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Are Dogs Allowed On The Subway? Full Details

Are Dogs Allowed On The Subway? Full Details
traveling with dogs

If you are asking yourself whether or not dogs are allowed on the Subway, you have come to the right place.

We will discuss the Subway dog policy as well as everything you need to know regarding traveling with your dog. Keep reading to learn more.

For many dog handlers, traveling with their furry friends is one of the most exciting and memorable things.

However, not all public transportation will welcome your furry friend on board. Some may allow only service dogs and prohibit emotional support dogs.

The Subway Dog Policy

Dogs and other pets are allowed on the Subway with their owners. However, they must be kept in a pet carrier at all times.

In addition, the dog must not annoy other travelers or interfere with their activities. This means that the pet carrier must be on your lap or on the floor at all times. They should not take up an adjoining seat or foot space.

Best Pet Carriers To Use On The Subway

If you plan to travel on the Subway, here are some of the best pet carriers you can get for your furry friend.

Pawhut Folding Pet Bag Carrier

The Pawhut Folding Pet Bag Carrier will carry small dogs weighing up to 10 Kg. It is a perfect choice for those with dogs that do not like to travel light.

It has plenty of pockets for dog food and other treats, including dried beef snacks. You will love how it opens up and changes to an open-sided bed.

Its roof will unzip and fold back, and the short lead that has been attached to its base can be clipped to a dog lead. This will ensure that your furry friend does not make a break for freedom in new or unfamiliar environments. 

This pet carrier will provide plenty of space for a dog blanket. Besides, the wide straps with reinforced padded sections will reduce the risk of arm ache when lugging the pet carrier to and from the subway. It also has large patches of transparent mesh to soothe nervous dogs.

Canine Styles Carrier

The Canine Styles dog carrier looks exactly like a handbag. It also functions as a handbag. Therefore, you will not find it hard to use it.

It has pockets that snap closed as well as two zippered compartments. This pet carrier also has enough room for your cell phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, and everything you will need for your furry friend.

It will accommodate nearly everything your dog needs, from portable water bowls to treats. The Canine Styles carriers come in a wide selection of materials, including cotton, cashmere, nylon, wool, leather, and faux leather. Although they are a bit expensive, they are worth the cost.

Sleepypod Carrier

traveling with dogs

Whether you are traveling by bus, plane, car, or train, the Sleepypod carrier is one of the perfect pet carriers you can consider.

This adorable pet carrier is a car seat, a carrier, and a regular dog bed in one. Since it acts as a bed for your furry friend, it will reduce the fear of getting into the bag as well as travel stress.

The Sleepypod carrier will also allow you to bring along your pet’s den wherever you go. It has been crash-tested and confirmed to be a good dog car seat.

The carrier comes in two sizes, one that fits small dogs weighing up to 7 pounds and the other one fitting dogs weighing up to 15 pounds. There is also the Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, which is designed for air travel.

Petsfit Backpack

Do you love traveling with your canine friend? This pet carrier is what you need to carry your pet around. It is designed for carrying your furry friend on your back.

If you are traveling on the subway, this pet carrier is what you need to ensure that your dog remains safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey.

It is also perfect for long walks, hiking, and biking. It can hold a dog weighing up to 15 pounds. The bag features a top handle, mesh sides, a waist strap, and padded straps.

Besides, this pet carrier comes with a fold-out mesh window for your dog to sightsee. It also has zippered sides for easy access.

Another thing that you will about the Petsfit Backpack is that it has pockets on the side for your cell phone and keys.

Kintails Dog Carrier

The Kintails Dog Carrier is designed to carry pets weighing up to 8kg. It is one of the most stylish pet carriers you will ever encounter.

Its Tardis-like design and ridiculously soft lining make it a perfect choice for a dog carrier while traveling on the subway. It will provide plenty of room for your furry friend to move around. 

It has an extra-long lead that is much longer than the ones you will find attached to most pet carriers.

This means that your dog will still have freedom of movement without scarpering off into the sunset when you place the carrier on the floor.

If you have a pint-sized pooch and plan to travel on the subway, this is one of the best pet carriers you can consider.

The Range Collapsible Pet Carrier

The range of Collapsible pet carriers is designed with small-sized dogs in mind. It has a width of 44cm and a height of 29cm.

It has large panels of transparent mesh on the sides, roof, and rear. The carrier comes in two colors, a pretty cherry-red hue, and black.

It will ensure that your furry friend is comfortable while traveling on the subway. This will also ensure that your dog does not interfere with the activities of other travelers onboard.

It has a soft fleece blanket secured to the base with Velcro cranks to up the comfort. Besides, the carrier comes with long straps that have been fixed to the side with extra-long sewn-on sections.

This will reduce the risk of an accidental doggie drop. In addition, both its ends unzip, making it double us as a sheltered resting place for pets not quite ready to explore new environments.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier

The Sherpa Original Deluxe comes in three sizes to accommodate dogs up to 24 pounds. It has ventilation windows and a durable outer shell that can withstand even the sharpest little claws.

Besides, this pet carrier has better airflow than most other pet carriers. Therefore, it will make your furry friend relaxed and comfortable while traveling on a subway or a bus.

It has side and top openings that will make it easy to get your canine friend in and out. The carrier is also flexible enough to squeeze into smaller spaces.

It is perfect for public transit as well as air travel. However, its shoulder strap does not provide much support while walking.

Like most other soft pet carriers, the Sherpa Original Deluxe carrier does not offer enough protection for your dog in a car crash.

Things To Consider Before Traveling With Your Dog

traveling with dogs

There are several things that you will need to consider before traveling with your dog. This will ensure the well-being of your furry friend and that you are adhering to certain rules. Here are a few things you need to consider before taking your canine friend on the subway.

Motion Sickness

Like human beings, some dogs can too get motion sickness, especially if they are not used to traveling long journeys.

Therefore, it is advisable to test out some short journeys before taking your furry friend on a long journey.

Be sure to carry plenty of clean water for your dog so that it does not become dehydrated,, as that will only make the motion sickness worse.


Dogs are only allowed on the subway if they are in a pet carrier. You will need to test out how your dog responds to being inside a cage for long hours.

In addition, you will need to ensure that your furry is well-mannered and does not cause any disturbance while on board. Most trains and buses will ask you to leave with your pet if it causes any disturbance. 

Health And Documentation Requirements

You might be needed to show proof that your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations. If you are traveling from one state to another, you may be required to prove that your furry friend has a recent Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). It should indicate that the dog is clear of rabies and infectious diseases.

Dog Identification

Although not mandatory, you may want to consider getting your dog microchipped for their safety while on the journey. If your dog becomes lost on the way, it will be easy to track them down with a microchip. Besides, you must ensure that they have a collar, which should include your contact.

Nearest Vet

Even if you are taking a short trip, it will be good to familiarize yourself with the nearest vet. This will ensure that your dog gets the necessary care in case of an emergency. 

Checklist For What to Take on Board

  • Collar and leash
  • Vet contact details
  • Poop bags
  • Well-ventilated pet carrier
  • Food and drink bowls
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)
  • Food, snacks, and plenty of water
  • Jacket or blanket if the journey is cold


Dogs and other pets are welcome on the subway with their handlers. However, you will need to ensure that your dog is in a pet carrier. In addition, your dog must be well-behaved and should not cause any disturbance while on board.

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