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Are Dogs Allowed on Venice Beach?

Are Dogs Allowed on Venice Beach?

Many beachgoers are asking, are dogs allowed on Venice Beach? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A few clear rules exist as to whether or not you can go there with your dog.

This is not that unusual. So many beaches have restrictions, and it turns out that Venice Beach certainly has more than its fair share.

People make the mistake of thinking they can take their dog anywhere, and this includes the beach. However, that’s not actually the case.

Instead, different rules and regulations do exist that restrict where you can go with your dog, and Venice Beach is no different. 

So, what do the rules state, and what can you actually do with your dog when it comes to taking them down to run on the sand? 

dog on beach sand

The Answer

The answer is actually a whole lot clearer than it is at some other beaches, but it’s not good news for dog owners. In fact, it couldn’t get much worse.

Dogs are not allowed on Venice Beach. It’s as simple as that. Well certainly not on the main part of the beach.

Also, you have to deal with different restrictions if you plan on taking your dog down to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Even there you need to know there are times when you cannot take your dog.

But there are a number of other rules to be aware of, and we will take you through each part.

Venice Beach

We just need to clarify things about Venice Beach before we go into other areas. 

Venice Beach, just like the beach at Santa Monica, is not dog-friendly in any way. In fact, they are the complete opposite of dog friendly. 

It is made very clear that dogs cannot go onto any part of the beach at any time. This applies throughout the entire year, and you have no exceptions when it comes to the time.

This does make it different from other beaches in the country. Others may open up parts of the beach at selected times to allow dog walkers to take their pets there.

However, the authorities at Venice Beach have no interest whatsoever in doing this.

Instead, they prefer to just have a blanket ban over everyone. It doesn’t matter the time, or how well trained your dog is. You just cannot go there with them at any point.

dog in water

Why the Ban?

A quick word about the reasons why they ban dogs on the beach. For this, they consider how busy the beach is throughout the year, and they do not want either the mess from a dog or having an unruly dog there.

While they understand not every dog is indeed difficult to control, they simply do not want to contend with the possible hassle that comes with allowing dogs onto the beach.

For them, it runs the very real risk of individuals complaining about problems and it spoiling their time on the beach.

Thanks to these thoughts, it was always decided that the easiest way to deal with all of this was to simply stop any dog from getting anywhere near the beach.

The Boardwalk

Let’s go through the more complicated part, and that’s the boardwalk. Now, don’t think you can just walk there whenever you want. That’s not the case.

Instead, the local authorities have placed various restrictions when it comes to the boardwalk. 

First, the key here is the dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Between these times, you cannot take your dog to the boardwalk between 11 am and 8 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and any holidays. 

Aside from that, you can take your dog to the boardwalk at other times, but even with that you do need to follow different rules and regulations.

dog shaking on beach

The Times

The times are actually strictly enforced, and you will find yourself encountering the authorities if you flout the laws at any point.

In fact, we just suggest you avoid going to the boardwalk on any weekend no matter the time of year.

By doing so, you will quickly grow accustomed to not taking your dog at the wrong time. It should mean no potential problems that could lead to fines.

A Leash is Always Required

The main thing is your dog needs to remain on its leash at all times. You simply cannot have your dog off their leash no matter how well trained they may be.

This applies across the entire boardwalk, so you have no exceptions. Also, they do not appreciate a leash that extends too much either. 

Instead, you need to ensure your dog remains under close control at all times. You have no option but to keep your dog close to you in order to reduce the chances of running into any problems at some point.

Also, if your dog makes a mess, then you need to clean up after them. Once again, you have a legal obligation to do this, and you could have a fine if you fail to do so. 

The Only Exception

The only exception to the rules comes as no surprise since it’s connected to service dogs. If you require the use of a service dog, then the rules do not apply to you.

At that point, it’s all connected to the idea of there being no restriction placed upon you due to a disability. You can venture onto the beach with your dog, but they do still need to be on their leash at all times.

With service dogs, it does work better for you if it’s clear to others as to why there is a dog on the beach.

If people become aware it is a dog working to help an individual with a disability, then you should not run into any issues at any point.

You may also find police dogs on the beach from time to time. However, they will only ever be in a working capacity, so there’s certainly no leisure time available here.

But aside from those two exceptions, you simply cannot go to Venice Beach with your dog. Also, don’t try to fake that your dog is a service dog.

It’s actually pretty easy to tell, and it is certainly not something that will be appreciated.

Where Can You Take Them?

Unfortunately, the local authorities have made it clear as to what they think about dogs on beaches in their area. In fact, their advice is to take them to one of the dog parks nearby rather than on the beach.

However, that is just not the same thing as letting your dog experience the sand and sea. The sad part is they do make things as difficult as possible in this area, so there’s no point in trying to circumnavigate the ban at any point.

In fact, it is so bad that people have tried to convince the local authorities to section off an area of the beach that would then become a ‘dog beach’ even if it was at restricted times only.

At this moment, they have still failed to convince the authorities to do this.

Also, Venice Beach is just one of several in the area to adopt this strict no-dog policy with their beaches. It does leave you with very few options.

Is There No Way Around This Ban?

The short answer is no, you have no opportunity to get around this ban. You need to travel to the likes of Long Beach to find somewhere that your dog can check out the sand.

This is certainly not ideal in any way, and the ban is something that they do enforce. You face the very real prospect of receiving a fine if you do go to the beach with your dog.

Also, they make sure you cannot say you were unaware. A number of signs exist that let you know that you cannot go there with your dog. You just cannot miss them, so they see you as having no excuse for failing to notice them.

Overall Conclusion

If you want to take your dog to the beach to enjoy running around on the sand, then you must be extremely careful as to where you take them. Dogs cannot go onto Venice Beach, aside from the very obvious exclusion to that ban, and don’t even try to do it.

Some beaches allow you to take your dog at certain times, but that’s not the case here. Instead, you do have various restrictions to follow that will hamper your ability to go ahead and take your dog to the beach.

So sadly you need to look elsewhere if you want to allow your dog to experience sand on its paws. Venice Beach is never going to come across as a loving dog. 

While you do have dog parks to choose from, it just doesn’t have the same impact as it would do if you were allowed onto the beach.

So, we do suggest preparing yourself to travel a distance to then give your dog the opportunity to explore the freedom that does come with feeling the sand beneath their paws.

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