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Are Dogs Allowed on Miramar Beach?

Are Dogs Allowed on Miramar Beach?

So, what happens if you wish to take your dogs to Miramar Beach? Will this be a place where you are welcomed with open arms?

Or, do they see dogs as the enemy of the beach and simply ban every single one from ever being allowed to come near?

Any dog owner who has previously taken their dog to the beach to experience sand on their paws will state that it’s a cool sight to see. However, there is often a problem.

The problem is that not every beach comes across as dog friendly. Actually, some beaches ban dogs throughout the entire year. That’s what we plan on finding out.

You see, taking your dog to the beach can prove problematic. Move from county to county, and you could end up discovering that the rules and regulations change quite drastically.

And that’s not all. You can even find that different beaches within the same jurisdiction can come with their own rules, and that’s even when you have one long beach covering different areas.

At times, a beach can quickly turn from being dog friendly to a place you cannot go and check out.

No wonder you then want to spend some time making sure you do the correct thing at the first time of asking.

Are Dogs Allowed on Miramar Beach

The Answer

This is one of those times where the answer has different aspects to it. Some of these aspects certainly come across as helping dog owners, while others aren’t.

Local owners with a permit can take their dogs for a walk on Miramar Beach between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm. 

However, the emphasis here is on local owners. If you are a visitor or tourist, then you have no legal right to take your dog onto the beach at any point. If you do, then you break local bylaws, and there can often be different implications for that.

Compared to other beaches in the country, at least Miramar Beach is easy to understand when it comes to when you can and cannot take your dog there. Believe us when we say that this is not always the case.

The Permit

As we just started, you do need a special dog permit, and only people living in the area can apply. That is because the permit is directly related to where you live, and this is something that they will check before granting it to you.

The permit then provides you with permission to take your dog to Miramar Beach. However, it really is only between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm, 

Also, the permit only lasts for a single year. You need to apply to the county clerk every single year for it to then be renewed, and keep in mind they will check your living situation has not changed.

How Do You Get the Permit?

To get the permit, you need to be local. There is no way to get around that particular issue. 

In order to pick up your permit, you do need to contact the county clerk and complete the relevant form. It does take some time for them to process the permit, but it does then last for the entire year.

At this moment in time, it will cost you $40 for the year to then be allowed to take your dog onto the beach. However, if you are disabled, then the cost drops to $10.

You need to weigh up how often you plan on taking your dog to the beach to then see if it is worth the cost. 

Are Dogs Allowed on Miramar Beach

Everyone Else is Banned

Aside from locals, everyone else faces a ban from taking their dog onto Miramar Beach. Now, you may wonder how they would know that this is the case, and the answer is simple.

Local authorities do have the right to check you have the correct permit. Anybody caught on the beach with their dog will need to show a permit.

If they cannot do this, then it does mean a fine, and nobody wants to end up paying a fine when it’s so easy to avoid it.

However, we do know that some people visiting the area still go to the beach. It comes down to luck as to whether or not you are then stopped, but is it worth leaving you out of pocket just because you feel like allowing your dog to explore on the sand?

And don’t think about trying to use the permit allowed to someone else. It’s all too easy to fall foul of the law, and then the individual who gave you the permit could then run into problems in the future.

It’s just not worth all of the potential hassle that could come your way by doing this.

Why Just Those Hours?

The reason why local authorities have decided to only permit dog owners onto the beach between these hours is all down to a simple reason, people.

They know that the beach gets busy during the middle of the day, so they want the beach to remain clear of dogs. 

For the authorities, dogs can get in the way and cause too many problems if excited. They worry that it will lead to other beach users becoming upset that they cannot relax when dogs are running around.

Also, there’s the issue of them creating a mess. Nobody wants to encounter dog feces on the beach, and that is why they do also have other bylaws in place that better control what happens when you go to the beach with your dog.

They figure that it’s best to allow dogs to explore when fewer people are around for them to potentially annoy. We aren’t saying that all dogs do this, but it can certainly be the case from time to time.

Unfortunately, they do end up having to introduce this complete ban even though most dogs would not bother anybody on the beach.

Are Dogs Allowed on Miramar Beach

Additional Restrictions

The main additional restriction focuses on the use of the leash. Your dog must remain on their leash at all times. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Also, they do allow extendable leads, but there is often a limit as to how much they can extend by. If you have one that runs to more than ten feet, then this in itself is not really allowed. 

The aim here is that all dogs can easily be kept under control at all times. The last thing they want is to have dogs running around wild, and this is the case no matter the time of day.

This rule applies even if you feel your dog is the most well-behaved and trained dog on the planet.

The local authorities do not know this, so it’s easier for them to go ahead and simply place this blanket ban on dogs off their leash.

Also, and this goes without saying, you do need to clean up after your dog. The same rules that apply on the streets when dealing with dog feces also apply on the beach.

The sad part is that not everyone follows the rules with picking up after their dog. So, if you don’t and are caught just leaving things behind, then don’t act shocked if you then need to pay a fine.

Exceptions to the Ban

As always, there is an exception to the ban and it’s all connected to service dogs. If you do use a service dog, then you can go to the beach whenever you want. However, the rules connected to cleaning up and having your dog on their leash still apply.

Thanks to nationwide legislation, you have no such issue when it comes to visiting Miramar Beach with your service dog. You have the absolute right to go anywhere you want without restriction, and nobody is legally allowed to stop you.

However, it does work out easier for you when it becomes immediately apparent that it is indeed a service dog. Failure to do this may lead to problems that could so easily have been avoided.

In saying that, nobody will then have a problem when they know what is going on. It also means you can enjoy Miramar Beach whenever you want, and that applies no matter the time of year. 

Also, you may find police dogs on the beach during busy times. However, this is clearly from a working capacity, and they do not have to adhere to the same rules.

Overall Conclusion

So dogs are allowed on Miramar Beach, but only within a two-hour window. This is only if you live locally and have the appropriate permit. Apart from that, you have no such luxury as to taking your dog onto the beach and allowing them to have some fun.

Basically, if you visit the area and have your dog with you, then please don’t even bother going anywhere near the beach. It’s simply not worth the hassle.

In doing so, you do run the risk of having to pay a fine. However, it’s very easy to avoid this in the first place. The best approach is to ignore any temptation to venture onto the beach with your dog.

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