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Are Service Dogs Allowed On Delta Airlines?

Are Service Dogs Allowed On Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines ranks as one of the best airlines in the world. You’re thinking of flying with them. But, you also want to bring your dog along. So, you’re wondering, are service dogs allowed on Delta Airlines?

It’s an emphatic yes! Service dogs are allowed on Delta Airlines. 

Loosely speaking, Delta is animal friendly. And you may be able to travel with small pets like cats subject to certain restrictions.

Can you fly with service dogs on Delta Airlines?

The good thing about traveling with your service dog on Delta is that you pay nothing for bringing him along! 

However, there are several rules and restrictions you might have to follow to make your trip with your service dog an enjoyable one!

What Is Delta Airlines’ Pet Policy?

Like most airlines, Delta’s pet policy can be classified into two main types. They include the “Pets in Cabin’ and the ‘Pet in Hold’ policy.

The in-cabin pet policy generally covers small pets that can fit under the seat facing their owners. 

The ‘Pet in Hold’ policy, also the cargo policy, covers larger animals that can’t fit in the cabin area. Usually, they are transported using the cargo hold of the plane.

Pets-In-Cabin Pet Policy

The in-cabin pet policy is strictly for animals that can be accommodated by crates that’ll easily fit under cabin seats.

Subject to certain restrictions, animals limited to this policy include dogs, cats, and birds.

At all times during the flight, the pet animal must remain in his crate. And the owner must ensure it’s properly locked.

Age Requirements

If you’re traveling within the ambits of the U.S., you want to make sure that your pet dog isn’t less than 10 weeks old.

In any other case, your dog should be at least 15 weeks old. However, if you’re currently outside and looking to travel into the U.S., then your pet shouldn’t be less than 16 weeks old.

You can also travel with your female dog and her litter, provided they’re unweaned. Delta classifies an unweaned litter as one between 10 weeks and 6 months old.

Usually, the in-cabin policy caters to just a single pet. But, if you’ve two dogs of the same breed and size, you may be allowed to travel with them in a single kennel. However, this will only happen if they’re both not less than 10 weeks and not more than 6 months old.

Size Limitations

Delta doesn’t necessarily specify the weight requirements for animals allowed in the cabin.

Generally, though, the principle is that the kennel you place your pet in must necessarily fit under the seat directly in front of you.

If that’s not going to be possible, then you can’t travel with him in the cabin.

More importantly, the kennel that houses the animal should be spacious enough to allow for his movements. He must be able to stand, sit up, and turn around without hitting the top of the kennel. 

Your kennel must necessarily meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. You may purchase one from a pet store or any Delta cargo location.

Dog at airport. Is a service dog allowed on Delta Airlines?

Usually, the aircraft type will determine the dimension of the kennel you use. While there are hard-sided and soft-sided kennels, Delta strongly advocates the use of soft-sided kennels.

As a rule of thumb, if your pet can fit into a kennel with maximum dimensions of 18 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 11 inches high, then your pet should be easily able to fit in the cabin area of most Delta aircraft.

Relevant Documentations

It’s mandatory to accompany your pet animal with his health certificate.

Delta requires that this health certificate be issued by a licensed veterinarian. More importantly, the certificate should meet USDA-accredited standards for shipment.

What’s more, you must let your vet produce your pet’s health certificate within 10 days before your flight. Again, you’re required to travel within 10 days after your vet issues your pet’s health document.

If you’re doing a round trip with your dog within the U.S., you may use the source health certificate for the return journey, provided the return trip occurs within 10 days of the issuance of the original health certificate.

Your accompanying health certificate must be signed and dated in ink. Digitally-signed health documents (eCVIs)  will only be accepted by Delta if they’re from GlobalVetLINK, AgView, Vet Sentry, New Planet Technologies, and Washington State.

In addition to this mandatory health certificate, some states or countries may require that you produce additional documentation on arrival. Find out what such documents you may need here.

Route Restrictions

Under Delta’s in-cabin pet policy, they won’t accept animals on flights to or from Australia, Dubai, Barbados, and New Zealand.

Other countries include South Africa, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Jamaica.

Pet-In-Hold Policy

Delta’s pet-in-hold policy is essentially its cargo policy concerning pets.

This pet policy covers only two sets of pets. The first includes those pets that belong to active U.S. Military or active U.S State Department Foreign Service Officers (FSO) and their spouses.

The second set includes service animals that can’t travel with their owners in the cabin. Most likely because of their not-so-small sizes.

Here, the animals are accepted as checked baggage and flown in the cargo hold of the plane.

Even where you use this option, you’d still have to comply with federal regulations and produce the necessary documentation.

Call Delta Airlines Customer Service Team at 1-800-352-2746 to find out more about the nitty-gritty of this policy.

Are Service Dogs Allowed On Delta Airlines? All You Should Know

Service dogs are allowed on Delta Airlines. And if your dog is small enough to fit in the space in front of your seat, he may fly with you in the cabin. Otherwise, he may have to be transported from the cargo hold of the plane.

Note that your service dog can be any dog breed at all! What’s more important is that the dog should have undergone special training to enable him to help you perform certain life functions better than you would have but for a disability.

Assistance here isn’t just limited to physical assistance like hearing or walking. It may also cover psychological disabilities.

Are service dogs allowed on board Delta?

If you’re traveling with your service animal, you end up paying nothing for bringing him along. You also wouldn’t have to pay any fee on items like food or blankets you bring along for your dog’s welfare.

You’re also free to bring on board a maximum of two service animals. You don’t have to limit your service dog to the confines of a kennel.

Your dog can sit right with you in the cabin. But, the dog must sit in the floor space facing your seat. Otherwise, you may let him sit on your lap.

There are a few Delta rules you may have to comply with to make your trip more enjoyable for you and your service dog.

Some Dos And Don’ts

Service animals are mostly given preferential treatment considering the tasks they perform for people with some form of disability.

Still, onboard planes, you must be ready to follow some rules when you bring your service dog along. 

It’s to safeguard the welfare of other passengers as well as your dog. Here’s what to remember;

  • Select a seat that can accommodate your dog freely
  • Keep your dog on the floor area in front of your seat or on your lap at all times
  • Your dog must not protrude into the aisle
  • Never permit your dog into the space of another passenger
  • You should not let your dog consume food off the tray tables
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • Keep your dog under control always. Aggressive behavior like growling, excessive barking, etc. are not acceptable
  • Your dog must have been vaccinated against rabies a minimum of 30 days before traveling

You May Also Need These Documents

Your service dog’s health reports are one of the foremost documents you might have to produce before making your trip. Still, in certain cases, you have to produce more than those.

Certain destinations may require you to produce additional documents on arrival. So, if you’re traveling to the U.K., Hawaii, or some island nation, you may have to look out for that.

You should call Delta at 404-209-3434 to find out more about the requirements you may have to meet when traveling to such locations.

U.S. Department Of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form

Delta Airlines will need this form from you to assess whether your dog meets the training and behavioral standards necessary to be on board a plane.

If you booked your flight less than 48 hours before departure, you should submit the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation form at the departure gate or check-in counter.

If your flight has been booked more than 48 hours before departure, you may submit the document through the Accessibility Service Request Form located in My Trips.

U.S. Department Of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestation Form

Are dogs allowed on Delta Airlines?

If your flight is going to last for more than 8 hours, you may end up having to submit this form.

The form helps the airline ascertain whether your service dog can relieve himself in a manner that won’t pose any sanitary risks to passengers. Or better still, that your dog can hold himself for the entire duration of the trip with relieving himself.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed On Delta Airlines?

Previously, like for service dogs, Delta used to make reservations for customers with emotional support dogs.

However, this provision was canceled on January 11, 2021.

Thus, if only an emotional support dog, your furry friend will not be allowed on board as a service dog would.

In that case, you may end up having to patronize the pet-in-cabin policy.

Are Service Dogs In-Training Allowed On Delta Airlines?

Some airlines treat service dogs in training like they would a fully-fledged service dog.

Most, however, do not. Delta Airlines happens to be one of them. After all, under ADA regulations, service animals in training aren’t covered.

So, it makes sense why an airline such as Delta will make special reservations just for service dogs. Thus, service dogs in training will be allowed on Delta Airlines. But, you cannot fly with them kennel-free in the cabin.

The only exception is where the service dog in training is flying with a professional trainer en route to the dog’s owner.

Final Thoughts

So, are service dogs allowed on Delta Airlines? They sure are!

For the most part, if you’re traveling with a service dog, you get to enjoy some extra latitude you ordinarily wouldn’t have if you were simply traveling with a companion animal.

But, for all the perks that come with flying with a service dog on Delta, there are a host of rules you have to follow; pertinent documents to submit if you want to enjoy a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

We have no doubt you’re going to enjoy your trip on Delta Airlines. Have a safe trip!

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