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Are Dogs Allowed on Myrtle Beach?

Are Dogs Allowed on Myrtle Beach?

Should you be wondering, are dogs allowed on Myrtle Beach? Here we intend to focus on Myrtle Beach, so what’s the answer?

Seeing your dog run around in sand is undoubtedly a whole lot of fun. However, did you know that your dog is not always allowed on every part of every beach in the country?

Instead, various rules and regulations exist that stop you from venturing onto the beach with your dog. That does mean you have a problem, and the first thing you need to do is to understand which beaches allow you and your dog.

The Answer

The answer is more complex than you would perhaps have hoped. In fact, there’s a real mixed answer. 

You see, you can go to the beach with your dog, but only at certain times. At some parts of the day, it’s just not allowed, so you need to be aware of a whole lot more than simply a ‘yes or no’ answer.

So, that’s what we plan on delving into here. We will explain the times and rules you need to follow if you intend on taking your dog to Myrtle Beach.

Also, we need to look at North Myrtle Beach as well since they do things differently from elsewhere.

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The Access Times

When looking at access times, what you discover is that it’s split between times of day, and also times of the year.

That does mean the rules change depending on the season, but it will all make sense later on.

They have decided to split up the times in this way thanks to the different popularity levels at various times throughout the year. In that respect, it does come across as a sensible approach to take.

The Time of Year

The amount of access depends on whether it’s summer or anything determined as the off-season. So, expect more limitations on when you can venture onto the beach depending on the time of year.

So, let’s look at the off-season. For Myrtle Beach, they define off-season as the period from the day after Labor Day through to April 30. 

During that time period, you can go to the beach and boardwalk with your dog at any time of the day. You have no restrictions in that sense.

However, they do insist your dog remains on their leash at all times, and the leash must not extend beyond seven feet in length.

But that changes when you get to the summer months.

Access During Summer

During summer, you can still visit the beach with your dog, but only for a few hours each day. At Myrtle Beach, you may head to the beach with your dog, but before 10:00 am.

Also, you can then go back to the beach later in the day, but it must be after 5:00 pm. These time limits apply every single day from May 1 through to Labor Day.

Also, if you do go to the beach during these times, your dog must remain on its leash at all times.

You cannot allow your dog to simply run around as much as they want as keeping them under control is key.

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North Myrtle Beach

But just to confuse things even more, we should also mention slight differences when it comes to North Myrtle Beach. You see, this rule about 10:00 am is not applied across the entire area.

In the case of North Myrtle Beach, they change access at different times. In fact, they place more restrictions on people with dogs. 

Here, you cannot take your dog onto the beach between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from May 15 through to September 15.

Also, they do strictly enforce the leash law in this area, so just know you may run into problems if you allow your dog off its leash.

This is all thanks to North Myrtle Beach employing State laws, so things are just a little bit different here. Also, you may encounter small areas of North Myrtle Beach where you cannot enter with your pet at any time of the year.

Understanding where these areas exist will clearly stop you from running into problems. You should know that straying into them may result in what they refer to as a ‘disciplinary issue’, and nobody wants to run into those types of problems. 

But it’s Not All Bad at North Myrtle Beach

It does make it sound as if North Myrtle Beach is really not a good place to venture to with your dog. However, it’s not all bad.

The authorities realize that the various restrictions make it difficult for dog owners in that area, so they did come up with another option, and it’s one that works pretty well.

What they have managed to do is create the North Myrtle Beach Park, and it comes with an area specifically set aside for dogs.

While it’s perhaps not as good as the beach, it does still provide you with a place to check out with your dog even in the middle of summer.

Other Rules to Be Aware of in Myrtle Beach

But you should also know that rules do not simply exist surrounding the time of day or year when you can access the beach.

Instead, authorities have included several other rules to follow, and they apply no matter the time of year.

The Leash

The main one to know is the issue of your dog and its leash. Your dog must remain on its leash at all times, and with no exceptions. 

This applies no matter the part of the beach they are on, and the leash cannot extend more than seven feet.

Their intention is for you to find it easy to control your dog at all times, and they figure the easiest way to do this is via their leash.

It applies even if you believe your dog is the most well-trained and behaved dog in the area. That doesn’t matter. You still need to keep them on their leash when walking on the beach.

Their Mess

Another rule focuses on any mess your dog may leave behind. It is the law that you need to clean up after them.

Now, this is clearly no different to what you see elsewhere, but there will be places where you can dispose of their waste.

However, do not always expect bags or containers to be readily available. It is seen as your job to remember to take these containers or bags with you.

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But Why Have the Rules?

You may wonder why these restrictions at different times of the year when it comes to the beach, but it’s all due to one simple answer.

During summer, Myrtle Beach can become very busy throughout the day, and having crowds and then lots of people walking their dogs does not generally mix well.

Also, having a dog off its leash in a crowded area is also not a good idea.

So, the general idea is to have these laws in place to keep people and dogs apart when crowds exist.

It means your dog has less chance of finding it stressful around so many people, and the people enjoying themselves at the beach do not have to worry about dogs running around.

So, it does all make sense even though it means you need to look at going to the beach at different times from what you may wish to do.

Service Dogs

Finally, we must address the issue of service dogs and the beach. If you have a service dog, then you have no restrictions when it comes to going to the beach.

This falls into line with countrywide legislation whereby an individual cannot have restrictions placed on them due to their disability.

That does mean you are free to venture onto the beach with your service dog at any time of day, and at any point of the year.

Note that this does apply to any service dog. Also, police dogs are allowed onto the beach at any time since they are there in an official working capacity.

However, service dogs and police dogs remain the only exceptions to the rules put into place for everyone else.

Overall Conclusion

To conclude, we must say you can take your dog onto Myrtle Beach, but with certain restrictions in place.

You will have no problems whenever it’s off-season, but summer and peak times paint a different picture.

At that point, you may only visit the beach with your dog either early in the morning, or later on in the evening. You cannot go there during the day when the beach is at its most popular with visitors.

Also, do keep in mind the other basic rules that exist surrounding cleaning up after your dog, and also how they should behave. As long as you follow those rules, then you should have no problem whatsoever. 

After that, it’s all about making sure both you and your dog have a great time on the beach.

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