help get your dog as dry as possible before the dryer. Most dogs do not like the dryer, and Aussiedoodles can take longer to dry because they have thick hair. Next, you will want to use a high-velocity dryer to blow out and speed up the drying process. 

Step Three: Brushing

Now it is time to use your handy brushes to detangle your Aussiedoodle free of mats. We have this step explained in detail above. 

Step Four: Trim And Style

Depending on what style you want, there are lots of ways to do this step. If you find a hairstyle that you love, you can watch professional groomers walk you through the steps on YouTube. Unlike most breeds, Doodles do not have a standardized cut, so this is where your imagination can go wild. In the next section, we will talk more about the different types of cuts. 

Step Five: Clean The Ears And Trim Nails

Now it’s time to finish off your Aussiedoodle grooming with a quick ear cleaning and nail trim. Using the lick mat during the nail trim can keep your Aussiedoodle safely distracted while you get to work. 

And just like that, you have saved yourself a trip to the salon, and money. It might take a little practice, but you will get it down in no time. 

Aussiedoodle Haircut Types

Now that you are ready to start Aussiedoodle grooming, here are a few pictures for inspiration. Or you could take these pictures to your groomer and have them make your Aussiedoodle look amazing. 

The Kennel Cut

This haircut is effortless. It is a complete shave-down. The pro to this cut is that it takes no skill to do, and you can go longer between cuts. The trick with this style is to move slow, and always follow the direction that the hair grows. Otherwise, you could end up with bald spots or razor burn. 

The Puppy Cut

Everyone loves a doodle with a rounded head and feet. This cut will make your Aussiedoodle look young forever. And with some light scissor work, it can be easy to do. You will need to shave the body with a 2-4 inch guard on the clippers. Then use the clippers with a 4-6 inch guard on the legs. With a rounded trim of the face, your dog will look picture perfect. 

the Mohawk

You can give your dog a little edge by giving him a mohawk. The mohawk is accomplished by shaving down everything except a strip on the head. The body can be anywhere from 1-4 inches in length, and the mohawk as long as you’d like. This haircut is easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time. Most beginners can do it without a hitch.

the Poodle Cut

If you are a little more experienced, you might love the poodle cut on your Aussiedoodle. With a rounded head and feet, your dog will look its best without looking too frilly. This cut is very similar to the Puppy cut but is generally longer on the head. 

Aussiedoodle Grooming In A Nutshell

Grooming your Aussiedoodle doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a little practice and training, it can actually be a fun bonding experience for you both.

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